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Citrix Service Provider Program

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1 Citrix Service Provider Program
Partner On-Boarding and Program Fundamentals April, 2015

2 Need Help?
For any questions about the CSP program, simply

3 A recording of this presentation is available on Citrix TV http://www

4 Welcome to the Program! Welcome to the Citrix Service Provider Program, we’re very happy to have you on board and hope to work with you to build our business delivering services to your clients. The intent of this document is to introduce you to program and what to expect in setting up your business and your hosting environment. The Citrix Service Provider program is much more than just licensing; it’s a complete program for building your business. The Citrix Service Provider Accelerator Program guides new partners through the technical, business and marketing steps of becoming a highly successful CSP. The comprehensive reference architecture explains how to build multi- tenant solutions for delivering apps and desktops from the cloud with best practices and proven design considerations. CSPs also have exclusive access to technologies for automating and simplifying data center operations and delivering an amazing hosted experience. The ready-to-go marketing platform allows partners to easily customize marketing kits with their logo and message for turnkey demand generation campaigns and webinars. Citrix offers a complete set of sales and marketing tools including presentations and brochures at your disposal.

5 The Citrix Service Provider Program is Much More than Licenses
Licensing Tailored to hosting environments Tenant Isolation Tenant Security Cost effective multi- tenant scalability Reference Architecture XenApp/XenDesktop XenMobile CloudPortal Services Manager App Orchestration XenServer NetScaler/Access Gateway Next Gen Seamless Apps Hosted Server VDI Enabling Technology Expertise and Business Services Technology experts and architects Sales Resources Marketing Resources Consulting partners Channel Operations Subscription license - matches revenues to costs Always “current” on Subscription Advantage Includes support

6 Tremendous Growth Within the Citrix Service Provider Program
Over 2,600 CSP partners and growing Partners range from traditional MSPs to global Telcos Consistent 20+% monthly seat growth

7 Program Basics Center of Excellence Technology and Support
Business Resources Licensing & Your Distributor Monthly Usage Reporting Staying Engaged Now that you have a understanding of what other CSPs are doing, let’s get into the details. Today we will cover: CSP Accelerator Program Staying Engaged Your CSP Distributor Understanding Licensing Monthly Reporting Technical Support Learning and education

8 Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence

9 Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence
Resources to build the value of your desktop and app hosting business Accelerate time-to-market. Ensure successful implementations   Grow your business value The Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence is a guided path for new CSP to help them plan and build their CSP businesses. The program will give you timely information and call to actions along the way so you can focus on the right things at the right time during your first few months as a CSP. Throughout the program you will: Learn about the CSP program Understand the market opportunity Learn how to build a multi-tenant Citrix architecture Get best practices on developing a go-to-market and sales strategy See how to market your solution using the marketing tools and platforms available to CSPs

10 Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence
Bookmark it today!

11 Inside the Center of Excellence
Prescriptive tools and guides for the entire lifecycle of your business Located within Citrix Partner Central

12 Are You New? Did your company just become a Citrix Service Provider?
Did you recently join your companies hosting team? Do you simply need a refresher on the program basics? Start with Partner Onboarding in the Center of Excellence

13 Build and accelerate your hosted workspaces business
The Citrix Service Provider Business Acceleration Series is a multi-week series designed to assist partners in every stage of the business and technical development lifecycle, from onboarding and planning, through technical implementation and marketing, all the way to launching and growing.

