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Black Cowboy, Wild Horses A True Story Mrs. Williams.

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1 Black Cowboy, Wild Horses A True Story Mrs. Williams


3 Dakota Dugout Facts from the selection Own Values and Experiences Judgment Do you think the homesteaders faced hardships? Why? Does the author help you picture clearly the different seasons on the prairie? How? What do you think the author means by the statement Sometimes the things we start with are the best?

4 bluff: n. A high cliff or bank. From the top of the bluff, he could see the entire valley.

5 herd: n. A group of animals of a single kind. A herd of wild horses galloped across the plain.

6 mares: n. A female horse. Some of the mares were followed by their colts.

7 milled: v. To move around in confusion. The impatient crowd milled in front of the theater doors.

8 mustangs: n. A wild horse of the plains of western North America. Joe could not ride as fast as the herd of mustangs.

9 ravine: n. A narrow, deep valley, usually formed by the flow of water. A small stream trickled at the bottom of the ravine.

10 remorse: n. A feeling of regret or guilt for having done something wrong. Jennie felt remorse for the trouble she had caused her sister.

11 skittered: v. To move lightly and quickly, especially with many changes of direction. The mice skittered across the floor.

12 stallion: n. An adult male horse. Lizzie rode a black stallion at the horse show.

13 Galloping Free This selection is about another person who lived long ago in the American West – a cowboy famous for his skill at catching wild horses. Why would it be hard to catch wild horses? What do you think it was like to be a cowboy in the 1870s?

14 Day 1


16 I do.

17 We do.

18 Day 2





23 Day 3

24 Making Judgments We do


26 You do

27 Day 4

28 Step 1 Read the Story Summery to yourself one time. Be sure to use good hand gestures to help you as you read. Step 2 Turn to your shoulder partner and partner read the story with lots of expression. Don’t forget the gestures that you have practiced. Step 3 Take turns asking and answering at least five questions each about the text. Remember to both ask and answer questions with high enthusiasm. You are going to be working in your groups to take the Selection Test.

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