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1 Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. Liberty Center for Child Protection Comprehensive Sex Ed & Abstinence Ed. A History: How a “Sex.

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2 1 Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. Liberty Center for Child Protection Comprehensive Sex Ed & Abstinence Ed. A History: How a “Sex Cult” Hijacked Western Sexuality

3 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Sexpert training Mainstreaming Sex crimes today What now? The changing eras What Kinsey “found” Bogus “field’s” new laws Law reviews, judges Part I: History of Sex Ed & Abstinence Ed Part II: Erototoxins and The Brain

4 3 The Changing Eras

5 4 Only 2 American Law and Societal Standards Pre-1948 Common-Law Era: Parents, Church Teach Marriage. No Sexuality “Field” Exists in Science, Education, Medicine or Law. Post-1948 Sex Science-Era: Human Sexuality “Field” Re-trains American Science, Education, Medicine and the Law.

6 5 “Research on human sexuality...can be divided somewhat crudely into the pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey eras.” Pre-Kinsey Era Common Law Based on Biblical Authority Marital coitus only legal sex. Sex Laws to Control “Sin” Offenders Penalized, Imprisoned, Capital Punishment employed. Post-Kinsey Era “Model Penal Code” (ALI) Based on Scientific Authority Consent determines legality. Sex Laws Tolerant of “Disease” Offenders Paroled, Pardoned, “ Treated,” Patients, Actors. The National Research Council, “AIDS & Intravenous Drug Use” 1989

7 6 Revolutionary “Data” Required a New Scientific Field Old Common Law, NO: Premarital Sex (Fornication) Extramarital Sex (Adultery) Public sex display (exhibitionism) Sodomy (abnormal perversion) Seduction (breach of promise) Seduction (alienation of affection) Abortion (murder) Child sex (rape, statutory rape) Pornography (all obscene) Sex Cult as a Field: All children are sexual, all sex is legal or therapeutically managed and lightly penalized.

8 7 Liberal Philosopher Philip Rieff: Creating a Scientific Field “[E]very science has its established body of authoritative makers of opinion, the cadre of men empowered to organize ideas into dogma.” They create the canon, “a body of knowledge from which students learn” and from which they advance and develop the canon further. The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Harper Tourchbooks, New York, 1966, at 81.

9 8 Kinsey’s ideas became sex dogma: U.K. Yorkshire TV Tim Tate, UNESCO & Amnesty International award winning producer, director of “Kinsey’s Paedophiles” August 1998

10 9 A Mass Media Blitz 1948 & 1953

11 10 What Kinsey “Found” Alleged New “Scientific” Findings

12 11 Yet Kinsey found father “quite different from anything the general public had supposed ” Ernst & Loth, American Sexual Behavior and The Kinsey Report, Greystone Press, NY, 1948, pp. 83, 81. 95% of Men Commit Sex Crimes: Discrediting American Fathers…. The whole of our laws and customs are designed to protect the family, and at the base of the family is the father.”

13 12 Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000, 2003) What The Kinsey Team Claimed 4,441 Women & No Rape Harms

14 13 …trains “Mr. Green” (Rex King) to rape children for “science.” He also trains Kinsey who trains other sex criminals…. Children sexual at birth? Kinsey’s famous sex mentor, Dr. Dickenson

15 14 The Rapists’ “Tables” Male, p. 180

16 15 196 Experimental Boys called “SIX TYPES” Under 12 Yrs Old Sadism Hysteria 5% Twitching Spasms 45% Fainting Collapse 3% Rigid/Throbs Sobs 22% Convulsions Cries 17% Fighting "Partner" 8% Pain as “Climax” w/Stop Watches Pp 160-161 Male

17 16 “Donahue” December 1991 Dr. Clarence Tripp: Kinsey used trained, “responsible” pedophiles. “They used stop watches to record their thing.”

18 17 Clarence Tripp, Ph.D. World famous sexology pioneer “Kinsey’s Paedophiles” ‘98 Rape victims are “contacts” and screams are due to a “fit problem.”

19 18 Kinsey called this “climax” S ome boys “suffer excruciating pain and may scream if movement is continued or the penis even touched.... will fight away from the partner.” Said Kinsey, the boys may weep, faint and scream No!, “they derive definite pleasure from the situation.” (Male, p. 161)

20 19 Kinsey’s Nazi collaborator: Dr. Fritz van Balluseck Kinsey Institute Director, Dr. John Bancroft claims the use of child rapists as sex researchers avoids “ignorance” about sex—and says Kinsey did not criminally urge on his rapists.

