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Welcome! Click below to take the quiz Created by: Kaitlyn Wagoner.

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1 Welcome! Click below to take the quiz Created by: Kaitlyn Wagoner

2 Avoid the snowflakes while clicking Olaf! Click to Start!


4 Congratulations! You did it!  Now, help the reindeer get the carrot, by catching the carrot.

5 Catch the Carrot! Click here!

6 YAH! You got the carrot for Sven

7 Help Olaf find his arm!

8 Now, get to the ice castle but don’t fall off of the snow maze!

9 Start Finish

10 Sorry you fell off of the path! Try again!!!

11 If Kristoff has five snowflakes and Olaf took two snowflakes how many snowflakes does Kristoff have now? 3 Three

12 Sorry! That is wrong  Please try again!

13 Correct!

14 Click the snowflake with the following features… Black with green outline A 6-pointed star in the middle

15 Do you remember the description of the snowflake to choose?

16 Congratulations! You clicked the right snowflake

17 OH NO!!! Wrong snowflake! Try again.

18 Now! Where did Elsa put her glove at? Help Elsa find her glove!

19 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Find Elsa’s Gloves!

20 Congratulations! You found Elsa’s gloves!

21 Oh no  wrong picture. Choose again!

22 You made it half way thru the quiz! Congrats!!!

23 Which photo has a carrot? Picture APicture B

24 Correct!

25 Wrong! Try again!!!

26 How many snowflakes are black?

27 Click here for next slide! Remember the number of black snowflakes !

28 Do you remember how many snowflakes were black in the previous slide??? 15 21 16

29 Correct!

30 OOOPS!!! Wrong answer  Try again!!!!!!!!!!!

31 What is the difference between these two pictures? Picture 1Picture 2

32 YAH!!! You spotted the difference between the two pictures!

33 Now, are you ready for a trick question?

34 If you had 5 carrots and gave Sven 3 carrots, how many carrots would you have?

35 4 2 3

36 Correct!

37 Wrong answer  try again!

38 Hey! Guess what? You are almost done with the quiz!

39 Catch the moving snowflake!

40 Click here to start!

41 Congratulations! You did it!!! This is the end of the Quiz:)

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