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Paolo Pagano1 About myself A brief presentation of my professional profile.

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1 Paolo Pagano1 About myself A brief presentation of my professional profile

2 Paolo Pagano Outline Education Experience Activities Skills this presentation covers…

3 Paolo Pagano Education (the origin) 1996 : Moving to Trieste attending classes and doing exams in: Theoretical Physics Solid State Physics Nuclear Physics 1993 : Starting Diploma in Physics in Messina attending classes and doing exams in: Algebra Geometry Analysis Classical physics Chemistry

4 Paolo Pagano Education (@ CERN) 1998 : Technical studentship at CERN in Gas Detector Development group RD of Gas Electron Multiplier

5 Paolo Pagano Physics @ CERN To work on a new CERN experiment (last one before LHC hera): Stage of 1 year hosted by: COMPASS SPS LHC

6 Paolo Pagano High Energy Physics… … develops on a scale compatible with turtle life time … 1996 COMPASS is designed 1998 Start of set up 2000 DAQ is tested 2001 Detectors are commissioned 2002 Start of Physics DAQ 2005 First Physics results

7 Paolo Pagano photocathodestoring glove box to handlephotocathodes photocathodetransportationsystem CsI: hygroscopic, water degrades QE never never exposed to air (max 50 ppm O 2, routinely: 10 ppm) radiato r: C 4 F 10 5 m 6 m 3 m photondetectors: CsI MWPC mirrorwall vessel radiato r: C 4 F 10 detection of VUV photons (165-200 nm) …. so I had the time to build the photon detectors up … …. to write down my Diploma Thesis: … and to get my PhD (stage of 3 years hosted by INFN) …

8 Paolo Pagano Some motivations for being turtles … Data come from 300 tracking detectors (not considering calorimetry and RICH) built up using inhomogeneous technologies. 250k analog channels: – to be read at a rate up to ~ 100 kHz; –corresponding to a flux (to DAQ) of ~ 4 GB/s, an event being ~ 40 kB; –cumulated statistics: 250 TB/year.

9 Paolo Pagano Data go from detectors to DAQ… DAQ concept and layout …and are recorded on (many) tapes 250 TB In running time…

10 Paolo Pagano … to pass from low-level information to high-level-like Billions of events to be processed… Processed more than 40K jobs at CERN batch system (LSF) only for 2002 data. Set-up of Data Reconstruction software (C++); Description and details in:

11 Paolo Pagano … and DSTs are cloned and transferred to TRIESTE computing farm … … to extract Physics (task of my post- doctoral fellowships in Bonn and Trieste)

12 Paolo Pagano The outcome has been shown by me in: Saint Petersburg Madison Prague and more…

13 Paolo Pagano Publications

14 Paolo Pagano My skills (IT-oriented list) Operating Systems: –Linux (good knowledge); –Solaris - Unix for Sun (basic knowledge); –Windows 2000, XP (basic knowledge). Batch Systems: –LSF (standard CERN); –GE (standard INFN-TS). Programming languages: –C, C++ ( frequently used ), Java, Fortran; –Unix Scripting: Perl and Csh. Data Bases: –MySQL 4.1; –Objectivity/DB 6.1; –Oracle 9i. Generic Software: –MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); –Emacs, LaTeX; –Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator. Internet Software Technology: – HTML, Javascript; – Java networking applications; – Operating interfaces to access DBs.

15 Paolo Pagano

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