21 20 Kinsey’s “definite pleasure” Kinsey’s “definite pleasure from the situation” was projected onto his boy laboratory sex specimens. They were orally, anally and manually sodomized for “climax” by “technically trained men” including one German Nazi & Rex King a mass child rapist of at least 800 whom Kinsey paid. Stop watches were used. See “Kinsey’s Paedophiles.”

22 21 Who Were Kinsey’s Sex Research Team & Subjects? No Kinsey data replication 1971: Kinsey Institute Sr. Researcher William Simon admits 75% of the Kinsey team subjects were purged.

23 22. IU “Cleans” Dirty Kinsey Data: 86% of Kinsey’s Men are Aberrant (seen as Dads) Of 4,120 white males, college “students” were roughly 1% to 14%

24 23 Bogus “Fields” New Laws New Domestic & Court “Experts”

25 24 A criminal sexual psychopath makes us “consistent with [his] predictions.” “[V]irtually every page of the Kinsey Report touches on some section of the legal code.” Kinsey’s cultists: S&M orgies, self torture, orchitis… trauma to, inflammation of one or both testis Ernst, M., & Loth, D., American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report, Graystone Press, New York, at 28, 132. Philip Reiff; See also Wechsler, 1955, “A Thoughtful Code of Substantive Law,” Journal of Criminal Law, Criminality, and Police Science, Vol. 45, 1955, at 524-525.

26 25 Rockefeller funds both….

27 26 The Authority of the ALI Brings False Kinsey Data Into State Laws “God is Dead,” in the Law, Bible, Prayer in Schools 1960s…. The American Law Institute Model Penal Code Fallout

28 27 Kinsey “proves” that “fornication,” adultery, sodomy, bestiality, child sex abuse are “normal,” harmless private sexual acts. He excludes all public consequences : VD, prostitution/pornography blight, child, drug and alcohol abuse, abortion… Sex education by “professionals” is crucial to teach children “facts” about sex. 100% of the 197 “Sex Offenses” MPC footnotes cite Kinsey

29 28 Academic Journals 1.5 X more than Masters & Johnson 2 X more that Freud 4 X more than Piaget 4 X more than Piaget. No sex “expert” is cited more and on more critical sexual issues than Kinsey. Post 1948 Over 1000 Kinsey Cites in Westlaw (Law Journals)

30 29 Court Experts Emerge All academic centers granting Human Sexuality degrees, mandate some form of the Fu- karama” for accreditation. More than 100 pornography hours for doctorates, etc. Hundreds of college “sexuality centers” now use pornography for college credits, etc. Most college graduates would be given the new sexuality to enter courts, legislatures, law and public policies. The “Field” Begins “Scientific” Training

31 30 Launch the New Sex Canon Law Reviews, Judges

32 31 “[L]aw cases can turn almost entirely on an understanding of the underlying … scientific subject matter.” Justice Stephen Breyer U.S. Supreme Court Science Magazine, April 24, 1998., pp. 537-538. The author is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The text is revised from an address given 16 February 1998 at the 150th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

33 32 Rape--by force Statutory Rape Crimes Against Infants [minors] Lewd Behavior Contraception Cohabitation Sodomy Bestiality Voyeurism Obscenity Fornication Adultery Seduction.... *Chastity 1948: Morris Ernst (ACLU) Targets 52 Sex Crimes (See 13 Below) See KCC, Chapter 8.

34 33 “[N]o bar association, law school journal, or lawyers’ committee can consider laws …on sexual matters without reference to the Kinsey study. Kinsey’s first volume ended an era…” “[It is] the single greatest contribution of science to in my lifetime [more than] the Brandeis Brief.” Sanger and Kinsey lawyer, See Sexual Behavior in American Society, p. 245. 1948 Morris Ernst (ACLU) “The Kinsey Report and the Law”

35 34 “[A] total clean-up of sex offenders... is in effect a proposal to put 95% of the male population in jail.” Ernst, M., & Loth, D., American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report, Graystone Press, New York, at 28, 132. Morris Ploscowe, “Sexual Patterns and the Law,” Sex Habits of American Men, 125-126.. 1948 Justice Morris Ploscowe

