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Logistics Pages Day Month Year

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1 Logistics Pages Day Month Year
Confidential to Fonterra Co-operative Group

2 The logistic networks Want to play a key role in helping with the distribution of dairy nutrition around the world. Working within our network will allow you to be part of a committed team and get lots of opportunity for development and advancement. Our network spans the length of the country so whether you want to work in the bright lights of the city, or balance lifestyle and career in the regions there are opportunities at Fonterra. Our people are important to us and we recognise and reward high-performing employees. Operating on a ‘total remuneration’ basis that is competitive, market-based and encourages exceptional performance by individuals, teams and the whole company. “The people I work with everyday are really important, they are really diverse, passionate and caring & ultimately want to provide a really high standard of product to our customers” Deena Clarkson – General Manager NZ Distribution Check out our video to learn more about a fantastic career in the logistics network

3 The logistics network continued
The size and scale of what we do at Fonterra is quite remarkable not only within New Zealand but on a global scale. We export 95% of what we produce here in NZ, that's 25 million tonnes to 104 countries. We ship 75,000 tonnes per week moving more than 180, Foot containers per year. That equates to one container every 3 mins 24 hours a day 365 days per year!! Our distribution centres span the country meaning we offer real, meaningful exciting careers from Northland to Canterbury. UNI CNI LNI SI Make 540k mt total production 383k mt total production 505k mt total production 984k mt total production Store 251k mt of storage capacity in 31 DC’s 344k mt of storage capacity in 31 DC’s 119k mt of storage capacity in 29 DC’s 201k mt of storage capacity in 24 DC’s Move 1,383k mt of network flows 838k mt to port 652k mt of network flows 212k mt to port 866k mt of network flows 390k mt to port 1,777k mt of network flows 990k mt Exported Make 2,413k mt Store 914k mt Move 4,677k mt Ship 2,430k mt

4 Logistics opportunities
Keen to find our more about a career in Logistics? Learn more about our business units and some of the exciting careers are people are embarking on at Fonterra Our business units offer diversity, challenge and the opportunity to work across the value chain each area works together to ensure we deliver to our customers Distribution Centres – Our Distribution Centres are where the rubber hits the road. We ensure that customer orders are executed safely and efficiently across the distribution centre network. This requires co-ordination from manufacture through to transportation (specifically road and rail to port), including third party distribution centres and accurate inventory control. Quality Systems & Compliance – NEED A BLURB National Support - responsible for developing and driving delivery of the National Support Team strategy, to support delivery of the overarching NZDC roadmap and wider Logistics Network strategy across the areas of Pallets, Forklifts, Quality & Compliance, Continuous Improvement, Training, and Quality improvement. Order Fulfilment - The Order Fulfilment Operations team is responsible for ensuring the order-book is progressing as it should through the value-stream. We work cross-functionally, across multiple business units, with a strong focus on making sure customer’s orders can be delivered in full, on time.  Supply Planning – NEED A BLURB Logistics Network Development & Design - Logistics Network Development & Design (LANDD) is tasked with the design and development of the NZMP Logistics Network.  We are responsible for the movement across the value chain of approximately 2.5 million tonnes of New Zealand made dairy products to 140 markets across the globe. Scheduling & Operational Delivery – NEED A BLURB National Dispatch & COE A key contributor and driver of the development and implementation of NZDC Operational Excellence and Dispatch strategies; working with NZDC managers and other critical stakeholders to identify & lead change projects to be undertaken or supported and allocate appropriate resourcing to ensure seamless implementation.  Check out our video to learn more about being part of our talent team

5 Profiles (sits under our logistics opportunities)
ADCM – Auckland I joined Fonterra after spending a couple of years with the Auckland Ports. My current role involves managing the three dry sites in Auckland. That's three different teams based in different areas across Auckland. The people around me are amazing everyone wants to help you succeed and they have all been really supportive, I have also had the opportunity to work with some extremely successful and inspiring female role models holding senior positions. The recruitment process I went through it was a great experience the first person that called me and she ran through some questions. Really good process and was kept in the loop. For those people thinking about a move I say get in touch you wont regret it. Network design and implementation manager I started work in the UK at Sansiburies food retailers on their supply chain grad programme this formed the start of my career in Supply Chain and Logistics. Years later on making the decision to relocate to New Zealand, Fonterra seemed the obvious choice to continue to grow my career. I was initially surprised by the size and scope of Fonterra not only within the New Zealand market but how it compared globally. The team I work with are an enthusiastic talented bunch. In the wider team we have a huge amount of diversity of cultures and backgrounds as well as some industry greats. Since joining Fonterra I have had the opportunity to be part of some large scale strategic programmes of work, had development & training and been offered career enhancing opportunities My tip for anyone thinking of joining us: You need to be adaptable to change and keen to make a difference.

6 Profiles (sits under logistics opportunities)
On returning to NZ after my OE I was really keen to start my career in logistics. At the time scale was important to me and was keen to work in an environment where there was not only the room for growth but also the appetite and exposure In the 4 years I have been here I have been offered a heap of opportunities. Starting as supply chain procurement resolution consultant, moved into a logistics planner role, then into a technical assistant role for NZ Logistics into the Northland DC manager and am now responsible for both Northland & Auckland DC manager When thinking about what I love about working here, I think its the people, I am a people manager and support a great team. I enjoy the strategic nature of job and the ability to work across the spectrum of the value chain. A career in Logistics at Fonterra gives you the grounding to really make a difference

7 Lets chat If your considering your next step, a change of industry, a start in a career in logistics or just want to have a chat about upcoming opportunities we are keen to speak to you. Just register your details below and one of our team will get in touch

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