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A GAINST O NLINE D ATING Presenter : Mai Huynh Section : 005.

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1 A GAINST O NLINE D ATING Presenter : Mai Huynh Section : 005


3 H ISTORY 1986- Before the world wide web, there was a bulletin board system for the few who were active in the computer networking at the time 1955- First online dating service: -Originally on a telephone modem network with four dial-up lines 1996- 16 dating sites available 2002- Social networks such as MySpace and Friendster launched and online dating was a byproduct of that 2012 – 40 million users

4 W HY DO PEOPLE DATE ONLINE ? Enhance their personality/image Effortless Easier to handle rejection Sooth language barrier Comfort zone Free to express themselves No time to go out

5 C ONS OF O NLINE D ATING Fooled by inaccurate signals online Waste a lot of time chasing after what you don’t really want Unhelpful excess of choice Irrelevant information presented out of context Scammers

6 LIES 1. Job 2. Height 3. Weight 4. Physique 5. Money 6. More senior than they really are at work 7. Interesting profession 8. Knowing celebrities 9. Having a PA 10. Working in the film industry 1. Weight 2. Age 3. Physique 4. Height 5. Money 6. Bust 7. Glamorous profession 8. Knowing celebrities 9. Having a PA 10. Working in entertainment MenWomen

7 D ECEPTIVE AND D ANGEROUS Online predators looking to take advantage of naive people for companionship or sexadvantage Misleading information from those who are afraid to be themselves Each year internet predators commit more than 16,000 abductions, 100 murders and thousands of rapes

8 As of May 2012..

9 I NTERESTING FACTS Average length of courtship for marriages: -18.5 months online -42 months met offline 1/10 sex offenders use online dating to meet people 1/10 users are scammers 1/10 users leave within the first three months BE AWARE!

10 W HY OFFLINE DATE ? Seeing person up close Hearing them speak Watch their moves and read body language Smell them – constitute sexual chemistry Connection with a person of character

11 I F YOU MUST ONLINE DATE Listen to your gut feeling Never give out your personal information too soon Usually a person to take advantage of you is the one who communicates with you first Set up an anonymous email account When going on a 1 st date, make sure you meet in a public place Drive yourself to the date destination Be able to protect yourself – self defense Notify family and friends of whereabouts

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