36 35 “[O]ur sex crime legislation is completely out of touch….and is… unenforceable … [T]he law attempts to forbid an activity which responds to a wide human need.” Morris Ploscowe, “Sexual Patterns and the Law”, in Deutch, A. (Ed.). Sex Habits of American Men, New York: Prentice Hall, 1948, at 126. 1948: Sex Patterns and the Law

37 36 Louis Schwartz: “Sexual penal reforms can... Eventually...[be] eased into the written law... presenting the changes...[as] merely technical improvements. ” Schwartz, L. B. 1948, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (book review), University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 96, 1947-48. See also, Morals Offenses and the Model Penal Code in Wasserstrom, R. A. (Ed.), Morality and the Law. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing, 1971, at 90, 91. 1948 U of Penn Law Review on Kinsey’s Male Volume

38 37 “People resist “when smaller numbers of articulate opinion-makers launch an open attack on the old…. traditional faith.” “ [I am] in favor of the individual visionaries … willing to pay the personal cost to challenge the old moral order.” 1948: Schwartz explains….

39 38 Kinsey: Our study “represent[ed] …the total population.…95 percent of nearly 9,000 males…” He says his data prove children are erotic, unharmed by sex with adults, harmed by sexual repression. Parole everyone…they did/do. 1949 Perjury at the California Committee on Sex Crimes

40 39 “ Full responsibility for sexuality” should begin at the “age of 7.” “Kinsey’s data were the points by which we steered.” 1950: The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Psychiatrically Deviated Sex Offenders, Report No. 9, Committee on Forensic Psychiatry of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, February, 1950. Manfried Guttmacher… David Allyn. “Private Acts/Public Policy: Alfred Kinsey, the American Law Institute and the Privatization of American Sexual Morality.” Journal of American Studies 30, 1996, at 3, 405-428.

41 40 1950: The New Jersey Commission on the Habitual Sex Offender “As revealed in [Kinsey’s] data and in his conferences with the Commission, behavior in conflict with our legal and moral codes is exceedingly common.” Report and Recommendations of the Commission on the Habitual Sex Offender as Formulated by Paul W. Tappan, Technical Consultant, February 1, 1950, at 18.

42 41 [Dean] Frank Horack, Jr., Illinois Law Review, Vol. 44, 1950, p.156, 158. “The principal impact of the Kinsey Report will be on...the law.” It will “aid police officers, prosecutors, judges, probation officers and superintendents of penal institutions [in] judging individual cases.” 1950 The Illinois Law Review

43 42 “Officials will read it. Defense counsel will cite it.” “Even when not offered into evidence, it will condition official action.” “Psychiatrists, psychologists, penologists, juvenile and probation officers...” [Dean] Frank Horack, Jr., Illinois Law Review, Vol. 44, 1950, p.156, 158. 1950: Illinois cont…

44 43 “...they will use the data and their professional advice will be heeded by the judge.” “Here the Report will control many decisions and dictate the disposition and treatment of many offenders.” 1950: cont….

45 44 “[T]he Kinsey findings… permeate all present thinking on this subject.” “The cultural tendency to overprotect women and children [is often]... more detrimental to the… victim than the offense itself.” Report of the Illinois Commission on Sex Offenders to the 68 th General Assembly of the State of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois, March 15, 1953, p. 8, 9, 36, 11. 1953: The Illinois Commission on Sex Offenders warns:

46 45 Kinsey’s pseudo science shapes academe. Hefner takes Kinsey to Joe College. Leaders are retrained to reject marital love, protection of wife and children for recreational sex. 1953

47 46 “The affair is therefore not always the result of the adult’s aggression; often the young female is the initiator and seducer.” “Even at the age of four or five, [her] seductiveness may be so powerful as to overwhelm the adult into committing the offense.” 1962 The Vanderbilt Law Review (Emphasis added) Ralph Slovenko, & C. Phillips, Psychosexuality and the Criminal Law. Vanderbilt Law Review, Vol. 15, 1962. at 809.

48 47 1965 Illinois Commission on Sex Offenders “Sex education is” the best “step in crime prevention which Illinois can make.” “Illinois Commission on Sex Offenders,” April, 1965, at 2.

