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Unit III Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice Individual & The Law.

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1 Unit III Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice Individual & The Law

2 Chapters 7 & 8 Crime Incarceration Community Policing Drunk Driving Implied Consent Law Restitution State of Mind Motive Strict Liability Elements Principal Accomplice Accessory before the fact Accessory after the fact Crime of Omission Solicitation Attempt Conspiracy Overt Act

3 Chapters 9 & 10 Homicide Malice First-degree murder Felony murder Second-degree murder Voluntary manslaughter Involuntary manslaughter Negligent Homicide Negligence Suicide Assault Battery Stalking Rape Statutory Rape Acquaintance Rape Date Rape Arson Vandalism Larceny Shoplifting Concealment Embezzlement Robbery Extortion Burglary Forgery Uttering Receiving stolen property UUV Carjacking Hackers

4 Chapters 11 & 12 Infancy Intoxication Insanity Defense Entrapment Duress Necessity Arrest Arrest Warrant Probably Cause Drug Courier Profile Corroborate Stop and frisk Exclusionary Rule Search Warrant Affidavit Search incident to a lawful arrest Consent Plain View Hot Pursuit Contraband Interrogate Self-incrimination

5 Chapters 13 & 14 Booking Arraignment Bail Personal Recognizance Preliminary Hearing Grand Jury Indictment Information Nolo Contendere Pretrial Motion Motion to suppress evidence Plea bargain Waive Subpoena Contempt of court Immunity

6 Chapter 15 Suspended sentence Probation Home confinement Fine Restitution Work release Imprisonment Presentence report Retribution Deterrence Rehabilitation Incapacitation Parole Capital Punishment Aggravating circumstances Mitigating circumstances

7 Chapter 16 Corporal Punishment Parens Patriae Delinquent offenders Status offenders Neglected or abused children Parental responsibility laws Contributing to the delinquency of a minor Transfer/waiver hearing Age of majority Intake Initial hearing Preventive detention Adjudicatory hearing Disposition Aftercare

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