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What is it? How to Prevent it What to do if it happens

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1 What is it? How to Prevent it What to do if it happens
Rape What is it? How to Prevent it What to do if it happens

2 Objectives ARR ARFL Identify physical/social/emotional problems related to and resulting from rape, date rape, incest, abuse, etc. Identify community resources and support groups available for assistance with sexual violations and abuse. Define rape and steps to follow if a rape occurs.

3 What are some of the things you have heard about Rape?
Myth Reality Someone who gets raped usually deserves it, especially if the person agrees to be alone in his/her date's house or parked car. If someone agrees to allow his/her date to pay for dinner, drinks, etc., then it means the date is owed sex. No one deserves to be raped. Being in your date's house or car does not mean that you've agreed to have sex. Sex is not an implied payback for dinner or other expense, no matter how much money has been spent

4 Myths and Realities of Rape
Reality Acquaintance rape is committed by men who are easy to identify as rapists. Victims who don't fight back haven't been raped. Rape is committed by "normal" acquaintances who seem to be "regular guys.“ Rape occurs when someone is forced to have sex against her/his will, whether he/she has decided to fight back or not.

5 Myths and Realities Myth Reality
Intimate kissing or certain kinds of touching mean that intercourse is inevitable. Once a man reaches a certain point of arousal, sex is inevitable, and he can't help forcing himself on a woman. Most people lie about acquaintance rape because they have regrets after consensual sex. Everyone's right to say "no" should be honored, regardless of the activity which preceded it. Men are capable of exercising restraint in acting upon sexual urges. Acquaintance rape really happens -- to people you know, by people you know.

6 Myths and Realities Myth Reality Women who say "no" really mean "yes.“
Certain behaviors such as drinking or dressing in a sexually appealing way make rape the victim's responsibility. This belief is based on rigid, outdated sexual stereotypes. Drinking or dressing in a sexually appealing way are not invitations for sex.

7 Rape Vocabulary SEXUAL PRESSURE: refers to the use of physical force or emotional persuasion. It happens whenever anyone feels pressured to do something sexual that they do not want to do. Pressure can be verbal or nonverbal. SEXUAL EXPLOITATION: involves a person taking advantage of another person for purely sexual reasons. SEXUAL ASSAULT: Refers to sexual contact without consent. It happens when anyone tricks or forces another person into sexual contact. Most frequently, it happens between eople who know one another. Sexual assault is Unwanted sexual acts, ranging from exhibitionism to penetration, that involve threats, physical force, intimidation, or deception. Refers to sexual contact without consent. Rape is a term generally used to indicate an act of forced or coerced oral, anal, or vaginal penetration but can be defined more broadly.  

8 Sexual Violence An umbrella term that refers to any unwanted actions or activities of a sexual nature that often are intended to humiliate or degrade another person. The term is also used to describe similar actions or activities when they are imposed on an individual who is unable to: understand the nature or condition of the act decline participation communicate unwillingness to engage in the sexual act due to: illness disability influence of drugs or alcohol intimidation or coercion

9 Rape Roles Perpetrator Someone who assaults others psychologically, physically or sexually. Sexual assault may be committed by a wide range of people known or unknown to the victim, including parents and grandparents, other relatives, family "friends," acquaintances, and strangers. Others in positions of authority, such as clergy, coaches, teachers, and other people found in institutional settings may perpetrate sexual assault. Survivor Someone who has experienced sexual violence. The term reflects the belief that an individual's strength has enabled him or her to survive the assault. It also implies that a victim can recover from the impact of sexual assault. Victim Someone who has experienced sexual violence. Some people believe this term has a negative connotation because it can imply that experiencing sexual assault permanently damages the individual and limits prospects for recovery from the assault. Victims can become survivors with time, intervention, and/or counseling. The term victim is also used to refer to someone who dies as a direct result of sexual assault.

10 Types of Rape Statutory rape is a term applied to sexual activities which occur between adults and adolescents, even if minors believe that the sexual relationship is consensual. Refer to your state’s laws to find out how "minor" is identified. Stranger rape refers to attempted or completed nonconsensual sexual acts committed by a person unknown to the victim. Acquaintance rape refers to attempted or completed nonconsensual sexual acts committed by someone known to the victim, such as a classmate or neighbor. Date rape, a form of acquaintance rape, refers to attempted or completed nonconsensual sexual acts that occur within a dating relationship. Gang rape refers to attempted or completed nonconsensual acts committed by two or more people.

11 Date Rape Drug Roofies Short for Rohypnol, now considered the "date rape drug of choice." Rohypnol is a very potent tranquilizer similar to valium, but much stronger. Because roofies are inexpensive and easy to import from other countries like Mexico, they are slipped into the drinks of unsuspecting victims in hopes of lowering inhibitions or causing blackouts, making "sexual conquest" easier. Besides facilitating rape, rohypnol can lead to even more deadly consequences such as respiratory depression, aspiration, and death when mixed with alcohol or other drugs.)

