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Neurobowl 2013 AAN San Diego. Cinematic Consultant – Joe Jankovic.

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1 Neurobowl 2013 AAN San Diego

2 Cinematic Consultant – Joe Jankovic

3 Complex Partial Seizure with secondary generalization in a Boston Terrier

4 Myasthenia Gravis

5 Fencing Response Hosseini AH, Lifshitz J. Brain Injury Forces of Moderate Magnitude Elicit the Fencing Response. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 2009;41(9):1687–97.

6 Voluntary Nystagmus

7 Answer Lincoln Migraine

8 NEED MUSIC ONLY NO PICTURE– This Land is your land by Woody Guthrie

9 Scores

10 Woody Guthrie Huntington Disease


12 Botticelli Babinski Sign

13 R. Aaron Robison et al, Surgery of the Mind, Mood, and Conscious State: An Idea in Evolution. World Neurosurgery Volume 77, Issues 5-6 2012 662 - 686 Christian Need Music LOBOTOMY

14 Ice Pick Lobotomy (Office Procedure)

15 Bruxism Artifact on EEG Hirsch and Crispin Neurology 1999;53:669-669

16 Proximal PCA Occlusion with Cerebellar outflow tremor due to posterior thalamic damage

17 Congenital insensitivity to pain Klein CJ et al. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2012.(Epub ahead of print) Infrequent SCN9A mutations in congenital insensitivity to pain and erythromelalgia

18 Blazing Saddles Horse Concussion

19 Hyocalcemic Tetany due to Hyperventilation

20 Causalgia

21 Bielschowsky Sign

22 Mirror Movements Klippel Feil Syndrome

23 Purple Glove Syndrome Purple Glove Syndrome: a dreadful complication of intravenous phenytoin administration BMJ Case Rep. 2012 Aug 24;2012.Lalla R, Malhotra HS, Garg RK, Sahu R.

24 Myotonic Dystrophy

25 What are Heterotopia, Lissencephaly, and Polymicrogyria

26 Palatal Tremor Progressive Ataxia Syndrome GFAP mutation


28 Neurological Condition?

29 Vascular Parkinsonism



32 William Richard Gowers

33 Median and Radial Nerve Injury at the Elbow due to Arterial Hematoma

34 My Left Foot Cerebral palsy

35 Catatonia


37 Chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontine perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids (CLIPPERS) Pittock SJ et al; Chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontine perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids (CLIPPERS). Brain. 2010 Sep;133(9):2626-34

38 ROUND 2

39 Paraplegia Olfactory Epithelium implant

40 Tourette syndrome Congenital Nystagmus

41 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

42 Insert MSA Stridor

43 Multiple System Atrophy


45 Human Rabies

46 .. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Dudley Moore


48 Mercury Intoxication Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)

49 Faciobrachial Dystonic Seizures Irani S et al, Faciobrachial Dystonic Seizures: Ann Neurol,2011;69(5):892-900 The majority have VGKC antibodies

50 Case History A 53-year-old man developed episodic visual disturbances manifesting as flashing vague shapes in the left hemi-field for a few months. MRI was performed.

51 SOLITARY FIBROUS TUMOR Ginat DT, Bokhari A, Bhatt S, Dogra V. Imaging features of solitary fibrous tumors. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2011 Mar;196(3):487-95.

52 Tardive Oculogyric Crises

53 The Sessions Poliomyelitis

54 Osmotic Demyelination

55 Myoclonus Dystonia Epsilon Sarcoglycan Mutation

56 Wernicke’s Aphasia

57 The Jerk Convergence Spasm

58 Midbrain Arteriovenous Malformation

59 Surfer’s Myelopathy Takakura T, Yokoyama O, Sakuma F, Itoh R, Romero RR. Complete Paraplegia Resulting from Surfer's Myelopathy. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2012 Jan 17.

60 Utilization Behavior Utilization behavior: clinical and theoretical approaches. Besnard J et al J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 2010 May;16(3):453- 62

61 Post-Infectious ocular flutter and head jerks

62 Diagnosis Dysguesia due to Zinc deficiency Heckmann SM et al Zinc gluconate in the treatment of dysgeusia--a randomized clinical trial. J Dent Res. 2005 Jan;84(1):35-8.

63 Answer Eclampsia

64 What is your name? Auguste. Last name? Auguste. What is your husband's name? Auguste, I think


66 Answer Auguste Deter who was the first patient reported by Alois Alzheimer She demonstrates perseveration Auguste D.: Alzheimer Alois. Über eine eigenartige Erkrankung der Hirnrinde [About a peculiar disease of the cerebral cortex]. Allgemeine Zeitschrift fur Psychiatrie und Psychisch-Gerichtlich Medizin. 1907;64(1–2):146–148


68 Insert Double Whammy

69 Valsalva Maneuver Orbicularis Oculi Contraction

70 Diagnosis Left Atrial Myxoma

71 A Patient with cerebral Hemorrhage

72 Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

73 Periodic Alternating Nystagmus

74 Andersen–Tawil syndrome Hypokelemic periodic paralysis and Long QT syndrome Type 1, (60%) mutation in the KCNJ2 geneKCNJ2gene Autosomal dominant Potassium channel defect expressed in skeletal and cardiac muscle Kamate M, Chetal V.Andersen Tawil syndrome - periodic paralysis with dysmorphism. Indian Pediatr. 2011 Jan;48(1):64-5

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