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In Which the Ancient History I Learn Is Not My Own

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1 In Which the Ancient History I Learn Is Not My Own
By Eavan Boland

2 Vocab, allusions, references
Kashmir Kent Cross-grained 1. having an irregular, transverse, or diagonal grain 2. troublesome, cantankerous, or stubborn 1952 – Great Smog or Big Smoke

3 Quality / color words The linen map hung from the wall. The linen was shiny and cracked in places. The cracks were darkened by grime.

4 It was fastened to the classroom wall with a wooden batten on a triangle of knotted cotton.

5 Indirect Allusions / references
Quality / color words The colours were faded out so the red of Empire – the stain of absolute possession – the mark once made from Kashmir to the oast-barns of the Kent coast south of us was underwater coral.

6 Indirect Allusions / references
Ireland was far away And farther away Every year. I was nearly an English child. I could list the English kings. I could name the famous battles. I was learning to recognise God’s grace in history.

7 Quality / color words And the waters Of the Irish sea, Their shallow weave And cross-grained blue green Had drained away To the pale gaze Of a doll’s china eyes – A stare without recognition or memory.

8 Indirect Allusions / references
We have no oracles, No rocks or olive trees, No sacred path to the temple And no priestesses. The teacher’s voice had a London accent. This was London It was Ancient History Class. She put the tip

9 Of the wooden Pointer on the map
Of the wooden Pointer on the map. She tapped over ridges and dried – Out rivers and cities buried in The sea and sea-scapes which Had once been land. And stopped. Remember this, children.

10 Inarguables Context: Later in Boland’s career Similar tone Feminist undertones Irish history Free verse Prose: The speaker expresses regret and dissatisfaction with the suppression of her culture that she feels in her history class.

11 Arguables Great Smog of ‘52 Feminism!
Man’s history China doll Emphasize difference between Ireland and England Italicized portions Irony

12 Literary Features Irony Imagery Allusions Tone Disturbing, unsettling

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