49 48 “[A] girl at puberty fully understands... sexual intercourse and the [legal] fiction of non- consent… does not correspond to the facts. “ Morris Ploscowe, Brooklyn Law Review, Vol. 32, 1966, at 274. 1966 The Brooklyn Law Review

50 49 A few still clung to “traditional” mores. In “statutory rape…. she is regarded as resisting no matter what her state of mind, for the law is said to resist for her.” E.G. Prevost, Statutory Rape: A Growing Liberalization. South Carolina Law Review. Vol. 18, 1966, p. 255-56. (emphasis added) 1966: South Carolina Law Review

51 50 Child molestation is a “relatively minor crime.” The “absurdity of enforcing most of our sex laws…should be obvious, even to the most prudish Neo- Puritans.” Legal Problems in the Deviant Society. Georgia Law Review, Vol. 4, 1969, at 150, Citing Kinsey on page 1. Pedophiles largest number of offenders but low recidivism. 1969 the Georgia Law Review

52 51 “Pedophiles comprise the largest class of sex offenders.” Child molesters “should be released on probation” or after paying “a small fine” if they didn’t use “physical force.” Georgia Law Review, University of Georgia Law School, E.C.R. Jr., “Pedophilia…,” Fall 1969, Vol. 4:149 at 151,158. 1969:Georgia Law Review

53 52 1971: Kinseyan State Legislation Shifts Laws Against Child & Woman 1971 MO. “ A “minor” is anyone under the age of 21 years [forbidding] rape, sodomy, touching, indecent exposure, and even mere mention of sexual intercourse.” Rapists of women over 16 years may “suffer death” or prison. Children are sexual at birth- -cite Kinsey. Implies child wants sex (consent at 14). Similar age rape as peer sex play. Burden of proof on victim, blood, battery, “rough sex” defense, broken bones, etc. 563.160. RS. Mo. 1969 Richardson, O. 1973. Sexual offenses under the proposed Missouri Criminal Code. Missouri Law Review, 38(3) Columbia: University of Missouri Law School, p. 397. 1976 MO.

54 53 1973 Roe v Wade, the Majority Cites the MPC : The “trend toward liberalization of abortion statutes [finds]…most… patterned after the ALI Model Penal Code” which cites to Mary Calderone’s claim that, based on Kinsey that : “90 to 95% of pre-marital pregnancies are aborted.” The Kinsey team falsely stated “that 90% of all illegal abortions are done by physicians” implying that family doctors commonly, safely and harmlessly aborted the unwanted babies of massive numbers of single women and respectable wives. KCC, 246-252.

55 54 Rape and child abuse “carry extremely severe punishment. Those few who are punished are dealt with cruelly, to the satisfaction of no one except a shrinking frenetic fringe of maniacal moralists.” Missouri Law Review, Vol. 38, 1973, at 372, 372. 1973 Missouri Law Review

56 55 “The label ‘rapist’... should not ordinarily be used in the statutory non- consent cases.” “The Code reserves that term for the most heinous sexual offender… For, one may have sex with a “fully consenting…social companion...of 12 years of age.” 1973 the Missouri Law Review Vernon's Annotated Missouri Statutes, 2000, 544.040, Comment to 1973 Proposed Code. Missouri Law Review, Vol. 38, 1973, at 372, 372.

57 56 “Only threats of serious bodily injury, kidnapping, or death will suffice to make out the crime of rape (i.e.: “substantial risk of death… permanent disfigurement or extended impairment of any part of the body.”, 1976 Maine Law Review “Sex Offenses,” Maine Law Review, Vol. 28, 1976, at 69 and Maine, Revised Statutes, 17-A, section 2(23), 1975.

58 57 1990: The ABA 80% of convicted child molesters are paroled and serve no prison time. The predator likely enjoys tax paid “treatment for his sexual orientation to children.” American Bar Association. The Probation Response to Child Sexual Abuse Offenders: How Is It Working? Executive Summary. State Justice Institute, Grant, SJI-88-11J-E-015, 1990, at 7.

59 58 1981 President Ronald Reagan 1951 Began a “Tragic Era” For Justice “ For the past thirty years justice has been unreasonably tilted in favor of criminals and against “their innocent victims.” “This tragic era can fairly be described as a period when victims were forgotten and crimes were ignored.” (Emphasis added)(1981, Preface to the Crime Victims’ Handbook, U.S. DoJ)

60 59 “[T]he older term “rape” was fraught with negative emotion and is unrealistic for this era…” “The…female is [not] a unique creature, harmed in some unique way by untoward sexual behavior.” C. “Nemeth, How New Jersey Prosecutors View the New Sexual Offense Statutes” New Jersey Law Journal, May 5, 1983, at 6. 1983: New Jersey Law Journal

