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National Adaptation Strategies - UK 21 March 2005 Andy Deacon Global Atmosphere Division.

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1 National Adaptation Strategies - UK 21 March 2005 Andy Deacon Global Atmosphere Division

2 Outline What is needed?  Building adaptive capacity  Tools and understanding  Delivering Adaptation Action  Experience of adaptation in practice Next Steps

3 UKCIP toolkit Guidance Risk and uncertainty in decision making: “Climate adaptation: Risk, uncertainty and decision-making” Costing the impacts of climate change Handling uncertainty in climate scenarios Scenarios UKCIP02 climate change scenarios Socio-economic scenarios Web-based tools (in development) Adaptation Wizard: How to use all UKCIP resources in planning for adaptation Adaptation case studies: Examples of adaptation being implemented in the UK

4 Climate adaptation: risk, uncertainty & decision- making (UKCIP 2003) Main drivers behind decision Criteria for Stage 5 – legislation, risk attitude, thresholds Tiered risk assessment – climate and non- climate factors No-regret, low-regret, win-win options Flexible options Delay/Do nothing? Evaluate against Stage 2 criteria Bring info together Final checks Is climate change a risk to project, programme, agency,etc ?

5 UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

6 Climate Change Proofing Climate change proofing within Defra Risk-based & identifies priorities for early action : Long-term investment and infrastructure decisions Long-term policies and regulation Contingency planning Win-wins Evidence base Stakeholders Work within other government Departments

7 What is needed (1): Adaptation Policy Framework Purpose : Set objectives and measure progress Provide structure for policies and measures for different actors (regional, local) Communication Longer term view

8 What is needed (2): Better understanding at regional scale Regional research in the UK, 2004–06 To inform regional decision-making and help target effective adaptation responses Six priority topics, identified by stakeholders: Planning, land-use and the built environment Business Water Countryside and the rural economy Quantifying the costs Guidelines for adaptation strategies

9 What is needed (3): Guidelines for adaptation Project underway to explore what adaptation means in practice to date Two tasks: inventory of adaptation options and strategies at different scales in the UK, from individual companies, to sectoral responses assessment of (a) why these options and strategies were formulated, and (b) how they relate to other options and strategies

10 Next Steps Adaptation in practice project report UKCIP Integration report Synthesis report on impacts of climate on Central Government Departments Work on indicators and targets for adaptation Adaptation Policy Framework - before end 2005

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