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Annual General Meeting Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool Tuesday 23 rd September 2014 at 5.45pm.

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1 Annual General Meeting Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool Tuesday 23 rd September 2014 at 5.45pm

2 Chairs Report Angela Douglas Chairman ACGS

3 GeL 100K Genome Project 26 th September 2014Potential Provider Information Day 2 - for applicants to understand the next stages in the Procurement W/c October 6 2014Results for Stage One ITT released W/c October 6 2014Stage Two ITT issued OctoberSite visits October/NovemberContractual and requirements discussions Mid/Late NovemberDeadline for submitting Stage Two ITT Application DecemberResults for Stage Two ITT released DecemberFinal clarifications DecemberContract award 1 January 2015Contract begins - samples to be provided for analysis

4 NHS E Laboratory Reconfiguration The scope will include genetics/genomics services that focus on the following specific areas: Inherited disorders - Sporadic genetic disorders. Acquired disorders Stratified/Personalised or Precision Medicine for all conditions

5 Specification- submission to CPAG01 October 2014 Conduct Public consultation October - 31 December 2014 Provider Engagement EventOctober PROCUREMENT Preparation of OJ Notice, PQQ and contract documents03 November 2015 PQQs advertised and responses received 24 March 2015 PQQ Evaluated 10 April 2015 Invitation To Tender ITT- Published and responses received 05 June 2015 ITT Evaluation 26 June 2015 Finalise Evaluation 03 July 2015 Winners confirmed 06 July 2015 Standstill 20 August 2015 Contract Award Conditions precedent Submission Of Contract Award Notice to OJEU

6 NHS E Laboratory Reconfiguration 2 ACGS is committed to supporting the laboratories through this We have organised three Heads of Labs meetings to date and have another planned for October. The ACGS is keen to support and assist in that where possible both in disseminating and providing information.

7 Kevin Ocraft - RIP It is with regret I note the death of Kevin Ocraft, past Treasurer of the ACC and ACGS. Kevin passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Kevin was a Cytogeneticist at Tameside Manchester, St Mary’s Manchester, Christie Hospital and Nottingham, he will have at some time worked with many of you certainly worked with Kevin for a while at Christie Hospital and I knew him for more than 25 years. Kevin was a supportive, kind and thoughtful individual who always behaved with the highest standard of professionalism and I for one will not forget him. Kevin took on the role of Treasurer of the ACC several years ago and remained as the Treasurer for the ACGS, both roles he undertook methodically, thoroughly and with extreme proficiency, for which all the previous Executive Team of the ACC and current Executive of the ACGS will be forever grateful. A travel fund has been established in remembrance of him

8 Treasurers Report David Cockburn Complications during past year Merging finances from ACC and CMGS New Treasurer arrangements for bank access setup Slower expenses payments

9 Summary of current financial position Account balances September 2014 The Association For Clinical Cytogenetics Business Current Account (11371967)7th Sep 2014£8,829.00 Business Money Manager Account (11371975)7th Sep 2014£60,844.82 The Association For Clinical Genetics Science Community Account (44660331)3rd Sep 2014£24,354.47 Business Money Manager Account (34660358)3rd Sep 2014£50,021.49 Total assets£144,049.78 Detailed Report of Accounts not yet ready To be circulated at soonest opportunity [email]

10 Auditors Audit of previous accounts ACC (year 2013) - Report from Wilkins Kennedy LLP approving accounts dated 1st April 2014 Members need to vote to approve auditors for following year. Proposal that Wilkins Kennedy are continued as auditors for ACGS for further year – Needs Proposer and Seconder

11 Subcommittee Reports

12 Quality Committee Best Practice Guidelines –New pipeline for reviewing and initiating new guidelines –Completed – NGS/Fragile X syndrome –Currently under review - Lynch syndrome/AML/ALL/CML –New guidelines - General Genetic Reporting/Sarcoma by RT-PCR/Arrays/ Internal Quality Control/Hypertrophic cardiomyopathies Audits –ACGS activity audit 2013-14 to include all activity of genetics laboratories –Working day/calendar day TAT audit –Fragile X syndrome/array testing audit Genetics Dashboard –Reviewed and changes being recommended. Workshops –NGS BPG workshop with UKGTN –General Genetic Reporting workshop GenUs –Review of cytogenetic bandings and changes implemented – ongoing MRC-Holland MLPA probe incident –Reported to MHRA and worked with them to ensure the Dutch authorities activated follow up