61 60 2003 Lawrence v. Texas (Sodomy) MPC/Kinsey 100% a Kinsey-as-authority decision Citations to the 1955 MPC by Kennedy Citations to “gay” history citing Kinsey Justice Scalia warned this would mean attacks on marriage (polygamy, bestiality, sadism, etc. soon)

62 61 Who are they and what is their “Training”? “Sexpert” Training

63 62 No “Dr. Ruth” without Kinsey “I don’t care much about what is correct and what is not correct” says Ruth Westheimer… “Without him I wouldn’t be Dr. Ruth!” “Sex, Lies and the Kinsey Reports,” by Rachel Wildavsky, Reader’ Digest, April 1997.

64 63 Sex Research Studies from the Kinsey Institute, ed. Martin S. Weinberg, Oxford University Press, New York, 1976, p. 245.

65 64 It begins in 1948 at Indiana U. Kinsey’s “Grand Scheme” flows downward to the IASHS, NYU and U of Penn (“health”) to major universities via graduate level degrees with sex “health” as a subset. These graduates create societies and commissions that train teachers to teach the teachers, judges, children, legislators, parents, priests, etc. what is “normal” sexuality--based on the Kinsey Model. No other sexuality canon is taught.

66 65 Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality (IASHS) The Kinsey Inst. as elite research and resource ‘cult central.’ The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) is the “Harvard” of nationwide Sex Training and Sex Education Curricula. In 1977, IASHS Students, Faculty, Staff pose for a sex orgy book from which child pornography is sold to Hustler by IASHS expert, Dr. Erwin Haeberle. Haeberle tells Hustler users age of consent and incest laws should be abolished.

67 66

68 67 Sex Research Studies from the Kinsey Institute, ed. Martin S. Weinberg, Oxford University Press, New York, 1976, p. 245.

69 68 Warning!!! 4 explicit slide photos: IASHS sexpert’s nude orgy follow The teachers, researchers, court and legislative expert witnesses trained at The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality With my apologies….1977

70 69 IASHS Director & Dean The Dean (w/…) The Director (w/friend)

71 70 Their students, faculty, staff & friends: sex educators all

72 71 The pagan sex cult writes our school “sex education curricula”

73 72 IASHS child cult pornography sold to Hustler for pro incest article

74 73 End : 7 of 22 explicit images

75 74 2004: “Sexological Bodywork Certificate” A 150-hour $2,475.00 course Learn “ecstatic and erotic states…The erotic education is communal. Each person touches and coaches every other person …diversity in sexual preference and gender,” masturbation skills.” “This course of study would not have been possible even a decade ago. Views of what is appropriate in erotic education have shifted.” “Home Study (50 hrs) includes “baby massage instruction….in the areas of erotic massage, sex coaching, anal pleasure and health, Tantric/Taoist sexuality and more.”

76 75 Examples of Course Work: Erotic massage; Self massage; Sex Surrogate Use in Therapy; Fantasy; Masturbation; Sex Education Course Design & Implementation, etc.

77 76 Pornography is the “sex education” canon for professional sex cultists Wardell Pomeroy, IASHS Academic Dean, Kinsey sex partner & co-author, solicits funds from the “Adult Film Association” to film IASHS child pornography. The “SAR,” begun in Kinsey’s attic with faculty and staff, continues in Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality (1977). Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Happy Day, Inc., et al., Campbell District Court, i1980, pp. 303-304, 783. (February of 1979)

78 77 Sexual Attitude Restructuring, SAR, shapes sex cult views, teaching and conduct. 60,000 people—educators, clergy, social workers, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc., were trained by the SAR by the early 1980s. The SAR is described in Esquire Magazine by liberal writer George Leonard who attended the training.

79 78 Love wasn’t mentioned once. SAR propaganda stimulates visceral cult arousal, reshaping brain, mind, memory, conduct. Simultaneously on 17 screens, “The sensory overload culminated…in a multi-media event called the Fu—korama, images of human beings - and sometimes even animals – in every conceivable sexual act, accompanied by wails, squeals, moans, shouts, and the first movement of the Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto eorge Leonard, Esquire, er 1982

80 79 The following diagram illustrates the canon of the sexology cultists. The sexology field and sex education today is based solely on Kinsey’s fraudulent and criminal pedophile canon and data.