14 A Recommended Timeline for Getting Started
1 Welcome Setup Citrix logins for your team Download the checklist Review the program guide 2 Onboarding Review this on-boarding presentation Join the partner community Attend an onboarding webinar Attend a Citrix Education course and pursue certification 2-4 Plan Read the Business Planning Guide Review the DaaS Market Research and Vertical Guides 3-6 Implement Read the Citrix Service Provider Product Overview Guide Design using the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture   Order your Citrix Licenses from your distributor Build or host your Citrix infrastructure 5-6 Market Read the Marketing and Demand Generation Guide Review the Citrix Marketing Concierge Getting Started Guide Visit Citrix MarketingIQ Develop your marketing plan and materials 7+ Sell Train your team with the DaaS Selling and Positioning guide Customize the Cloud Services for SMBs Customer Presentation Brand the DaaS customer video 8 Report Submit your first monthly usage report by day 60 Required even is usage is zero Review the licensing and reporting guides and tips in the onboarding guide (this presentation) Week

15 A checklist for success
Guides partners through the series with an easy to use checklist for tracking progress Helps with the onboarding process Ideal for new partners and new team members of existing partner organizations Hint! Download the checklist today and print a copy to keep at your workspace for quick reference Here is your roadmap to getting started with the Citrix Service Provider Program, designed to guide you through the steps to become a highly successful Citrix partner. Whether your organization recently became a Citrix Service Provider or you are new to your company’s service provider team, this checklist will help with your onboarding process.

16 Sampling of the Partner Onboarding Resources
If you’re a new Citrix Service Provider or you simply need a refresher, Partner Onboarding is where you learn about the program fundamentals, how to get the most out of the program and where to start. Frequently Asked Questions Program Guide Licensing Guide

17 Technology and Support

18 Technology The Technical Information and User Experience sections of the Center of Excellence includes information on: Citrix Service Provider Product Overview Multi-tenant validated reference architecture Scalability Guides Whitepapers CSPs have access to a variety of technical resources including multi- tenant reference architecture, design guides, whitepapers and best practices. The CSP Toolkit is where you will find everything. No CSP should be in the business without having reviewed these documents.

19 Implementation Advice
Follow Citrix Reference Architecture Find Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture on SalesIQ Speed application compatibility, virtualization with AppDNA NEW! Included in Premium - download before 7.5 migration. See blog: Citrix Service Providers Accelerate Hosted Desktop and App Deployments with XenDesktop 7.5 Check out no-charge application discovery tools available via Citrix Lakeside FastTrack included in

20 Technical Support Technical Support is included for all partners reporting over $ per month Includes unlimited 24x7 at no charge Measured quarterly and automatically applied or removed Visit to contact Citrix Technical Support All current CSP partners that are reporting over $ per month will be provided unlimited 24X7 support at no additional charge based on their revenue contribution. This will be measured on a quarterly basis with any new partners exceeding $ per month being added to the support contract and any partner dropping below $ per month will be removed. CSP partners are required to have Certified personnel as support contacts to open incidents and all incidents used must be in support of the partner’s CSP hosting environment. Citrix reserves the right to review support activity and revoke this benefit if partner is not following support guidelines as defined in CSP Program Guide.

21 New! Certifications have changed – learn the details
Required: 2 different individuals with CCA or higher Required: certified personnel to log a support ticket Recommend: Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP) Summit or Synergy ticket includes 1 certification exam CSP is not required to have personnel trained to apply and be approved for the program. CSP has a grace period of 60 days after applying to meet the following training requirements: Two different individuals must hold an associate level technical certification (CCA) or higher from any of the certifications listed here Additional information on Citrix certifications may be found at The best way to prepare for the exam is by taking CXD-203: Managing App & Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenDesktop 7.5. CSP is required to maintain certified personnel at all times in each geography where the participating CSP is hosting services. Should at any time the minimum number of certified personnel not be met, CSP has 90 days to make up the missing training requirements.