13 Communications Committee Election results –Treasurer – David Cockburn from Leeds elected 2014-2017 –Secretary – Simon McCullough from Belfast elected 2014-2017 –Communications subcommittee – Hazel Dinning from Nottingham elected 2014-2017 –No nominations for Chair Elect – call for nominations to be sent again New members of subcommittee –Gareth Masson from Birmingham and Peter Logan from Belfast Website –Website training for Simon McCullough, Gareth Masson, Peter Logan and Jenny Barrett took place on 10 th April. Now have 4 webmasters able to upload content. –Migration of content from ACC website to ACGS website is complete –ACC website will close 28 th November 2014 –Migration of content from CMGS website continues Newsletter –Two editions published on-line –Please send articles to Martin Schwarz ( and Emma Huxley ( –Deadline for next edition is 30 th November 2104 Future work –Questionnaire on ACGS membership for non-members –Lab roadshow –STEM presentation

14 Scientific Committee ACGS Spring Meeting –Austin Court, Birmingham, May 2014 –2 packed-days: Germline and Cancer –Co-organised with MolPath working group of Association Clinical Pathologists –Sold-out; very good feedback –Many thanks to the Scientific Pgm Committee Maggie Williams, Simon Williams, Susanna Akiki, Carolyn Tysoe, Ed Atack, Ingrid Simonic, Rachel Butler, Sandi Deans, Newton Wong, Emma Huxley –2015: focussed Study Days given ESHG 2015

15 Scientific Committee BSGM 2014 Scientific Pgm Committee –Dom McMullan (Chair), Maggie Williams, Ingrid Simonic Variant Interpretation Workshop –Debs Morrogh, Carolyn Tisoe

16 Scientific Committee Data-sharing –DECIPHER NHS consortium option –NHS variant sharing without need for consent –4 centres set-up so far (CNV and SNV) –Contact Dom McMullan for more information Planned specific data-collations –Incidental DMD deletions in unaffected patients –Incidental Ca risk variants –FH mutations IMAGINE Study (PI Lucy Raymond) –Longitudinal outcome study for patients with common CNV disorders

17 Workforce & Education Committee (WDC) Training Alison Taylor-Beadling designated as the Lead Training Officer for the ACGS, ensuring there is good communication between the WDC and the network of training officers. A Training Officer day has been organised for the 13 th October in Birmingham. FRCPath Part 2 written options training day took place at GOSH on 5 th Sept. Alison finalising facilitators for a Part 2 self-help day either in Birmingham or GOSH. Organising a GT Training day either in Manchester or Birmingham. The WDC will be looking at additional training for GT’s.

18 WDC - Assessments The WDC is completed assessment arrangements for the final two cytogenetic trainees that underwent the ACC training programme and require a certificate of completion. All new Trainees should now be STP’s

19 WDC - Workforce Submitted data to RCPath Clinical Science Workforce Committee. Genetics had the most comprehensive workforce data. WDC Will go out to labs requesting further data in near future. Submitted reply to RCPath in response to Health Education England workforce requirements, June 2014. Submitted comments to HCPC in response to the consultation - Standards of Proficiency for Clinical Scientists. June 2014. The WDC has drafted career level descriptors for genetics – Career Framework – Circulated for comment

20 WDC - Registration Developing the Equivalence route with the AHCS. This is now established and open for applications. The AHCS establishing an accredited Register for Practitioners. WDC is on the Academy Regulation Council for this register. Discussions between the VRC and similar registers and the AHCS about establishing a cluster model for the register. The VRC currently has three options: –Remain as a voluntary register –Apply to PSA for accreditation –Join the AHCS cluster model of assured voluntary registers and become accredited by PSA. The register of Genetic Technologists is currently owned by the professional body (ACGS). The VRC seeking support to move the register to the AHCS. with title of Genetic Technologist retained

21 Any Questions

22 Any Other Business

23 Welcome the New Chair ACGS Dr Ann Dalton

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