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Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Reading Dying to be thin …

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1 Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Reading Dying to be thin …

2 Deal with the main Language points in each E-mail. Main language points in E-mail One.

3 Read E-mail One and underline the following words and expressions. 1. be dying to do 2. used to out 4. figure 5. be ashamed of

4 1. be dying to do conclusion: be dying___________ be dying __________ 改写同义句 I can’t wait to surprise the boys. She wanted something to eat very much. I’m _________ surprise the boys. She was ________ something to eat. want to do sth. very much to do sth. for sth. dying to dying for

5 2. used to (1) Dr Ma used to work in a children’s hospital in Nanjing, usedn’t /didn’t he? (2) I never got used to going to bed so late. (3) Computers are used to do a lot of work in many companies. used to do sth. be/get used to sth/doing sth. be used to do sth. (被用来用 …… ) (习惯于 …… ) (过去常常 …… )

6 1)He read in his study for hours. 2)There be a bus stop near our school. When he was there, he ____ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day. A. would B. should C. had better D. might. used to do 表达过去和现在的对照,过去某特定时期 的习惯,暗含现在已经不复存在的意思; used to do 不与表示一段时间的状语连用。 would 强调个人的兴趣与某一动作的持续,不含有过 去和现在的对照。 would 可以和表示一段时间的状语 连用, 但是,不和 there be 句式连用。 would used to

7 3. work out 的不同含义 (1) I used to go to the gym three times a week, but I don’t work out anymore. (2) I will give you five minutes to work out this problem. take physical exercise solve / find the answer to

8 (3) We were glad that things worked out quite well. (4) I have worked out your share of the expense. (5) Can you work out a plan? turned out calculated make

9 4. figure 的不同含义 (1)Every woman wants a slim figure these days. (2) He has become a figure in our country and everyone knows him. (3) His salary is in six figures, at least 100,000 yuan. someone who is important or famous numbers body shape

10 figure out He spoke so quickly that I couldn’t figure out his meaning. understand

11 5. be ashamed of (1) 他对自己愚蠢的行为感到很羞愧. (2) 我们应以热爱班集体为荣, 以危害 (harm) 班集体为耻。 (3) 又打搅你, 我感到很不好意思. (4) 这么久没给你写信我感到很不好意思。 He was _____________his foolish behaviour. I’ m quite ___________trouble you again. I ______________that I haven’t written to you for so long. conclusion: be ashamed ______________ be ashamed ______________ ashamed to feel ashamed We should be proud of loving our class and ____________________it. ashamed of harming of sth/doing sth. to do sth. that… ashamed of

12 Main language points in E-mail Two. 1. recover 2. regret 3. contain

13 1. recover 的不同含义 (1) I’m now in hospital recovering from liver failure. (2) He recovered his lost wallet. becoming well/ healthy again regained (1) 他的脚伤已经康复. (2) 弥补失去的时间很难. He has _______________his foot injury. It’s hard to____________________. recovered from recover the lost time

14 2. regret doing/to do… We regretted selling the farm. I regretted having made so many mistakes in the exam. I regret going there yesterday. I regret to inform you that you failed in the test. We regret to say we have some bad news for you. 后悔做了 …… 动作未发生

15 3. contain This bottle can___________two litres of water. The pill _____________ vitamins. contain have sth within itself contains include All of us will take part in the sport meeting, __________teachers. teachers __________. including included contain (1) 指某物质中含有某种成分 ;(2) 包含,容纳. 侧重于 指容器中 “ 装有,含有 ” vt. include 侧重部分与整体, 表示其宾语是可以从主语中分离出 来的一个部分常用于 including 和 include 短语中

16 Main language points in E-mail Three. 1. be embarrassed about 2. go on a diet

17 1. be embarrassed about embarrassed adj. embarrassing adj. embarrassment n. embarrass vt. 选词填空 (1)My face turned red with_____________. (2)What he said just now _____________ me. (3)He tried to avoid this ____________question. (4) He felt ___________ about his hairstyle. embarrassed embarrassing embarrassed embarrassment

18 be on a diet  You must go on a diet because you are too fat.  I mustn't have too much potato because I'm now. on a diet 2. go on a diet eat less to lose weight

19 Step III. Let’s practise English!

20 Homework Suppose you are Amy and you are now a guest in a TV talk show, you are having a free talk with the host. Situation 1: Situation 2: Suppose you are Zhou Ling, and your partner is Amy. You two make up a phone call talking about what has happened in Amy’s life these days. Amyhostess Free talk show Zhou Ling Amy Making up a phone call.

21 Homework 1Recite the new words and the language points. 2Workbook P102

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