81 80 At IU, in America’s heartland, Kinsey and his disciples introduced their own sexual standards and rejected sexual absolutes. “Peeping” and exhibiting intimate sexual contact becomes an credentialed, federally funded study field via the Kinsey Reports. The Funding Agencies, Academic Institutions & Researchers

82 81 Organizations are founded and funded to establish the Kinsey model at all levels of Education. Research, accrediting educators, and developing human sexuality curricula emerge.

83 82 1964 SIECUS is born via IU’s Kinsey Institute and Playboy Mary Calderone, Planned Parenthood medical director, becomes founder and Director of SIECUS, the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S. She brings Kinsey’s pansexuality cult—child sexual activity--into U.S. classrooms, college to kindergarten.

84 83 The Kinsey Institute Left “Sex Education” for SIECUS to fill... “ Few people realize that the great library collection of...the Kinsey Institute...was formed very specifically with one major field omitted: sex education to fill.” “Thus we applied and were approved for a highly important grant from the National Institute for Mental Health that was designed to implement a planned role for SIECUS to become the primary data base for the area of education for sexuality.” Mary Calderone, writing of the role of SIECUS as a Kinseyan distributor. the SIECUS Report, May-July 1982, p. 6.

85 84 The SIECUS’ Kinsey/Playboy Pansexual School Model Calderone links Kinsey’s university sex research to Planned Parenthood’s outreach and her Playboy funder to train up a pansexual child cult. HHS and the Kinsey Institute left room for SIECUS to be: “a resource center [operating] specialized programs to distribute information about Human sexuality. through] learned journals, research studies, training materials for health professionals and sample classroom curricula.” SIECUS brochure, “Are you going to stand by: will you? Undated Circa late 1980s.

86 85 A good business decision. Christie Hefner says: “Through the Playboy Foundation, Hefner put his money where his mouth was. It made the initial grant to establish an Office of Research Services of the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) in the late 60s.” Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, p. 177. 1960s Playboy funds SIECUS as its outreach via “sex ed.”

87 86 1971 Funded by Playboy, SIECUS Has a “Conflict of Interest” Mary Calderone, often interviewed in Playboy, supports its “healthy” sexual mores. At Playboy’ s 1971 Writers convocation, Calderone is pictured as #21, the only woman so honored.

88 87 1974: “[W]ant a virgin to marry? Buy one…. there are girls in that business too.” “ Marriage is the price you’ll pay, and you’ll get the virgin. Very temporarily.” “Sex is best between friends... [H]ave sexual relationships only with friends…If she’s young, always ask.” “By the time most girls are through high school, their abilities and minds are permanently warped.” “ You’ve Changed the Combination,” Rocky Mt. PP, Distributed by Family Health Association, Cleveland Ohio. The Juvenile Sexual Entitlement Model

89 88 SIECUS promised “accurate information about human sexuality.” However, as SIECUS was a Playboy and Kinsey Institute creation in the 60s With its “accurate information” based on Playboy/Kinsey, SIECUS cannot give “accurate information about human sexuality.”

90 89 1979: In “The Last Taboo” the SIECUS Report charged: The Kinsey Institute data find incest can be beneficial. We thought “incest as the last social taboo would” be ended by now. (5/79) “ We are in roughly the same position today regarding incest as we were a hundred years ago with respect to our fear of masturbation.” James W. Ramey, EdD., SIECUS Board member

91 90 1979 SIECUS Promotes Incest In 1991, SIECUS launched its “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality… to influence legislation dealing with sexuality issues.”

92 91 “Sexuality education should only be taught by specially trained teachers.... in human sexuality, including the philosophy and methodology of sexuality education.” “Ideally, teachers should graduate from...schools of higher education [with] the most time-intensive... training. At a minimum, teachers should participate in extensive in- service courses continuing education classes, or intensive [Sexual Attitude Restructuring] seminars.” SIECUS “NATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR OMPREHENSIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION” 1991

93 92 SIECUS urges its sponsor’s pornography upon the captive school children; “When sensitively used...sexually explicit visual, printed, or on-line materials can be valuable educational or personal aids... reduc[ing] ignorance and confusion and contributing to a wholesome concept of sexuality.”

94 93 Mainstreaming The Eroticized Schoolroom

95 94 “Propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence; and it must concentrate on a few simple themes, presented in black and white... with lurid photographs of the... sexual and physical.” Adolph Hitler

96 95 Kinsey had a great impact on law and two change agents in the 50s: Hugh Hefner, who fostered the sexual rights movement Harry Hay, the gay rights movement.

