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Strategies & Tactics for Landing and Selling Trophy Listings Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services.

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1 Strategies & Tactics for Landing and Selling Trophy Listings Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services


3 A trophy property is… Typically defined as the top 10% of property by asking price (depending on local market) Properties listed above $1,000,000 UC Definition: Any ‘must win’ listing that will establish or validate your company’s expertise in selling high end properties

4 Why secure trophy listings? Income growth opportunity through –Sale of property –Establishing reputation in your area as a trophy property expert –Increasing brand awareness of your company United Country’s unique marketing approach offers sellers the best opportunity to sell trophy properties –Vertical marketing (SPG) –86 year heritage in selling trophy properties

5 How do you secure and sell trophy listings? Through a successful strategic marketing strategy supported by effective measurable tactics…..

6 Real estate marketing strategy vs. tactics Strategy is the overarching plan to out- think the top producing competitors in your marketplace or niche. Tactics are the specific methods you use to execute your strategy.


8 Purpose of marketing strategy Win top-of-mind status in a category of business or niche Average consumer can only retain three companies or service professionals in their minds in any given category

9 The fight for mind share and market share applies to those who desire to be one of top three contenders for consumer attention…. Purpose of marketing strategy the rest will fight over what is left over

10 Strategy development Develop a strategic plan for the market segment you want to own –Fall Strategic Planning Workshops –Course curriculum available on UC Intranet Have a plan to implement your strategic plan –Map out how you plan to execute and measure –Develop entry and exit strategy –Think of a few ways you may make slight adjustments to maximize effectiveness


12 If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it Try new things Don’t abandon parts that are already working Test different approaches for a small segment of your Sphere of Influence (SOI) Use a manageable percentage of your time & capital for experimentation Run a campaign and gauge results –If successful apply tactic to larger part of SOI

13 Measure results Determine what works best for you and your situation Imperative to accurately measure results

14 Marketing isn’t just about numbers Some successful campaigns may not work immediately Premature stops or changes can ruin something potentially positive If you don’t get more money from your campaign ask yourself if it is helping in another area


16 Step 1: Determine format for listing presentation In person (preferred) –Best option…real estate is a personal business Laptop Tablet (iPad or equivalent) Print/hard copy Sellers of high-end properties are typically technologically sophisticated. Use this to your advantage

17 Step 1: Determine format for listing presentation Virtually (not in person) –Webinar –E-mail –Phone with hardcopy delivery via e-mail or express courier

18 Step 2: Research Determine seller’s motivation and goals for selling Obtain thorough property history If unable to visit the property before hand, search online for images so you know what it looks like Analyze –Property –Market –Seller Don’t take a listing that is unsellable

19 Step 3:Target Buyer Identification Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes –Search the web from their perspective Consider what media they use Define potential buyer profiles Leverage the UCMS team for ideas

20 Step 4: Distribution Channel Review Evaluate media channel reach to buyers Innovative channels – think outside of the box Reach buyers where other companies are not reaching them: –Commercial or high-end property Business section of newspaper Online business journal websites / newsletters –Luxury Hollywood publications such as Variety

21 Step 4: Marketing Campaign Development Create sample UC marketing plan from intranet (SPG area)sample UC marketing plan Contact national advertising team for relevant 3 rd party media Identify SOI and past clients that fit your target Pull list of confidential buyers Consider targeted buyer list from UC Purchased Names program

22 Step 4: Marketing Campaign Development Bring in UCMS team for assistance (optional) –Determine if seller is open to contributing to the marketing campaign –Send UCMS team completed EMS Creative BriefEMS Creative Brief –At your direction UCMS will assist in proposal preparation and presentation

23 Step 4: Marketing Campaign Development Market internationally –Most high-end buyers will be from outside of the local market Listing Syndication Leverage vertical sites specializing in the property you have listed

24 Trophy properties often require special tactics: –Custom web sites –Custom brochures –Professional photography –TV –Radio Step 4: Marketing Campaign Development

25 Leverage strategic partners if applicable Step 4: Marketing Campaign Development


27 Sample Included Services Campaign

28 Optional Seller-Funded Campaign



31 Step 5: Develop and Present a Professional Listing Presentation Use Specialty Property Group (SPG) presentationsSpecialty Property Group (SPG) –Customize to your company Add your credentials or resumes Logo Any marketing you do outside of the UC program Drop in marketing campaign

32 Step 5: Develop and Present a Professional Listing Presentation Pull up SEO terms related to property and present a screen shot of the results Screen shots can easily be taken (Ctrl + Print Screen)



35 Execute against the marketing campaign If UCMS was engaged, we execute the campaign for you and the seller providing: –Dedicated project manager –Weekly updates –Timeline establishment / management –Media buying & placement –Creative direction –Copywriting and editing –Vendor management –Design –Interactive –PR –Quality control

36 Generate Demand Generate Demand Increase Sales Increase Profits Increase Sales Increase Profits Capture Customer Information Capture Customer Information Search Engines Social Networks Online Classified Ads Video Marketing Online Auctions Email Marketing Banner Ads Website listings Digital PR Blogs Ads Direct mail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Property Specific Site Company Web Site Company Web Site Call Contact Form Chat Call Contact Form Chat Convert Demand Convert Demand Sales Process

37 Track progress and report regularly Send website analytics (traffic reports) to client Document where incoming leads heard about the property for ROMI Make adjustments as needed

38 Post sale reporting


40 Affiliate was originally a consultant working on behalf of seller –$14.5M estate –Visited UC to inquire about marketing the property –Consultant visited with EMS team and was impressed with suite of services Consultant “sells” through UC and EMS to seller Results –Consultant purchased a UC franchise –Secured the $14.5 listing for herself –Property currently under contract for $12.5 million –Buyer found property through EMS designed website Case Study: Securing and Selling a Trophy Property

41 Las Vegas, NM office attends United Power and learns about EMS Incorporates EMS into listing presentation and pitches developer Results: –Secures listing agreement on 80 lots that hadn’t sold under the previous brokerage –EMS design custom brochures and website –Agent secures 5 resale listings –Most recently double sided a $460,000 property Case Study: Securing a Development

42 The Falls Athletic and Tennis Club and an adjacent steakhouse were once the centerpiece of a swindler’s development The businesses were unsuccessfully marketed traditionally in an effort to help repay losses suffered by victims of a Ponzi scheme Receiver retained United Country – Alliance Auction Realty to sell properties at auction UCMS developed, pitched and executed a fully integrated marketing campaign in 35 days Results: 27 registered bidders. 120 attendees. Sales price of $3.35 Million Case Study: Health Club & Restaurant Auctiion

43 How To Get Started

44 Final Thoughts To list more trophy properties you must differentiate yourself from the competition with your: –Marketing –Technology –Reputation –White glove service You have the best tools available to secure and sell trophy properties of all types Contact UCMS if you have an opportunity and we’ll get to work


46 Strategies & Tactics for Landing and Selling Trophy Listings Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services

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