12 Rape Scenarios What could SHE have done differently?
What could HE have done differently? Maria Vanessa Kim Nick Larry Mitch

13 Prevention Behaviors Young Women Young Men
Know Your Sexual Limits. Don't wait until the "heat of the moment" to think through how far you do and do not want to go with your partner. Be Assertive. State your limits clearly. Use words like STOP!, NO! and repeat if necessary. Move physically away from the person if possible. If necessary, walk away or get out of the situation. Be Aware of Non-verbal Cues. Know that if you dress sexy and flirt, some men may think you want to have sex. This doesn't mean your dress or actions are wrong, but know that they may create misunderstanding. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings. Trust your intuition. If you feel something is wrong, it probably is. Get out of the situation as soon as you can. Avoid Excessive Use of Alcohol and Drugs. Alcohol and drugs cloud your judgment and make you unaware of what may be happening around you. Know Your Sexual Limits and Communicate Them. Be aware of sexual pressures to "score." It's okay to say no or to wait to have sex. Being Turned Down is Not a Personal Rejection. Being turned down for sex doesn't mean your partner doesn't like you. It's much more a statement about her not feeling ready for sex at this time. Accept a Woman's Decision. "No" means just that —No. Don't continue sexual pressure if a woman says no. Don't Assume a Woman Wants to Have Sex. Even if she is wearing sexy clothing or has been flirting with you a lot, it doesn't mean she wants to have sex with you. Avoid Excessive Use of Alcohol and Drugs. Alcohol and drugs cloud your judgment and are never an excuse for aggressive behavior.

14 Profile of a Rapist Most often sex offenders are in their late teens through the thirties. Most sex offenders come from families where they were beaten or sexually abused as children. Desire for sex is not the reason people rape. They desire power and dominance over others. Most have poor coping skills and difficulty dealing with stress. Rapists have a lack of self-esteem; putting down, controlling, or abusing others allows them temporarily to feel better about themselves. Rape is unwilling sex by force regardless of whom it happens to, when, or where it occurs.

15 Types of Rape There are many types of rape: stranger rape, acquaintance rape, marital rape and gang rape. 30% of all rapes United States are stranger rape. Many date or acquaintance rapes are never reported or even recognized because of the confusion between seduction and rape. Gang rape involves experiences of oral sex, rape with a foreign object, and anal intercourse, in addition to vaginal rape. Many spouses do not dare incriminate their partner with the charges of marital rape. New laws are being reviewed to help eliminate these problems. Although males are typically the aggressors, they may also become the victim of rape. Research has proven that men can experience an erection during terror or when under the threat of physical violence.

16 Drugs and Alcohol Drugs and alcohol have a marked effect on the incidence of rape: 39% of all rapists had been drinking before committing rape. 50% of the rapists they surveyed drank heavily prior to raping their victims. Police arrest reports indicate 63% of all rapists were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the rape.

17 Profile of a Victim The victim of rape may be male or female, infant, child, teenager, adult, elderly, or disabled persons. The victim may be of any race; however, in 93% of the cases the victim is of the same race as the perpetrator. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 1987 report, 75% are white, but compared to their proportion in the general population, black women are significantly more likely than white women to be victims of sexual assault. Two-thirds of all victims are under the age of 25. Acquaintance or date rape is a crime that happens most frequently to young people; the majority of these victims are between the ages of Eighty percent of teenage victims know their attacker. Victims, whether they be male or female, are non-consenting and experience violation, fear, pain, and humiliation.

18 Precautions In Your Home On the Street
See that your home or apartment door has a door viewer and deadbolt lock. Keep doors and windows locked and shades pulled down at night. Keep all entrances and garages well-lighted and shrubbery trimmed. If you are home alone and a stranger is at the door, don't open the door. Never hide a key over the door frame or in a flower pot. Keep lights burning in more than one room in the house. Single women should use only initial and last name in phone book and on mailboxes. Don't allow strangers to use your phone for emergencies. Offer to make the call yourself while they remain locked out of your home. Require identification from all service personnel. Don't accept rides with strangers. Keep away from darkened doorways, parking lots, alleys, parks and open fields, or deserted laundromats. Avoid deserted bus stops; they are dangerous. Try to catch the bus with other people. Go places with friends. It is safer than going by yourself. Don't give rides to strangers.

19 Precautions In Your Car On Dates
Always lock your car when you get in or out. Look in the back seat and on the floor before getting in to see if anyone is hiding there. If you have car trouble, raise the hood, lock yourself in, keep windows closed, and wait for the police. Have keys in your hand so you don't take a long time entering your car. Don't stop for gas or directions in an area that looks dangerous. If you think you are being followed, do not go home; instead, drive to the nearest police station. Know your date's name, address, and workplace. Meet new people in public places. Try to date a new person as part of a group. Trust your instincts about possible danger. Express yourself and expect your statements to be honored. No does not mean maybe! Only yes means yes. Be aware of your environment. Alcohol and drugs inhibit your decision-making ability. Use your instinct. If you feel uneasy in a situation, get out of the situation. Make arrangements with parents or friends to pick you up if you should ever need a ride.

20 If You are Victimized Go to the emergency room or Women's Crisis Center immediately. Take a friend with you for moral support and to help you remember things that the medical people will say. You will be offered a pill that will induce the sluffing off of the uterus. It is called a morning-after pill. You should decide if you will take this pill before a crisis arises. Call the police immediately. Don't shower or douche before talking with the officer. Save the clothing or bedding that was involved. Remember that if you don't report the incident, your attacker will be free to repeat what he did to you. Make a conscious effort to remember physical features of the attacker, description of his vehicle, license plates, etc. Follow up on the STD tests you will be given.

21 Helping Someone Who has been Raped

All people are responsible for controlling their sexual desires. NO ONE should ever have sexual intercourse if he or she is uncomfortable or pressured. Sexual pressure and exploitation involves both males and females.

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