97 96 Like Hefner, Communist Harry Hay also read the 1948 Kinsey Report. He then left his wife and two children and started the Mattachine Society, the precursor to the modern gay rights movement.

98 97 Dr. John Money,NICHHD Grantee, in The Journal Of Pedophilia “[E]nd…the age of consent. (13) If “a couple...make a death pact...and one of them…dies… during a sex ceremony.... the consent.” (7-8) Money joins the Board of the “Bereaved Parents Association,” advises that they hide the recurrent role of pornography in their boys’ deaths. Spring 1991, Money is Professor Emeritus at JH, on the Kinsey Board, the Penthouse Board, over 400 peer approved scientific papers, etc. Pedophilia is “erotic… parental pair bonding.” (3). “I would never report a pedophile.” Via his Hopkins Sexual Disorders clinic: “I can do something in the way of treatment that gives some leeway to judges” to keep child molesters out of prison. (12)

99 98 A moderately-strict, supervising parent is the most effective preventive for teen age sexual activity. Ideology is the core of sex education. Sex education’s “mission is to defend and extend the freedoms of the sexual revolution and its architects are called forth… to advance its cause.” Barbara DaFoe Whitehead, The Atlantic Monthly, 12/9/96 “The Failure of Sex Education” Parents are the Answer

100 99 1978/81 “Christian” Sex Ed Teaches “Sexual Gradualism’’ By age 14 Level 5 : Bring children’s lovers home, “allot a room, privacy, access to a bathroom, a [TV], and snacks for their teenagers to practice gradualism…without fear of adult interference.” Level 4: Breast fondling, manipulating, sucking… Level 5 : Mutual hand exploration of genitals, mutual masturbation, fingering…rubbing. Level 6: Total nudity… Level 7: Oral sex... Level 8: Marriage (No) Paul Cameron, Sexual Gradualism, HumLife Pub. Sun Valley, at 32, 24, 7.

101 100 July 2001: HHS/NIH Admits Condoms Don’t Save Females A HHS/NIH/CDC study confirms the demographic data. Condom safety claims are flawed. Condoms do not save females from HPV or other STD infections. HPV kills more women annually than AIDS kills men. Condoms do not stop genital herpes. The “strongest” condom protection is for HIV and gonorrhea in men. “Strongest” is undefined. 1/5 Americans have at least one STD, Millions suffer, many die. Cite medline

102 101 Current Guidance to Parents from Pro-Family Groups “[D]o the unthinkable …Dad can take son to [a lingerie store] …to buy your wife a sexy outfit..[to learn] the pure thrill of [marital] sex.” Kurt & Olivia Bruner, The Family Compass, Heritage Builders,” “The Feminine Shopping Outing,” Chariot Victor Pub., FoF, 1999 at 160. Lenore Bauth, How to Talk Confidently to Your Child About Sex, Concordia, 1998, at 23. “[C]hildren are sexual …beings from birth… [R]esearchers tell us baby girls have vaginal lubrication regularly…. [and] may…make natural pelvic thrust[s]” if bounced on dad’s knee.

103 102 Contemporary Abstinence Publishers’ Desensitize “The Bod Squad” Children focus on the “ideal” body. “Let’s Get Physical” Oral Sex OK for you? Dial-Porn-OK for you? Ask “embarrassing questions in the third person.” Person & Campbell, Just Look at You!, Cook, Colorado Springs, 1994, at 29, & Custom Curriculum, Hormone Helper, Cook, 1994, at 58. “Youth Specialties” Have children “write what they think when viewing the word “sex.” Write about the words: Horny, Lust, The “F” word Sex Education has--has not -- been helpful for me. Biblical quotes on sexual attitude and behavior David Lynn, More High School Talksheets; Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, 1992, at 18, 71.

104 103 Integrated Sexual Health: Medical Institute’s School Curriculum Prostitutes (youths and adults?) “sex workers.” Hep. B vaccine is urged for all children. Pornography ignored. Homosexual sodomy is “MSM.” Sodomy is now insertive or receptive anal intercourse as “Alternative Sexual Practices” Graphic pictures of oral/anal/vaginal STDs. SIECUS language now Abstinence Ed. language 500 pages. Near the end is the “Abstinence” unit; 16 pages each adult and youth. MISH began in 1992 by Joe McIlhaney, M.D.

