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Do Now: Define rape and list as many different types of rape as you can think of.

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1 Do Now: Define rape and list as many different types of rape as you can think of.

2  Sexual intercourse against a person’s will – may involve force, threat of force, or deception.

3  Heterosexual  Homosexual  Matrimonial  Acquaintance (Date Rape)  Statutory (Parents, elders, relatives, etc…)

4  Act of violence – not passion  Any male or female  Usually acquaintance

5  Sexual intercourse against a person’s will by someone who is known to the victim.

6  Unwanted sexual behavior  It can take the form of sexual jokes, pictures, comments (verbal or written), name-calling, gossip, ogling, pinching, gesturing, touching, brushing up against, blocking movements, or threatening sexual assault.

7  A violent attack against a person’s sexuality – may include sexual activities.

8  Students  Teachers  Support staff  Administrators


10  Is a condition in which a rape survivor experiences emotional responses and physical symptoms over a period of time.  Emotional  Ashamed  Angry  Afraid  Guilty  Powerless  Physical  Nausea  Headaches  Sleeplessness  Rape survivors fear relation from the rapist.  They often change their living habits by changing their telephone numbers, moving, or moving in with others.  May experience problems when becoming intimate with a person of the opposite sex.

11  Knowledge is important but may not prevent it  Fight or Flight (Stand and face it, or try to avoid it)  Verbal assertiveness and aggression may turn off an attacker.  Self Defense tactics may overwhelm  If attacker has a weapon think clearly while talking and waiting  Use your intuition

12  Medical Exam- check areas, collect evidence, test for STD’S  Go immediately- clothing, no shower  Emergency Room  Tell Parents

13  Avoid unsafe places  Be cautious when you are out at night  Keep car doors locked. Also keep your home/dorm doors locked.  Avoid being alone and do not give information to strangers  When beginning to date someone, avoid being alone  Always refuse unwanted sexual advances and remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible  Do not spend time alone with anyone using drugs/alcohol  Communicate expectations assertively

14  Let the harasser know  Tell someone and keep telling  Don’t blame yourself  Keep a written record  Find a school official  Write a letter to the harasser documenting the charges  File a complaint with the US Dept. of Education Office of Civil Rights

15  If they don’t complain, then it’s not happening  Sexual harassment is invited by the behavior or clothes that the individual wears.  It is harmless to harass verbally or to pinch or touch people  A firm “NO” is enough to discourage unwanted attention  People who remain in situations where they are being harassed actually enjoy it  Only certain men harass women  There are adequate procedures that take care of sexual harassment at most schools and business

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