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لقد حذر الله تبارك وتعالى عباده من كل الوسائل التي تقرب إلى الفواحش

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1 لقد حذر الله تبارك وتعالى عباده من كل الوسائل التي تقرب إلى الفواحش
ولا تقربوا الزنى انه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا. أمرنا الله بغض البصر وحفظ الفروج للمؤمنين والمؤمنات (النور 30و31).

2 RAPE Sexual offences

3 Definition: Rape is unlawful sexual intercourse by a man with a woman,
by force and against her will.

4 Condition of consent: 1-She must not be mentally deficient.
2-She must not be under fear or threats. 3-She must not be under fraud, 4-She must not be under narcosis. 5-She must not be under anesthesia.


6 1-Examination of the victim
1- Consent: 2- Full story 3- age is estimated

7 Signs of resistance

8 1-Examination of the victim
6- Signs of narcosis 7- Signs of general violence.

9 1-Examination of the victim
4- Her mental condition is noticed. 5- Her physical development .

10 7- Signs of general violence
a- The victim’s clothes may show tears and loss buttons. b- The victim’s hair may show disarrangement. c- The victim’s body

11 Bite marks( Love )

12 Signs of general resistance and local violence vary according to the victim’s age, virginity & physical development.



15 8- Signs of local violence:
a- Abrasions or bruises of the vulva caused by the assailant’s fingers. b- Tears of the hymen (in virgin woman). c- Assailant’s loose hair

16 →local violence


18 Redness and bleeding

19 Signs of resistance i- Young female children ii- Adult virgins
iii- Married women

20 9- Seminal stains examination
Semen may be present on The victim’s clothing, Her pubic hair or Inside her vagina (swabs must be taken).

21 10- Time of ejaculation: Motility is maintained for 1-6 hours after ejaculation into the vagina Few motile sperms will be seen after 6 hours. Identifiable portions of spermatozoa can be seen for up to days or weeks In rape murder .

22 11- Examination for venereal diseases and tests for pregnancy
12-If allegation of sodomy, anal swabs Mouth swabs should be taken if allegations are made of forced oral sex. 13-Finger nail scrapings from her may be of value

23 II. Examination of the Accused
1- His consent for examination is essential. 2- Detailed history 3- His age is estimated to see if he is below 14 years 4- His mental condition is noticed for any deficiency. 5- His physical development is compared with that of the victim for the possibility of overpowering

24 II. Examination of the Accused
General examination his body is examined for signs of struggle Local examination, his genitalia are examined Bloodstains Examination of the assailant for Impotence DNA

25 Virginity Alleged rape. Alleged impotence of the husband.
Medico-legal conditions in which a female is examined for signs of virginity: Alleged rape. Alleged impotence of the husband. Alleged non-virginity of the wife.

26 Signs of virginity are:
Hymen is intact. Labia majora are firm and rounded, completely closing the vaginal orifice in the lithotomy position. Vagina is narrow.

27 Types of hymen Definition: The hymen is a thin membrane, which partially closes the vaginal orifice in the virgin. Semi lunar or crescent hymen: Annular hymen Dentate hymen: Fimbriated hymen

28 Types of hymen 5- Septate hymen: 6- Cribriform hymen:

29 Hymens of medico-legal importance:
Imperforate hymen: Fleshy dilatable hymen: Dentate and fimbriated hymen: This may simulate torn hymen.

30 Differences between torn and dentate hymen
Dentate or fimbriated hymen Torn hymen Never reach the vaginal wall. 1-Serration reaches vaginal wall Bilateral symmetrical indentation. 2- Asymmetrical indentation. no scar or fibrosis. 3-Transillumination shows opaque scar tissue following healing of the tear.

31 The differences between recent and old tears of the hymen
Recent tears of the hymen 1- Painful swollen edges 2-Hyperemic - bleed on touch. 3- May not reach the vaginal wall. 4- Translucent. Old tears of the hymen Painless edges. Do not bleed on touch Reach the vaginal wall. Opaque.

Bestiality Sadism: Masochism: Necrophilia: Incest: Female Homosexuality (lesbianism): Male Homosexuality (Sodomy):

33 Examination of sodomy I- Examination of victim 1- Consent 2- History
sites of injuries and behavioral characteristics of assailant. 3- The victim is examined in the knee elbow position with proper lighting

34 Signs in habitual sodomist:
Lies easily in the knee elbow position Prolapsed mucous mem. from anal canal Old healed scars Feminine gait and manner of speaking Loss of the usual mucosal folds Piles or fissures The anus dilated

35 ↓Repeated sodomy

36 Repeated sodomy (fissure)

37 Signs in unwilling partner:
anus is tender with bruising tearing of the lining within the rectum swabs for seminal fluid and lubricants. Foreign hair should be collected

38 II- Examination of assailant (Active sodomy)
for his age, mental condition, signs of resistance, bloodstains, and venereal disease

39 - هذب الإسلام المرأة وأكرمها بأن لا تخضع في القول وأن تقول قولا معروفا.
كل المسلم على المسلم حرام دمه و عرضه و ماله عدم التعلق بالشهوات المحرمة التي قد تبدأ بالنظر أو السماع المحرم وهى من خطوات الشيطان التي تهوي بالقلوب إلى الفواحش والمحرمات .

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