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1 by Art Poskanzer Presented by Hans Georg Ritter Sergei’s 60 th Birthday 16 Nov 13.

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1 1 by Art Poskanzer Presented by Hans Georg Ritter Sergei’s 60 th Birthday 16 Nov 13

2 Sergei at Work 2 recent at Wayne State

3 Happy Sergei 3 2008 at Jaipur 2002 at MSU

4 Sergei Exploring the Unknown 4 Sergei discovering new physics

5 This Talk About Sergei Highlights that I know By year Apologies to his co-workers Mistakes are all mine 5

6 First In-Plane Elliptic Flow 6 Peaks at 0, pi, and 2pi AGS E877 1994

7 First Elliptic Flow, v 2 7 AGS E877 1994 v1v1 v2v2 v4v4

8 Acceptance Correlations Flattening of the Event Plane angle Phi Weighting Recentering Shifting 8 1996 before after Flattening the azimuthal distribution of the event plane removes correlation from non-uniform acceptance

9 Correlation of Q2 with Q1 9 Black dots, relative to first harmonic, Indicate In-Plane Elliptic Flow 1997

10 Negative v 1 at Low p T 10 1997 Occurs for heavy particles with large radial flow

11 Methods for analyzing anisotropic flow in relativistic nuclear collisions 11 50 papers/year reference the method Phys. Rev. C 58 1671 A. M. Poskanzer and S. A. Voloshin 625 citations from inSPIRE: 950 citations from Google Few author paper. Not a review paper. 1998 Sergei should have been first author, but he insisted that it be alphabetic.

12 Event Plane Resolution 12 as a function of signal strength and square-root of the multiplicity for k=1, the plane and particles have the same harmonic 1998

13 Scaled v 2 vs Transverse Particle Density 13 1999

14 Wiggle of v 1 vs rapidity 14 z x Radial flow  > 0 rapidity p x, v 1 x rapidity pxpx x Baryon stopping “wiggle” 2000

15 STAR Elliptic Flow 15 2nd harmonic 1st harmonic 2001 resolution centrality

16 Discovery of Elliptic Flow at RHIC 16 22k events We worked one whole weekend and came up with this graph STAR, PRL 86, 402 (2001) 2001

17 First RHIC Collective Flow 17 Raimond Snellings, Sergei Voloshin, and Art Poskanzer 2000 All Happy

18 Coalescence It’s the quarks that flow Mesons twice as much Baryons three times as much 18 Mesons and baryons on the same curve when scaled by the number of quarks 2003

19 Use p+p to Estimate Non-Flow 19 2003 All non-flow Non-flow at high p T v2v2

20 Bessel-Gaussian Gaussian fluctuations give a Bessel-Gaussian distribution of Q n in Participant Plane 20 2008 Correlations of more than four particles do not add any information

21 Some of Sergei’s Firsts  Fourier harmonics 1994  In-plane elliptic flow (at the AGS) 1994  Event plane flattening 1996  Shape of the q-distribution  Negative v n at low p T 1997  Event plane resolution correction made for each harmonic 1998 Unfiltered theory can be compared to experiment! Mixed harmonics  Use directed and elliptic flow for v 1 and v 2  RHIC Elliptic Flow 2000 21

22 More of Sergei’s Firsts v 1 (y) wiggle 2000 v 2 {4} from Q-cumulants Near-side ridge due to fluctuations azHBT proposal  Coalescence of constituent quarks 2002 Scaling with number of constituent quarks  Use p+p to estimate non-flow 2003 Global polarization proposal Proposed method for strong parity violation (chiral magnetic effect)  Bessel-Gaussian fluctuations 2008 22

23 Still More of Sergei’s Firsts Event shape engineering 2012 More... 23

24 Sergei as a Colleague We worked together very well I would ask a question Sergei would think Then answer with great depth All questions were taken seriously Very modest Wonderful colleague Very careful to give credit to others But colleagues not listed in this talk 24

25 Bonner Prize My only regret: that Sergei did not share it with me In our joint work All the good ideas have come from Sergei He deserves it Hope he still gets it 25

26 26 Happy 60 th

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