23 Business Resources

24 Direct White Label Resell Channel and Sales Strategies WPC 2012
4/14/2017 Channel and Sales Strategies Direct White Label Resell Your Company’s Infrastructure Your Company’s Sales Effort Your Company’s Platform Your Company’s Offer/Apps Your Company’s Sales Effort 3rd Party Offer/Apps 3rd Party Infrastructure 3rd Party Platform Resellers Company’s Sales Effort Your Party Infrastructure Your Company’s Platform Your Company’s Offer/Apps Build: highest margins and infrastructure control Rent: infrastructure control and faster time to market and scalability Resell: fastest time to market and least control and scalability © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

25 Have You Considered White Labeling?
Sell through an existing CSP partner Proven solutions = high customer satisfaction No infrastructure investments Turn-key, faster route to market Focus on winning new business Learn about White Label partners here Many CSPs go the route of white labeling their solutions through an established whitelabel partner. White labeling means that you own the customer and front level support, but the hosted services are actually delivered from another CSPs infrastructure. White labeling let’s you quickly get into the market without the large time and capital investment it may take to build a solution. Since you are delivering a proven solution, you can be guaranteed to give your customers a excellent experience from day one. Moreover, you can focus on sales and marketing as opposed to building the infrastructure.

26 Validation Programs Standard Diamond
Use latest Citrix technology releases Implement with the Citrix Service Provider Reference architecture 2 Citrix Certified Administrators Review business (sales, marketing, reseller training, tech support process, back office operations) Complete a live audit with Citrix business and technology professionals Standard requirements PLUS 1 Citrix certified architect on staff Use Citrix Premium Use Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager for provisioning & self-provisioning Use Citrix NetScaler

27 Business Planning and Market Research
The Business Planning and Market Research section of the Center of Excellence includes information on: Planning guides and best practices Go-to-market plans and launch templates DaaS market research Vertical trends And more…

28 Sample Go-to-Market Planning Tools
MyCloud Hosted Desktop Messaging Source Document Date: May 1, 2014 Revision :1.0 Division/Group: Hosted Services Document Owner: VP Marketing MyCloud Go-to-Market and Launch Planning Guide MyCloud Hosted Desktop Launch Overview Name: MyCloud Hosted Desktop Key Dates: Internal launch – June 1, 2014 White-glove launch – June 15, 2014 Marketing launch – July, 15, 2014 Positioning: Cloud Desktop providers a convenient hosted desktop solution that includes all of your apps, data and IT services from a Windows desktop that can be accessed from any device and anywhere Packaging: Standard ($), Advanced ($$) and Premium Desktop ($$$) Sales strategy: MyCloud inside sales and WHOA channel sales team Sales and channel training in June Partnerships: Citrix Announcement: MyCloud hosted launch event Co-supported by Citrix Press release, Analyst and Press briefings, rolling thunder Social Media MyCloud Messaging Guide Planning and Defining Your Hosted Services Guide

29 Branding Your Company as a Citrix Service Provider Partner
Within thirty days of joining the program, partners are required to designate their Citrix Service Provider partner status on their website and adhere to Citrix brand guidelines for any Citrix or Citrix product references. Helpful hints and resources Download the Citrix Service Provider partner badge (logo) to display on your website and marketing materials Review the Citrix trademark and copyright guidelines and full Citrix trademark list for proper use of the Citrix brand and product references Citrix Service Provider Program Guide | Program Requirements | Marketing Within thirty (30) days of signing the Agreement, the participating CSP shall ensure that a reasonable presence of Citrix and its products on the participating CSP’s website is developed and maintained adhering to Citrix Brand Protection Guideline for Third Parties posted on Citrix content will be provided by your Citrix Authorized CSP Distributor Sales Representative.

30 Marketing Your Hosted Services
The Marketing section of the Center of Excellence enables you to leverage proven best practices and tools for launching a hosted Citrix solution including: Marketing and demand generation guides Customer presentations Customer brochure Customer videos Citrix MarketingIQ Trusted marketing business associates

31 Sample Turn-Key Marketing Tools
Customizable Customer Presentation Hosted Desktops and Workspaces brochure Messaging Guides

32 End-User Facing DaaS Video for Partners
Brand it – add your own logo and call to action Translate it – transcript available for localized voiceovers Download it – Click here Watch it now – Click here

33 Citrix MarketingIQ No-Cost Demand Generation
Customizable customer marketing and demand-generation campaigns HTML and web templates Presentations Whitepapers Videos Customize with your companies brand and message Login to MarketingIQ Learn how to use MarketingIQ: Guide and FAQ Another benefit is Citrix Marketing Concierge, the one-stop shop for collateral templates that lets you quickly and easily build customized demand-generation campaigns. Marketing Concierge is your resource center for creating customized, co- branded templates, webinar and seminar invitations, newsletters, advertisements and more. Visit Citrix Marketing Concierge to learn more.

