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Personal Safety: Protecting Yourself from Unintentional Injuries and Violence Chapter 23.

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1 Personal Safety: Protecting Yourself from Unintentional Injuries and Violence Chapter 23

2 2 Impact On the American Society 150,000 Americans die from injuries Intentional Injury Unintentional Injury Average Day 58 homicides 85 suicides 265 deaths from unintentional injuries 3200 suicide attempts 20,400 interpersonal assaults 100,000 unintentional injury-related emergency room visits

3 3 Unintentional Injuries What Causes an Injury? Motor Vehicle Injuries. Factors Contributing to Motor Vehicle Injuries Speeding Aggressive driving Fatigue and sleepiness Cell phones Alcohol and Other drugs Safety belts, air bags, and child safety seats Preventing Motor Vehicle Injuries Motorcycles and Mopeds Bicycles

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5 5 Preventing Motor Vehicle Injuries Obey the speed limit Always wear a safety belt Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs Keep your car in good working order Allow enough following distance Adjust to poor driving conditions Choose highways over rural roads Use signals for turning and changing lanes Stop completely at stop signs Be especially cautious at intersections Use caution when passing on two-lane roads Children should ride in the back seat

6 6 Home Injuries Pedestrians Falls Fires Smoke detectors Poisoning Suffocation and choking Heimlich maneuver Firearms

7 7 Leisure Injuries Swimming Not swimming alone Personal floatation device Check the surroundings Sports and Recreational activities Skateboards,mountain bikes or all-terrain vehicles.

8 8 Leisure Injuries In-Line skating injuries Scooter injuries

9 9 Work Injuries Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health act of 1970. Back injuries Proper mechanics Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) Carpal tunnel syndrome Tendonitis

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12 12 Violence and Intentional Injuries Violence More than 2 million Americans fall victim each year. Factors Contributing to Violence Social Factors Violence in the media Gender Interpersonal factors Alcohol and other drugs Firearms

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14 14 Violence and Intentional Injuries Assault Homicide Gang-Related violence Hate crimes School violence Workplace violence

15 15 Violence and Intentional Injuries Family and Intimate Violence Battering Stalking and Cyberstalking Violence against children Elder abuse

16 16 Violence and Intentional Injuries Sexual Violence Sexual Assault: Rape Statutory rape Date rape Factors Contributing to Date Rape. Date rape drugs Rohypnol,GHB, “Special K” Date-Induced rape prevention and punishment act of 1996. Dealing with a Sexual Assault (WOAR) recommendations The effects of rape

17 17 Recommendations on Choosing to Fight a Rapist Trust your gut feelings. Yell, and keep yelling. If an attacker grabs you from behind, use your elbow for striking his neck, sides, and stomach. Try kicking. Aim low to avoid losing your balance. His most vulnerable spot is his knee, not his crotch. Once you start fighting, keep it up. Remember, ordinary rules don’t apply. It’s OK to vomit, act “crazy” or claim to have an STD.

18 18 Violence and Intentional Injuries Child Sexual abuse Sexual act imposed on a minor. Incest Most sexually abused children are between 8 and 12 when the abuse first occurs. Sexual Harassment

19 19 Violence and Intentional Injuries What You Can Do About Violence Training for conflict resolution Identify and target-risk groups for intervention. Reducing gun-related injuries. Adoption of consumer safety standards for guns.

20 20 Violence and Intentional Injuries Providing emergency care First aid Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Emergency medical services (EMS) system. Check the situation Check the victim Call for help: Call 9-1-1 in most areas Care for the victim

21 21 Thank You

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