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Write a well-developed paragraph about the following: Describe the relationship between Scout and her dad Atticus. Think about whether you would like.

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2 Write a well-developed paragraph about the following: Describe the relationship between Scout and her dad Atticus. Think about whether you would like to have the same type of relationship with your parent/guardian. Why or why not?

3 acquiescence (n.): agreement without protest aggregation (n.): group; gathering begrudge (vb.): To begrudge someone something is to feel resentment or disapproval about the fact that they have something. ominous (adj.): threatening; sinister 1. Create an antonym for each word. 2. Choose TWO and use them in your own sentence.


5 Aunt Alexandra explains that she should stay with the children for a while, to give them a “feminine influence.” Maycomb gives her a fine welcome: various ladies in the town bake her cakes and have her over for coffee, and she soon becomes a part of the town’s social life. Alexandra is extremely proud of the Finches and spends much of her time discussing all the families of Maycomb. She orders Atticus to lecture Jem and Scout on their ancestry when she realizes they know very little about their family’s background.

6 The impending trial of Tom Robinson and Atticus’s role as his defense lawyer make Jem and Scout the objects of whispers and glances whenever they go to town. One day, Scout tries to ask Atticus what “rape” is, and the subject of the children’s trip to Calpurnia’s church comes up. Aunt Alexandra tells Scout she cannot go back the next Sunday. Later, she tries to convince Atticus to get rid of Calpurnia, saying that they no longer need her. Atticus refuses. That night, Jem tells Scout not to antagonize Alexandra. Scout gets angry at being lectured and attacks Jem. Atticus breaks up the fight and sends them to bed. Scout discovers something under her bed. She calls Jem in and they discover Dill hiding there.

7 Dill has run away from home because his mother and new father did not pay enough attention to him. He took a train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction, fourteen miles away, and covered the remaining distance on foot and on the back of a cotton wagon. Jem goes down the hall and tells Atticus. Atticus asks Scout to get more food than a pan of cold corn bread for Dill, before going next door to tell Dill’s aunt, Miss Rachel, of his whereabouts. Dill eats, then gets into Jem’s bed to sleep, but soon climbs over to Scout’s bed to talk things over.

8 Skill Focus: Dialect and Jargon

9 Why is jargon important?  How can language get in the way of conversation in certain situations?  List peoples or places that you would have a hard time understanding the conversation.

10 Specialized Vocabulary Specific words used by people belonging to the same group: region (urban vs. rural, North vs. South) ethnicity economic class time period/era or age career field knowledge-base activity

11  Dialect is the SPOKEN LANGUAGE used by a large group of people. It is not specialized language, but the WAY in which language or words are SPOKEN (said). (religion, age, GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION, gender, ECONOMIC LEVEL.) What is Dialect?

12  “y’all”  “binkie”  “Do you want a coke?” (meaning ANY soft drink, not just coca-cola)  “Put the Ca– in the ga—rashe”  “Poke” or “sack” for BAG  “I wanna go nite-nite.”  “I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you again for having us to your gracious abode.”  “I am worried about paying the bills.”  “I don’t know how I will get dinner on the table, get the laundry done, and get my husband’s shirt ironed for his meeting tonight while I get Susie to ballet and Joey to soccer practice.”  Genuflect, kneeler, Father, cathedral, altar boy, the “host” Think: Who might use language like this?

13 Skill Focus: Jargon Definition: when an author uses words to reflect a particular group (usually based on career field, knowledge-base, or activity) Includes: vocabulary, or terminology The use of jargon may exclude (or leave out) some people from understanding a conversation because they do not have the same knowledge the group does.

14 Examples of Jargon UK vs. Duke basketball clip ER clip List JARGON that you hear during each clip. What differences do you notice in the vocabulary of the two clips?

15  baste, saute, simmer, brown, fold, puree  line, hem, topstitch  goalie, Goal, dribble,  gesso, canvas, stretch, fillet, matboard  offsides, lineman, tackle, first down, fumble  Edge, weed, plant, fertilize, prune, graft, hybrid  IEP, ARC, PLC, SBC, ABC, PLEP  STAT, diagnosis, scrip, ADL, prognosis, palliative, febrile  wrap, set, script, stage directions, action, cutting room, screening


17 1. Read your article. 2. Write a paragraph summarizing the main ideas of your article. (10 points) 3. List your article’s audience. (10 points) 4. Based on the audience, create a list of FIVE examples of jargon found in the text. (10 points) 5. Write a word or phrase that you think best defines each example of jargon. (10 points) 6. Present your information to the class. (10 points))



20  Do individuals act differently in large groups?  How does Scout make Mr. Cunningham realize his actions are wrong?  What does the mob scene tell us about the nature of human beings and how they behave? How does this relate to Lee’s theme?

21 We see the mob scene through the eyes of our narrator Scout and hear it through her voice. Rewrite the mob scene from the following character’s perspective and in their voice:  Group 1: Jem  Group 2: Dill  Group 3: Atticus  Group 4: Walter Cunningham, Sr.  Group 5: Tom Robinson

22 #1 Think about your character. ◦ List traits that character has so that you can devise how to re-tell the scene from their perspective. #2 Rewrite the scene from your character’s point of view—since these characters talk little, you will be writing what they’re thinking. Be sure to add jargon or dialect that would be used by that character. CIRCLE each type of jargon or forms of dialect that are used. You must include at least THREE! #3 Extra Credit: Create THREE storyboards to show the scene from your character’s point of view. Illustrate what they would see from their vantage point during the mob scene.

23 Exit Slip Read the following examples and label them as DIALECT or JARGON. Justify your answers. 1. “Did you know [Atticus] can play a Jew’s Harp?” – Miss Maudie, p. 120 2. “No, he’s just moseyin’ along.” = Jem, p. 123 3. “Atticus’ hand yanked a ball-tipped lever...” – Scout, p. 127 4. “I hafta aim for ten minutes ‘fore I can hit somethin’...” – Jem, p. 129 5. “Playing hooky, I suppose.” – Mrs. Dubose, p. 134

24 Homework: Rewriting Mob Scene

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