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Vendredi le 28 mars 2014. March 24-28 th week 2014 lundimardimercredijeudivendredi F 1 H/O-Song: first line Requizzes? Notes: 153-54,55 (articles) Turn.

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Presentation on theme: "Vendredi le 28 mars 2014. March 24-28 th week 2014 lundimardimercredijeudivendredi F 1 H/O-Song: first line Requizzes? Notes: 153-54,55 (articles) Turn."— Presentation transcript:

1 Vendredi le 28 mars 2014

2 March 24-28 th week 2014 lundimardimercredijeudivendredi F 1 H/O-Song: first line Requizzes? Notes: 153-54,55 (articles) Turn in rough drafts of Je me Presente-105 Finish Despereaux F 1 Rough drafts for 100 Notes: 156, 158, 59 Over VENIR, see La Vie en Rose videos Over Bor words “E” H/W: Study F 1 Rough drafts for 50 QUIZ: Bor’d words “E” Notes: 164-66 (adjectives) Review verbs/La vie en rose H/W: Study F 1 QUIZ: 5 verbs Notes: 168, 75 Rough drafts back See La vie & Video from text F 1 makeup quizzes Notes: 177-78 Finish video from text, see/say La vie en rose. Work on letter pg. 190 due next Thurs. 105. Project due 4/7 Next: Adjectives/articles prac. Flashcards, Grammar quiz, letter 190, project final copy F 2 H/O-Song, over first line. Makeup quizzes Due: Recipes/grocery list- for 105 Notes: 177, over verbs 166,167, 176 No H/W F 2 Over Verbs “Je ne veux pas” video Notes: 168, 70, 78, 79 (articles, partitive) Over song/Food PP No H/W F 2 Review song/food/verbs/quantiti es Notes: “TOUT” 190 H/W: Study F 2 R QUIZ: Food 2 Notes: IL FAUT 191 See partitive powerpoint See food shopping PP and video. F 2 R Makeup quizzes See DVD from: unit or from SAM or do 5 FF! NO H/W Next: M/T testing and book work. W-Th-Skit writing, flashcards, verbchart, Pomme de terre, grammar quiz. F2 PreAP Same as above, finish Butterfy, study for borrowed words quiz F 2 PreAP Same, but study for quiz F 2 PreAP Same, & QUIZ borrowed words “K” F 2 PreAP QUIZ: Food 2 Same as above Review all grammar F 2 PreAP Same as above Grammar review F 3 3 poems –hard copy for 105. Fin? Cyrano? Poem/vocab 4 review Notes: 156 Y & En F 3 Poems-100 5 new expressions Art =new artists Puppet directions-Mon for 105 Notes: 158 F 3 Poems-50 Notes: 162, 168 Write skits in class: using units 3 & 4 Over phrases, art, poems F 3 Poems back Over phrases, art, poems, Finish skits F 3 Notes: 161-166 Finish skits ORAL QUIZ-10 phrases Poems: final copies due Wed. “Ca fait mal” Zazie

3 ALL CLASSES! Next Mon. & Tues.-TAKS tests. You will do several exercises from the book (F 1, F2), or APT worksheets (F3) practicing the grammar from this week. Bring a charged tablet to access the book online or bring a textbook! OR YOU WILL GET TWO DAILY GRADE ZERO’S! Completely completed work gets a 100%!!! Non-testers arrive at 9:25. Check Blackboard to see where you’re going!!!

4 F 3 1.Notes: 161,166 (turn in your notebook) 2.Finish skits-(at least 5 lines) & write out in class & leave for me to review your rough drafts by end of class please! 3.ORAL QUIZ-10 phrases-in the hall with me! 4.Poems: final drafts are now due Thurs. (changed from Wed. due to EOC testing) H/W: BRING TABLET & CHARGER & APT on MON. & TUES.! You’ll see your assignment in Blackboard! Use your APT workbook and your textbook! Both days work is due WED.!!!

5 F 3 DUE DATES! Due Fri. 3/28: 5 lines of your skit (10 total for 2 people) by 2:35 today! Due Wed. 4/1: Your two assignments in Blackboard using your APT. Do NOT do Pg. 74 ex. 2 and NONE of page 76. Due Thurs: 4/2: Your 3 POEMS-final copies attached to your rough drafts!!! The final copies must be typed with correct accent marks, and YOU MUST have your rough drafts stapled & turned in with them, so I can see you made the correct corrections--points off otherwise. Friday is a 50% and I MUST have both copies in that day so that I can grade them in class and give them back to you for your project due on Monday! Due: Mon. 4/7: Your paper back or sock puppets for your skit-105! Tues for 100, Wed for 50. Final draft of your skit will be written next Thursday & Friday. ALSO DUE: Your 3 Poems project in Blackboard for 105! Tues-100, Wed-90, Thur-80, etc. Tues. 4/8: Quiz on grammar Wed. 4/9: Online flashcards of unit (word, meaning & synonym or antonym and in a sentence)-use Microsoft student flashcards on your desktop and submit) Thurs. 4/10: Flashcards for 50%. Review day!!! Fri. 4/11: TEST on unit and oral grade-15 phrases (at my desk) Following week: Finish any presentations of former or new projects on Blackboard. Start Paris and "La Parure", do puppet shows, practice your Poem for the new 6 week's first oral grade! :-)

6 F 2 PreAP 1.Study, then re-take Borrowed words “K” 2.Makeup food quizzes? (S.C.) 3.Review song “Je ne regrette rien” 4.Finish Partitive review PP** F_1_F_2_LES_ARTICLES and PARTITIVE.pptx F_2_partitive_and_unit_3_review.pptmF_1_F_2_LES_ARTICLES and PARTITIVE.pptxF_2_partitive_and_unit_3_review.pptm 5.If time: See DVD unit 2, 3 or see Sam: H/W: BRING TABLET & CHARGER MON. & TUES.-you’ll be doing 6 or so book exercises each day. All are due Wednesday!

7 F 2 Reg 1.Make up quizzes? Make sure you have done all of your notes (this week’s powerpoints) 2. See partitive powerpoint *powerpoint 3. “Je ne regrette rien” review song** TURN in NOTEBOOKS (should have up to 191 done) 4.Continue presentations of 5 FF! If done, see “Sam” or DVD of unit. H/W: BRING TABLET & CHARGER MON & TUES!

8 F 2-Song Non, rien de rien Non, je ne regrette rien Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait Ni le mal; tout ça m’est bien égal! (No, nothing of nothing No, I don’t regret anything Neither the good things people have done to me Nor the bad things, it’s all the same to me.) Non, rien de rien Non, je ne regrette rien C’est payé, balayé, oublié Je me fous du passé! (No, nothing of nothing No! I don’t regret anything It’s paid for, swept away, forgotten, I don’t care about the past!)

9 F 1 1.Makeup quizzes? “Je me présente” rough drafts??? 2.Notes: 177-78 (yesterday was 165, 175) & turn in your notebook! 3.Practice: “La Vie en Rose”. 4.Work on letter pg. 190 due next Thurs. 100. 5.IF time, see video from text H/W: BRING TABLET & CHARGER MON. & TUES.!

10 “Les yeux qui font baiser les miens, Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche. Voilà le portrait sans retouch, de l’homme (de la femme) auquel j’appartiens” oral_grade_la_vie_en_rose.doc

11 FIN

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