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Post-Decision Processes

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1 Post-Decision Processes
Chapter 10 Post-Decision Processes

2 Learning Objectives~ Ch. 10
To understand: Post-decision dissonance & regret Consumer learning from experience Ways consumers judge satisfaction & dissatisfaction with decision Various strategies & levels of complexity for disposal of something

3 Post-Decision Processes

4 Post-Decision Dissonance & Regret
Loss of confidence in decision of Acquisition Consumption Disposition Dissonance—Anxiety when MAO high & more than one alternative is attractive Regret Unfavorable comparison Consumer anticipation

5 A Model of Learning from Experience

6 Factors Affecting Learning from Experience
Motivation Prior knowledge/ability Ambiguity of information/Lack of opportunity Processing biases Confirmation Overconfidence Strategies Top-dog Underdog

7 Consumer Judgments Satisfaction Dissatisfaction Dimensions Utilitarian
Hedonic Levels of Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction Monitor Costs

8 American Consumer Satisfaction Index

9 Disconfirmation Paradigm
Satisfaction Based on Expectations Negative (-) Simple (-/+) Positive (+) Other Influences on Satisfaction Independent Post-Decision Feelings

10 The Disconfirmation Paradigm

11 Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Based on Thoughts
Disconfirmation Expectations Performance Objective Subjective Simple confirmation & satisfaction Negative disconfirmation & dissatisfaction

12 Attribution Theory Causality/blame/explanations Factors Stability
Focus Controllability Value-Added

13 Equity Theory Inputs Versus Outputs Consumer Seller
Fairness in Exchange

14 Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Based on Feelings
Post-decision feelings Coping Misprediction about emotions Affective forecasting (misforcasting)

15 Responses to Dissatisfaction
Take no action Discontinue purchasing Complain or return item Negative WOM Negative e-WOM What was the last negative e-WOM you left for a business and what motivated that?

16 Complainers Tendencies Younger Higher Income Less Brand Loyal
Cultural Differences Types Passives Voicers Irates Activists

17 Satisfaction & Consumer Relationships
65% to 85% of customers who defect to competitors say they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” Customer retention is key—Develop long-term relationships For instance USAA is a leader in customer satisfaction, and in turn, retention

18 How to Retain Customers
Care about your customers—2/3 of customers defect because they feel company does not care about them Have empathy Remember customers between sales—send promo on birthdays, etc. Build trusting relationships—expertise, reliability, concern Monitor service delivery process Be there when needed—Service & repair Provide extra effort—Beyond call of duty What is something special a company did for you lately?

19 Options for Post-Acquisition Disposition
Give Away Trade Recycle Sell Use Up Throw Away Abandon Destroy “…action taken toward possessions.” Temporary or Involuntary Temporary or Permanent

20 Disposing of Meaningful Objects
Think of something meaningful that you disposed of (sold, gave away, recycled, etc.) Physical Detachment Emotional Detachment

21 Recycling Behavior It is interesting to wonder why some consumers recycle, and others do not This is a context where attitudes & behaviors may misalign Recycling behaviors depend on: Motivation Ability Opportunity


23 Sidi offers a money-back guarantee if the consumer is not satisfied with the bicycling shoes. A warranty or money-back guarantee can reduce consumers’ feelings of dissonance after a purchase. Sara Ecclesine, Veltec Sports, Inc.

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