34 Sales Enablement Tools
DaaS Sales Reference Card DaaS Selling and Positioning Training

35 Products, Licensing & Your Distributor

36 Your Distributor Primary point of contact for licenses and reporting
Ordering licenses Reporting monthly usage Renewing licenses Licenses are valid for 27 months View the global list of Citrix Service Provider Program Distributors Your CSP Distributor is your primary contact for day-to-day licensing and reporting activities and questions. Your distributor is based on geographic location and was determined during enrollment. For the most current list of Citrix Service Provider Distributors, please visit: ID=

37 Obtaining Your Citrix Licenses
Decide which licenses you want. You can order more at any time Place a $0 stocking order with your distributor Retrieve the licenses from your technical contact’s MyAccount account 3-5 days after placing the order, you will receive an notifying you that your licenses are ready Log in to My Account at with your web login Under Licensing heading on the left side of the page, click on the “Activate and Allocate Licenses” link Activate your licenses on Learn how to allocate, activate and download licenses at Contact Citrix Customer Care for licensing questions and help At this point you have engaged with your local CSP Distributor and completed your application and signed your agreement. The next step will be a request you will see from your distributor to provide a zero dollar purchase order, this order communicates which level of the program deliverable you wish to receive and allow us to provide you with your licenses. If you need more than 1000 licenses to start or at any time you may process another stocking order to receive additional licenses. In addition, you have the option of choosing to use our NetScaler VPX, Access Gateway VPX and Branch Repeater VPX, NetScaler Cloud Bridge and CloudPortal products under the program. NetScaler VPX and Branch Repeater virtual appliances are available in several bandwidth and version options and can be ordered under a separate stocking SKU. Pricing SKUs and ordering SKUs will be provided to you by your CSP Distributor. After placing your stocking order you will receive an advising you that a MyAccount account has been set up for you as a new CSP. You will also receive two separate s regarding your licenses. The first informs you that your licenses are ready for retrieval. This will advise you to log into your where these licenses will be populated under Choose a Toolbox/Product Previews/Beta Releases-License Retrieval. Next you will need to active your licenses, which involves allocating and activating licenses, followed by downloading and installing them on your license server. The process for these steps is described in detail at: The second “secure” will be sent to the with instructions for obtaining, allocating, downloading, and installing licenses for Citrix Essentials for XenServer. The secure will be received in the following format from Citrix Licensing: has created a secure message for you at: The process for applying XenServer licenses to the systems can be found in the following Knowledge Center article: Note: License files to support the use of Lab Manager and Stage Manager functionality will be available within the XenServer downloads section of In the unlikely event that you have not received the XenServer license from Citrix, then you should contact Citrix Customer Service to escalate the issue. A Customer Services contact list is provided at the end of this document. The process for applying licenses to the systems can be found in the following Knowledge Center article:

38 Useful Tools for Setting Up and Managing Citrix License
Citrix Service Provider Licensing Guide XenApp Licensing Tips for Citrix Service Providers Citrix Service Provider Licensing Video Citrix Licensing Basics Citrix Service Provider Licensing Guide XenApp 6.5 – Practical License Usage Reporting for Citrix Service Providers XenApp 6.5 – Practical Licensing for Citrix Service Providers How to video: Order licenses Activate license Report usage Using EdgeSight for reporting Complete information on Citrix Licensing Comprehensive Licensing Tools Guide

