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Leeds Beckett: The story so far

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1 Timetabling @ Leeds Beckett: The story so far
Auto-scheduling and beyond

2 Agenda Who we are How we timetable at Leeds Beckett Journey so far
Future developments some of our more long term goals moving forward

3 Leeds Beckett University
New name! 190-year history of education Founded in 1824 as Leeds Mechanics Institute Customer Service Excellence Investors in People Gold RoSPA Gold Stats 28,000 students 2,900 staff Estate Headingley Campus City Campus

4 The timetabling planning process
Timetabling stats for a typical semester Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Input timetable requests into Data Capture Database Input timetable into CMIS Run auto scheduling process Consolidation period Publish!

5 How the timetable is constructed
Parameters The timetable is constructed within the current agreed timeframes as per our current Timetable Policy: Mon, Tues, Thurs between hrs Wednesday hrs Friday hrs The majority of events are auto-scheduled using our timetabling software CMIS. Although some events including sessions that run outside the above timeframes are manually scheduled.

6 How the timetable is constructed
Constraints The following hard constraints are applied during the auto scheduling process: 1 day free from teaching (staff & students) No more than 4 hours consecutive teaching Approved staff availability forms NB – faculties can also add additional constraints such as specified days (event specs), event orders and timings (orderings and blocks).

7 How students access their timetable
Google Calendar on Mobile device or PC (at least twice a day) Student guidance here On-line timetables via Student Portal (updated in real time) Staff guide here

8 Journey so far… Pre-2009: 2009 AIMS consultancy report recommendations: Timetabling devolved to faculties / manual process Small, central “help desk” team based in Registry Poor space utilisation New central team created Move Timetable Support to Estates Auto-scheduling project launched

9 Why improve? Pre-2009… Drivers for change…
Individual student timetables Eportal – staff/students can view timetables on-line 24/7 Google Calendar – student timetables can be exported to student calendar Drivers for change… Student Experience/NSS Space & Utilisation External market

10 Why auto-schedule? Follow Sector Best Practice
Evidence shows full auto-scheduling is essential to address room utilisation and enhance the student experience Consolidate Mixed Practice Inconsistent timetabling methods Over-reliance on manual scheduling Improve Student Experience NSS results: “timetabling” a common theme Student Union on board

11 Benefits Common system for collecting timetabling data
Work to the same deadlines Provide a consistent student experience Utilise teaching space usage more efficiently

12 Objectives The University develop a new timetabling process using auto scheduling in a single set of operations for all faculties. Information on course and module management be held in Banner/CMIS tables and that these be the definitive master records, rolled over and verified annually. Data for timetabling is collated using consistent processes across the University for Data Collection. All faculties adopt the same procedures for timetabling.

13 Issues to address Profile Data Quality Protocols and principles
Timetabling policy Data collection (Timetable requests) Constraints Staffing Communications

14 The Timetabling Project 2010
Timetabling Project to automate the timetable Objectives Guiding principles Benefits Project Board established Working groups created to focus on: Data Quality Data Collection Timetabling Policy Academic Work Planning Raised profile (CMT/SU) Communications strategy/model

15 Communication Strategy
Audience Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Milestones: Concept launch Launch of data collection process Data Collection Window Auto-scheduling process Publish Timetables Support Staff Timetablers Course Admin COO’s Update meetings with timetablers (TUG) TUG Academic Delivery Planners Training / TUG Timetable Support Training / TUG TUG / COO’s Student SU STARS All students Meet with SU Meet with STARS Open Forums Open Forums Student newspaper story Portal Announcements Academics Deans Assoc Deans/COO’s Academic Champions Subject group leaders All staff Meet with Deans ---- Meet with COOs ---- FLT meetings FLT meetings AET CAF FBL HSS Meet with Subject group leaders ---- Data collection workshops Data collection workshops ---- Feature in staff magazine LS126 Faculty Newsletters VC Newsletter Stakeholders IMTS RSO Project Board Estates Project Board ---- Working Grps Project Board ---- Working Grps ---- Estates Newsletter ---- Network events ---- Estates Newsletter Project Board ---- Estates Newsletter External SERCO Consultancy Period Others Trade Unions HR CMT CMT update Meet with HR & Unions ---- CMT update

16 What happened next? February 2011 April 2011 May 2011 September 2011
On-line data collection system launched Timetabling Policy established Staff availability process agreed April 2011 Deadline for receipt of all timetable requests May 2011 Auto-scheduling for the first time 2011/12 September 2011 Semester one timetable published 1st September

17 Lessons learnt Data Quality: Students not tied to modules on Banner
Course structures not set up on Banner Incorrect data entered into CMIS Events created with too many multiple conflicting constraints Event specs used to manipulate event start and finish times Deadlines for timetabling and staff information not met or of poor quality Data added to on-line data collection system after module had been finalised by timetablers Excessive teaching hours for staff Software (bugs)

18 Recommendations Software upgrade More time for data validation
Enhance on-line data collection system Review stages/order of auto timetabling Create a separate dataset for each semester Review staff time constraints Review course structure information/module data Remove Friday 5-6pm slot Consider new approaches to make timetables more student focused in relation to student experience.

19 If at first you don’t succeed…
Jan 2012 – Refocus of UG curriculum Dec 2012 – 1st Student survey on timetabling Aug 2013 – Timetable support moved to Registry Dec 2013 – 2nd Student survey on timetabling Apr 2014 – Launched Timetabling Strategy & Development Group (TSDG) Successfully completed 8 auto-scheduling exercises to date!

20 Plans for 2015 Student Experience Themes (TSDG)
Revise Timetabling Policy CMISGo Improve service/accessibility Annual Timetable/Single dataset CMIS upgrades Growth Space Refurbs Scenario planning/modelling

21 Change the culture People NOT systems Psychology of timetabling
Students – survey data conflicting requirements Staff – feeling of losing ‘control’, what else? Debunking the myths Keeping people “on message” Unpicking perceived “timetabling” issues to identify the real issues Sanity tip – create a “crazy TT requests” folder!

22 Student Feedback As usual with this university i have once AGAIN recived notice of my timetable being avaiable for next semester online however once AGAIN, this is not the case and im left in this akward situation where im no longer in Leeds, i have no intention of returning to Leeds until my lectures etc begin however due to the false rather pathetic s stating i can access something which you have failed to provide for your students. I do regret to have to send this rather negative however, the issues within this university are beyond belief for a education facility and if this continues i shall be making a formal complaint via the vice chancellor of Leeds Met. I do hope it doesnt come to this and i hope you can Rectify your mistakes. Please understand that as a student here we NEED this information early and without it, like at the beginning of this academic year i missed 3-4 weeks of a module due to the poor organisation of the staff involved with organising and handing out timetables. Please for your sake and all the students within Leeds Met FIX THIS and stop wasting our time. This was an from a student who had in fact got a timetable: Was is in for 3 days and had no more than 2 hour gaps between sessions. In other words, the perfect timetable – published earlier than ever on December 12th!

23 Staff Feedback I will ask Timetabling if we can adjust anything directly and perhaps swap things between I will also pursue with HR and the guidelines for deployment as I do think there are 'right to a family life' human rights issues here.  It is unfortunate the timetable has fallen this way and for most staff most of this time this doesn't happen. But we must pursue this and make some changes for the reasons you state.  It may be that some early or later starts are needed but not both on all 3 days. This was an from a member of staff suggesting a time constraint amounts to an infringement on their human rights!

24 Any questions?

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