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 Vocabulary #6 – Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc. PART 1 (13 words)

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1  Vocabulary #6 – Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc. PART 1 (13 words)

2  Definition: Shunning pleasures; self- denying; austere  Context Sentence: The conservative and ascetic Puritans of the early Massachusetts colony rigidly suppressed many forms of pleasure and recreation.

3  Definition: A person who shuns pleasures and lives simply  Context Sentence: The monk was an ascetic who had given up all worldly pleasures and possessions to live a life of service to God.

4  Definition: embarrassment; mortification; disappointment  Context Sentence: Imagine my chagrin when I realized that I had worn mismatching shoes to school!

5  Definition: ashamed; mortified  Context Sentence: When my egregious mistake was pointed out to me, I felt deeply chagrined.

6  Definition: regret; remorse; qualm; scruple  Usually used with “no” to indicate having no regret or remorse  Context Sentence: The girl felt no compunction about tattling on her younger brother when he broke her favorite toy.

7  Definition: Showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; penitent; repentant; remorseful  Context Sentence: Believing the young offender to be truly contrite, the judge sentenced him to five years of probation and counseling instead of prison time.

8  Definition: Repentance; remorse; penitence  Context Sentence: Many Nazi war criminals showed little to no contrition for the atrocities they committed during World War II.

9  Definition: Sad; low in spirits; depressed; downcast  Context Sentence: During the NCAA tournament, Mrs. Custer is elated when UNC wins, but will be dejected if they lose.

10  Definition: Sadness; depression; lowness of spirits  Context Sentence: I could tell my children were going to miss their father by the dejection that was evident on their faces as he left for his trip.

11  Definition: Cheerless; inconsolable  Context Sentence: Hannah and Tyler were absolutely disconsolate when they found out that we were going to have to put our dog Buddy to sleep

12  Definition: in bad humor; displeased; discontented  Context Sentence: Students often become disgruntled when they are assigned excessive homework.

13  Definition: causing grief or sadness; mournful; lugubrious  Context Sentence: I was greatly affected by the doleful story of Wladyslaw Szpilman in the movie “The Pianist.”

14  Definition: Moody; gloomy  Context Sentence: The rainy, dreary weather seemed to match Samantha’s glum disposition.

15  Vocabulary #7 – Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc. PART 2 (13 words)

16  Definition: mourn; grieve  Context Sentence: Every year on 9/11, we lament the loss of lives that resulted from the tragic event of that day.

17  Definition: pitiable; rueful  Context Sentence: The reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the lamentable hardships of families living in war-torn Iraq.

18  Definition: weakly sentimental and tearful  Context Sentence: Movies such as those based on Nicholas Spark’s novels are a bit to emotional and maudlin for my taste.

19  Definition: a sense of yearning for the past  Context Sentence: Looking at photographs from my childhood, I am overcome with nostalgia.

20  Definition: Homesick  Context Sentence: After being away at summer camp for two long weeks, Dave was definitely nostalgic.

21  Definition: Arousing pity  Context Sentence: Despite his pathetic physical condition, the wounded soldier smiled bravely for the news cameras.

22  Definition: a quality in events, literature, music, art, etc. that arouses our pity  Context Sentence: The pathos of the final scene in the movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” moves many viewers to tears.

23  Definition: thoughtful in a sad or melancholy way.  Context Sentence: Unlike her outgoing, buoyant sister, Elizabeth was pensive and shy.

24  Definition: predicament; unfortunate circumstance  Context Sentence: Moved by the plight of thousands of displaced families who lost their homes in the flood, many people donated money and provisions to help those in need.

25  Definition: painfully touching; haunting  Context Sentence: Chapter 3, when Eliezer is separated from his mother and little sister, is one of the saddest and most poignant chapters in the memoir, Night.

26  Definition: resentfully silent; morose  Context Sentence: After being grounded for breaking curfew, Ray was pouty and sullen for the remainder of the weekend.

27  Definition: pangs; anguish  Context Sentence: Ginnifer experienced the throes of pain as she struggled to deal with her debilitating arthritis.

28  Definition: Suffering; distress  Context Sentence: The 1845 potato famine was a time of great tribulation in Ireland.

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