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... On your body  Headache  Chest pain  Pounding heart  High blood pressure  Shortness of breath  Muscle aches  Back pain  Clenched jaws  Tooth.

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Presentation on theme: "... On your body  Headache  Chest pain  Pounding heart  High blood pressure  Shortness of breath  Muscle aches  Back pain  Clenched jaws  Tooth."— Presentation transcript:


2 ... On your body  Headache  Chest pain  Pounding heart  High blood pressure  Shortness of breath  Muscle aches  Back pain  Clenched jaws  Tooth grinding  Stomach upset  Constipation  Diarrhea  Increased sweating  Tiredness  Sleep problems  Weight gain or loss  Sex problems  Skin breakouts …On your thoughts and feelings  Anxiety  Restlessness  Worrying  Irritability  Depression  Sadness  Anger  Mood swings  Job dissatisfaction  Feeling insecure  Confusion  Burnout  Resentment  Guilt  Inability to concentrate  Seeing only the negatives …On your behavior  Confusion  Overeating  Undereating  Angry outbursts  Drug abuse  Excessive drinking  Increased smoking  Relationship conflicts  Crying spells  Social withdrawal  Blaming others  Decreased productivity Source:


4 SLEEP! Make sure you are getting 7-10 hours of sleep per night. All-nighters might seem like a good idea, but you will regret it when you’re falling asleep during your exam MEDITATE! Start with either your toes or your head, and tense up the muscles for five to ten seconds; then release. This will focus your attention on your body – not your worries. CHILL OUT! Set aside time to relax with friends, get something to eat, listen to music, or do whatever lets you unwind. WORK OUT! Boost your energy and your immune system so you’re not tired or sick during your exams. Try stress-reducing activities like biking, running, or swimming. EAT! Eating a healthy breakfast will boost your energy for the entire day. It’s also important not to skip meals during midterms because this will decrease your energy level and make it difficult to concentrate. TALK! Share your problems with others, but listen to their problems too! This is a stressful time for EVERYONE, and sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone. GET HELP! Check out opportunities to see a tutor in classes which are troubling you. For help with papers, try the Writing Center. If you’re still feeling anxious, contact the Counseling Center (x47651 or 4HELP).

5 Need to escape College Park? Being in the DC Metro area is certainly an advantage when you just need to break away from campus. Here are some popular places for you to see the sights, explore the culture, or just relax. The best part? They’re all Metro accessible! Check out for the best information on getting around on the Metro, as well as the Metro trip

6 The National Gallery of Art  Great art exhibits, as well as relaxing indoor gardens and the outdoor Sculpture Garden The National Zoo  Commune with nature and visit the animals, including Giant Pandas, Sumatran Tigers, Asian Elephants, Sea Lions, and Orangutans Chinatown  Sick of the College Park Chinese food scene? Check out Chinatown for an entirely different experience Pizza Mart – 2445 18 th St. NW, Adams Morgan  Enjoy a delicious extra-large (think half-pizza size) slice for $3 at this stand Washington Nationals Park  DC’s own major league baseball team plays just a Metro ride away! Dupont Circle  One of the best places in DC for shopping, dining, and experiencing culture. The DC Jewish Community Center is located here, as well as Theater J, a progressive and respected Jewish theater. In addition to its focus on Jewish culture, it is also known for its LGBT community. Union Station  A movie theater, a mall, and great restaurants, all experienced in this bustling center of DC and nationwide travel Tidal Basin  Even when the cherry blossoms aren’t out, this is a beautiful place to spend time, reflect, and rent paddleboats

7 Adams Morgan  One of DC’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, with a wide variety of shopping and dining (from Ethiopian to Salvadoran), and a fantastic nightlife 8 th Street SE and Eastern Market  Year round indoor farmer’s and flea market complete with craft vendors and other great shopping and browsing Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials  Great architecture and beautiful artwork, not to mention quotes from some of our country’s greatest leaders Georgetown  It’s not exactly Metro accessible, but for just a buck (and just $.35 if you get a Metro transfer), a bus will deliver you right to the neighborhood, which includes some of the best shopping in DC. Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  Visit this Smithsonian museum containing the capital’s wonderful collection of modern art Busboys and Poets – 2021 14 th St. NW  A restaurant, bookstore, and social gathering place with a unique atmosphere of sharing and interacting with others Arlington National Cemetery  The solemn atmosphere of this national memorial is both peaceful and relaxing. Visit the Eternal Flame at the grave of John F. Kennedy, the Tomb of the Unknowns, and become lost on the beautiful grounds

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