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John Wayne Gacy The Killer Clown

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1 John Wayne Gacy The Killer Clown
By: Me (Aidan Smith)

2 What is a serial killer A man/woman who tortures and kills multiple people with or without reason(my definition) is a person who murders usually three or more people[notes 1] with a "cooling off" period between each murder and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification (Wikipedia definition)

3 Childhood John was the second of three kids and he was the only son
He was raised in a small Chicago suburb Had a troubled relationship with his father John Gacy Sr. He would rather cook with his sisters and garden with his mother than play stickball and play sports with friends and fish with his dad He had a weak heart Dropped out of high school Ran away from home because he felt his father was too disappointed in him

4 Jobs and Hobbies Jobs Sold shoes at first
His wife’s parents owned a few KFCs and so he became the manager of one He was an entertainer under the name of “Pogo the Clown”, entertained little kids at parties Started his own contracting business named P.D.M. contractors Hobbies Very Involved in the Jaycee’s Politics

5 Physical Description

6 Things that led to Murders
All the rumors of Gacy being gay Opened up a bar in his basement luring young boys to come down and drink Arrest for sodomy Divorcing of all his wives His father dying of Cirrhosis of the liver on Christmas Morning (main thing) Lust for young boys His suppressing of his sexual feelings

7 Murders…to name a few January 2 1972 Tim McCoy
Gacy lured him into his car at a greyhound bus stop and drove back to his house Raped McCoy and when he finished he stabbed him in the chest and buried him in the crawl space under his house July 1975 John Butkovich (Found in three years later) -Kidnapped by Gacy -Raped and Suffocated -Buried under the house January 1977 John Szyc -Kidnapped -Raped - Cause of death: Unknown David Cram(alive) -Gacy got him drunk -started to try and rape -got out of handcuffs and escaped Jeffrey Rignall -Chloroformed -Dumped alive

8 Final Murder 15 year old Robert Piest December 1978
-Tricked to getting into Gacy’s car to talk about a better paying job Raped Buried under the house Piest told friend he was going over to contractor’s house Gacy was heard talking to the owner of the store about a remodeling job Des Plaines police checked his files and found his charges for sodomy and got a warrant and found all Gacy’s treasures(high school ring-Szyc, driver’s licenses of young men, clothing that was too small for Gacy, handcuffs, and a photo receipt from where Piest worked, Police noticed a horrific smell coming from under the house

9 Murder facts Raped and killed young boys who ran away from home and male prostitutes He killed because he enjoyed the feeling of being in control Killed a total of 33 young men and boys No particular consistency in his killings

10 Complete list of all the victims

11 Motives His abusive childhood and his horrible relationship with his father Power thirst and desire to be in control Sexual desires and needs Enjoyed using handcuffs

12 Trial and Execution On trial for the murders of 33 people
His defense team entered a plea of not guilty because of reason of insanity Psychiatrists couldn’t find any real place to put him and his way of living Claims the bodies were planted by people who worked for him March 13, 1980 found guilty and sentenced to death Sent to death row at the Manard Correctional Facility May 10, 1994 he died by lethal injection at Stateville Prison in Joliet 12:40 A.M.- dead after 18 minutes After death his brain was removed to see if he has any psychological problems

13 Evidence to Convict Gacy
In the crawl space under Gacy’s house remains of human bones of the bodies were found in a makeshift cemetary Treasures of all the people he killed such as the ring, clothes, etc. Sodomy People who escaped Gacy like David Cram and Jeffrey Rignall

14 Bibliography

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