105 104 MISH Directs Children on “How To” Use Condoms Pre-Kinsey it was criminal to display any sexually explicit images to minors--even of VD infected genitals. NO scientific data support sexual exposure via images or “evaluation” questions to schoolchildren whose backgrounds and emotional stability can never be wholly established. (Web download 2002)

106 105 Some Sex Crimes Today (Expanded in Part II)

107 106 Does Cult “Sex Education” Normalize School Sex Assault? “ Rape In and around school” of, by and to those over age 12. 44% of Current Rapists are Under Age 25 Sources: DoE, Department of Justice Statistics, National Center for Educational Statistics, “School Crime and Safety,” 1999-057; DoJ, NCJ 178906, 1999, at. 63. See Reisman FBI paper. Cite to 14,000 rapes from NYT, June 3, 2001

108 107 28% Same Sex Educator Sexual Misconduct? 4.5 million students (1/10)

109 108 Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth Regent University Law Review, May 2003 (Reisman) Gene Abel et al., Self-reported Sex Crimes of Nonincarcerated Paraphiliacs, 2 J. Interpersonal Violence 3, 5-25 (1987) Victims per Predator

110 109 The post Kinsey Era: thousands of boys are killed by AIDS carriers 1989: Our sexual knowledge, “can be divided somewhat crudely into the pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey eras.” Turner, Miller and Moses, Ed., Report on AIDS, Sexual Behavior and Intravenous Drug Use, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1989 at 79. And Judith A. Reisman & Charles B. Johnson, Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation: The Briefing Book 38 (1995), at A12. CDC 1991 9,220 <13, 2004

111 110 1999: Results of “Low Recidivism” Pedophile/Rape Myth For Children A Boston Herald Investigation finds convicted Massachusetts Child Predators “Walk” 100% who attempted child rape. 60% who criminally injured a child. 30% who committed indecent assault/battery. 20% who raped a child or children. Boston Herald Editorial, “Get Tough on Molesters,” January 15, 2001 “Walked” means no prison time served (3/5ths injury)

112 111 “Released rapists were 10.5 times more likely than non-rapists…. to be rearrested for rape.” Young offenders “tend to repeat the same sexual offense for which they were originally caught.” US DOJ/OJJDP, Violent Juvenile Offenders “Sexual exploitation of Children: A Problem of Unknown Magnitude,” Human Resources Division, April 20, 1982, at 12 US DOJ, “Recidivism of Prisoners 1983,” released April 1989, at 2

113 112 2003: “America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being” Claims less violence to children than in the 1970s. No child “rape” statutory rape data No children under 12 victim data No boy sodomy victim data No child runaway/prostitution/pornography data No child AIDS and epidemic STD data No child kidnapping data No child suicide data--except fire arm suicide No child sexual homicide data No child foster care, school sexual assault data. 4.5 report sexual misconduct “Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics” 20 Gov agencies

114 113 What Now?

115 114 “[T]he conduct of life is to [a] large extent determined by the existing legal institutions.” Our laws dictate “the conditions, and institutions by which you are surrounded.” Leonard Baker, 1986. Brandeis and Frankfurter: A Dual Biography. Washington Square, NY: New York University Press, at 29. Justice Louis D. Brandeis U.S. Supreme Court

116 115 From The ALI, Law Review Journals, Legislatures, etc., the phallic pedophile cadre gained power first in schoolrooms to prevent crime. Next to improve marriage. Then to just improve sex. Now to “prevent” AIDS and insure “diversity.” Kinsey’s Education Cult Canon

117 116 A cadre of criminal sexual psychopaths wrapped their ancient phallic sex cult in the gloss of sex education by dubbing it “science.” State and federal congressional investigations must finally reverse the national sex fraud and bring the guilty to justice.

118 117 Kinsey’s “Sex Field” as The “Weakest Link” 1) Lobby legislators to investigate illegal, fraudulent, Kinsey-based federal and state programs. 2) Train justice, education, clergy, military, medicine in junk sex science. 3) Consider offensive legal action. What else comes down when Kinsey’s sexology comes down?

119 118 VCR’s - Kinsey’s Paedophiles; The Kinsey Syndrome and others in French, Dutch, German, Russian… and YouTube See Judith’s several books on her website drjudithreisman. com

120 119 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND CONCERN Call for further information on the use of this information in courtrooms and classrooms Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. Liberty Center for Child Protection

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