39 Understanding XenApp Licenses
Two XenApp license options are available for Citrix Service Provider Partners Each include 1000 users and more can be ordered Citrix Base is equivalent to XenApp Advanced Edition Citrix Premium is equivalent to XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum Citrix Premium includes additional capabilities for provisioning, reporting and more Under the program you have the choice of using our Premium level or Base level. Both levels will deliver 1000 licenses of XenApp as well as XenServer The Premium version in addition delivers XenDesktop licenses. The differences between the Base and Premium level are as follows: Base is equivalent to the Advanced XenApp and Premium is equivalent to Platinum (XenDesktop and XenApp). The basic differences are that the Premium editions includes EdgeSight for reporting and Provisioning Server, Profiling, Secure Access, in addition using Premium allows you to virtualize your environment using XenServer at no charge whereas Base users must pay for XenServer. Learn more about the XenApp and XenDesktop editions here: XenApp 81 XenDesktop 00

40 Deliver more value with Premium
Base Premium Edition Equivalent XenApp Advanced Edition XenApp + XenDesktop Platinum Reporting Manual EdgeSight Provisioning Server, Profiling, and Secure Access Not included Included XenServer Available at cost App Orchestration Cloud Provider Packs AppDNA Available for purchase on perpetual license Hosted server VDI NetScaler Gateway

41 What Citrix Products Can I Order
What Citrix Products Can I Order? Refer to the Citrix Service Provider Partner Program PND for more information and the latest SKUs SKU Description Deliverable EW3Z Citrix Premium 1000 XenApp, XenDesktop Platinum, VDI-in-a-Box Licenses and XenServer MW2Z Citrix Base 1000 XenApp Advanced Licenses and Essentials for XenServer 6.0 Citrix XenServer XenServer per Socket 6.2 SKU. Refer to the PND for additional XenServer options Citrix NetScaler SDX 5 NetScaler SDX SKU CAGVPXCSP Citrix Access Gateway 1 Access Gateway VPX License. CAGUNIVCSP Citrix Access Gateway Universal Licenses Access Gateway Universal Connection Licenses. Refer to the PND for additional Access Gateway options EW3H Citrix Branch Repeater 1 each Branch Repeater VPX 1/2/10/45Mbps Licenses Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Citrix XenMobile Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Edition, User licenses, Device licenses Refer to the PND for additional details Citrix VDI Base 1000 VDI-in-a-Box Concurrent User, XenDesktop VDI User Device License EW3Z Citrix NetScaler VPX 1 each NetScaler VPX, Mbps, Standard, Enterprise, Platinum Refer to the PND for additional NetScaler options To order your licenses, you the $0 stocking SKUs to specify which licenses you want. Remember that you can always order more licenses. The distributor will send the order to Citrix for fulfillment. Please make sure to include: Purchase Order Number Sold to Service Provider, Name and Address Ship to Service Provider, Name and Address Contact Address, and Phone Number Org. ID #  to be provided by Citrix

42 Monthly License Usage Reporting

43 “All Active Citrix Service Provider Partners are required to submit a usage report by the 10th of the month to be compliant with the program” The first report is due within 60 days of signing up, even if usage is zero Failure to Comply may result in 25% premium for uncollected fees and/or termination

