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THE “INNOCENCE PROJECT” By: Shayne Cahalan & Katelyn Lewis & Kori Forrest.

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1 THE “INNOCENCE PROJECT” By: Shayne Cahalan & Katelyn Lewis & Kori Forrest

2 WHAT IS THE INNOCENCE PROJECT?  “Criminals” seeking freedom  Founded in 1992  Non-Profit Organizations  Founded at Benjamin N. Cardozo School Of Law at Yeshiva University  250 people have been released  17 of 250 were at one time sentenced to death

3 FACTS  2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the jail are innocent  Four of the first 250 DNA exonerates  Most DNA cases involve sex crimes or violent physical struggles  A fraction of criminal cases involve biological evidence that can be subjected to DNA testing

4 THOMAS HAYNESWORTH  Is in jail for 27 years  Accused of raping three people  DNA and other evidence now show that it was committed by “Black Ninja” rapist  Between January 3 and February 1, 1984 five white women were the victims of rape  Hansworth was identified by one of the victim's  latter the other 4 chose a picture out of a photo array

5  After Thomas was arrested rapes was still going on  Leon Davis, who was charged with about  Haynesworth was later convicted to 36 years


7 ISSUES & CONCERNS  The Primary concern is privacy.  “Collected samples are stored, and many state laws do not require the destruction of a DNA record or sample after a conviction has been overturned. So there is a chance that a person's entire genome may be available”

8 DO YOU THINK THAT ANYONE WHO IS ARRESTED SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE HIS OR HER DNA TEST? They already take your fingerprints, and they don’t even ask. Therefore, I believe if they have that right then they should be able to get their DNA with out permission.

9 SAFE GUARDS  They should put better security on all files to prevent them from getting stolen.

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