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3 3 HURT Causing bodily pain, disease or infirmity GRIEVOUS HURT Hurt endangering life or causing severe bodily pain for 20 days or more during which period, he is incapable of following his ordinary pursuits

4 4 WRONGFUL RESTRAINT Wrongfully preventing a person from proceeding in a direction in which he has a right to proceed WRONGFUL CONFINEMENT Wrongfully preventing a person from proceeding beyond certain prescribed limits

5 5 CRIMINAL FORCE Using force with an intent to commit an offence or to cause injury, fear or annoyance ASSAULT Threat to use criminal force

6 6 KIDNAPPING FROM INDIA Conveying a person beyond the limits of India Without his consent or guardian’s consent (in case of a minor or person of unsound mind)

7 7 KIDNAPPING FROM LAWFUL GUARDIANSHIP Taking or enticing away a minor –Girl – below 18 years age –Boy – below 16 years age or person of unsound mind out of the keeping of the guardian without his consent

8 8 ABDUCTION Compelling by force or inducing by deceitful means any person to go from any place

9 9 RAPE Man having sexual intercourse with a woman Without her consent or Against her will Aggravated forms –By police officer in police custody –By a public servant –By Superintendent of Jail –By Management or staff of hospital –Gang rape –Rape of pregnant woman –Rape of girl under 12 years


11 11 A finds a ring belonging to Z on a table in Z’s house. A dishonestly removes it and puts it in his pocket. A threatens that he will keep Z’s child in wrongful confinement unless Z gives him money. He thus induces Z to give him money. ANY OFFENCE COMMITTED? IF SO, NAME IT

12 A holds down Z and takes money and jewels from Z’s person without his consent. A meets Z on the highway, shows a pistol and demands Z’s purse. Z in consequence surrenders his purse. 12

13 13 THEFT Dishonestly taking moveable property out of possession of another without his consent. EXTORTION Intentionally putting a person under fear of injury to that person or any other person Dishonestly inducing the person so put under fear to deliver any property or valuable security

14 14 ROBBERY Theft or extortion Accompanied by use or threat to use Force or violence DACOITY Five or more persons Committing or attempting to commit robbery

15 ANY OFFENCE COMMITTED? IF SO, NAME IT 15 A finds a ring lying on the high road, not in possession of any person. He sells it and uses the proceeds for himself. A, a revenue officer, is entrusted with public money and is directed by law to pay into the treasury all the public money which he holds. A dishonestly uses the money for his sister’s marriage

16 16 CRIMINAL MISAPPROPRIATION Dishonestly misappropriating or converting moveable property to one’s use CRIMINAL BREACH OF TRUST Person entrusted with property dishonestly misappropriates or converts to his own use such property

17 17 A pledges articles which he knows are not diamonds as diamonds. He intentionally deceives Z and thereby induces him to lend money. A voluntarily throws into a river a ring belonging to Z with an intention of causing wrongful loss to Z. A enters Z’s house through the window to commit theft at 1 am. ANY OFFENCE COMMITTED? IF SO, NAME IT

18 18 CHEATING Deceiving a person and dishonestly or fraudulently inducing the person so deceived to deliver any property or retain any property or to do or omit doing anything which he would not have done but for deception and suffers injury

19 19 MISCHIEF Causing destruction of property With an intent to cause wrongful loss or damage To public or to any person

20 20 CRIMINAL TRESPASS Unlawfully entering or remaining on the property of another with an intent to commit an offence or with an intent to insult, intimidate or annoy the person in possession of property.

21 21 A, without B’s authority, writes a letter and signs it in B’s name certifying A’s character intending thereby to obtain employment under Z. ANY OFFENCE COMMITTED? IF SO, NAME IT

22 22 Z’s will contains these words –I direct that all my remaining property be equally divided between A, B and C A dishonestly scratches out B’s name intending that it may be believed that the whole property was left to himself and C. ANY OFFENCE COMMITTED? IF SO, NAME IT

23 23 FORGERY Making a false document With an intention to –Cause injury or damage to the public or to any person or –Commit fraud

24 24 MAKING FALSE DOCUMENT Dishonestly or fraudulently Making, signing, sealing or executing a document in the name of another person or Altering or canceling an executed document without authority or Causing a person of unsound mind or intoxicated person who does not understand the nature of the document to sign, seal, execute or alter a document

25 25 BIGAMY Marrying again during the lifetime of the spouse In any case in which such marriage is void because it takes place during the life of the spouse

26 26 ADULTERY Sexual intercourse with the wife of another man Without the consent of that man and It does not amount to rape

27 27 DEFAMATION By words spoken or written or By signs or visible representations Making or publishing any imputation concerning any person Intending to harm or knowing that such imputation will harm The reputation of such person

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