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Octo-mom Ethical Universalism.

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1 Octo-mom Ethical Universalism

2 What is Ethical Universalism?
Ethical universalism is a concept in which the ethical implications of an action applies universally to anyone, regardless of circumstance. To summarize, the end justifies the means. Examples of pseudo-universally wrong actions: murder, rape, torture Examples of pseudo-universally good actions: charity, sacrifice, altruism

3 History of the Ethical Principle.
There is no specific date of its foundation, but the principal has existed in similar forms in ancient societies. Perhaps the most clear-cut modern examples are humanitarian groups. Immanuel Kant

4 Applications of Ethical Universalism?
For ethical universalism to apply to anything, a system which determines the implications of an act must be defined. Since no two beings can share identical life experience, and therefore beliefs, there is no way to define a universal set of morals. Circumstance must be also considered as there are moral beliefs which may directly conflict with another. Hitler’s rationalization for his actions was that the end justified the means.

5 Facts of the Case -Receiving disability payments from a back injury.
-IVF treatments from Dr. Michael Kamrava in 2001, had six embryos implanted. -2008, had remaining six embryos implanted resulting in eight children. - Didn’t want the remaining embryos to be destroyed. - Main players: Nadya, Doctor Michael Kamrava

6 Controversy -Can’t support the children.
-Didn’t follow the ARSM’s guidelines for IVF. - Dangerous for both mother and children - Mental disorders and premature birth. -To some – Wasn’t natural. -Gained a lot of publicity because it’s so unusual in the United States. - The Duggar family

7 Stakeholder Analysis Nadya Suleman: for - Dr. Michael Kamrava: for
- Insurance Company: against - Government: against

8 Wrongs that need to be righted /tips for the future.
-Population – having so many children shouldn’t be encouraged. -Safety of the children needs to be taken into consideration. -Octo-mom bill -Less publicity

9 Adam, Anthony, Jill, Nikki, Rob and Scott.
END Adam, Anthony, Jill, Nikki, Rob and Scott.

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