44 Monthly License Usage Reporting
Citrix Service Provider Partners must begin reporting within 60 days of signing up Monthly usage is reported to your distributor Reports are due on the 10th of each month 30 day customer evaluations are allowed, but they must be reported Use the attached Reporting Template or the automated tools  Also available in the Center of Excellence As outlined in the Program Guide, as a CSP you have a sixty (60) day grace period before you begin reporting to your CSP Distributor, this provides time for you to set up your environment and begin signing customers. Once a customer is billed utilizing Citrix software you must begin reporting. You also have the ability to provide customers with a thirty (30) day evaluation before you begin billing them; this will only apply to customers that are not paying you for your services, once the customer begins paying it is no longer an evaluation. All evaluations must be reported to your Citrix Distributor. On day 10 of each month you must report usage and evaluations to your Citrix CSP Distributor, if you have utilized your 60 day grace period and have not yet begun billing any customers you must report zero usage to your CSP Distributor. Once you have completed your grace period if you report two months of zero usage Citrix reserves the right to terminate you from the program. The attached CSP Reporting template must be used and completely filled out for all customers that you are billing for services or providing evaluations to. Customers must be identified including name and full address including postal code and country. This customer information will remain confidential within the program and will only be used for accurately compensating our sales teams. If a customer explicitly requests to remain anonymous then you can provide a anonymous identifier for the customer with the understanding that you will maintain a file identifying who these customers are in case an audit is performed. Your CSP Distributor will provide guidance on when you should provide a purchase order for your usage and will be responsible for all credit and billing issues.

45 Citrix Usage Collector
Streamline and simplify XenApp and XenDesktop license usage reporting Save time by eliminating manual steps involved in collecting license usage across multiple environments and licensing servers View current usage and forecast growth using built in reports. Ensure program compliance with accurate license usage reporting Easily identify POC, trial usage and other non-billable license usage Automate reporting of Desktop-as-a-Service usage with Citrix Usage Collector The Citrix Usage Collector helps Citrix Service Providers automate the reporting of XenApp and XenDesktop license usage in their environment. The Collector simplifies and speeds up the process of collecting and tabulating license usage data that gets reported back to Citrix Distributors. The Citrix Usage Collector eliminates manual steps involved in collecting license usage across multiple environments and licensing servers – saving time and streamlining reporting. Use built in reports to view the current months usage and forecast a bill, or view usage over a configurable time period to understand growth trends and gauge popularity of demos and pre-sales activity. Using license exceptions, identify and manage users that support service provider activities such as solution validation, proof-of-concept deployments and technology demonstrations to ensure these activities come at no cost to service providers.

46 Citrix Usage Collector
Important things to know Submitting a monthly license usage report to your Citrix Distributor is still required when using the Usage Collector Licensing must be configured as user/device licensing. Concurrent licensing is not supported under Citrix Service Provider program and will not be collected, viewable or reported using the Usage Collector. XenApp 6.5, XenDesktop 5.6 and newer are supported. Older versions do not support user/device licensing and cannot be used with the Usage Collector. Download the Citrix Usage Collector from View Citrix eDocs documentation on the Citrix Usage Collector. For more information, refer to the Citrix Service Provider Licensing Guide. Automate reporting of Desktop-as-a-Service usage with Citrix Usage Collector The Citrix Usage Collector helps Citrix Service Providers automate the reporting of XenApp and XenDesktop license usage in their environment. The Collector simplifies and speeds up the process of collecting and tabulating license usage data that gets reported back to Citrix Distributors. The Citrix Usage Collector eliminates manual steps involved in collecting license usage across multiple environments and licensing servers – saving time and streamlining reporting. Use built in reports to view the current months usage and forecast a bill, or view usage over a configurable time period to understand growth trends and gauge popularity of demos and pre-sales activity. Using license exceptions, identify and manage users that support service provider activities such as solution validation, proof-of-concept deployments and technology demonstrations to ensure these activities come at no cost to service providers.

47 Additional Reporting Resources
License Usage Reporting Template Used for submitting your monthly usage report to your distributor Download the Reporting Template Usage Collections & Reporting Guides How to Video Blogs napp-6-5-practical-license-usage- reporting-for-citrix-service-providers/ napp-6-5-practical-licensing-for-citrix- service-providers/ Using the Citrix Service Provider Licensing Tool Download the Licensing Tool Guide

48 Remember! Free Technical Support when reporting >$300 per month
24x7 Technical Support included in subscription price Maintained as long as continue to report >$300 USD per month

49 Staying Engaged: Partner Community

50 Partner Community Citrix Service Provider Newsletter
Program news, upcoming events, product updates View past editions Are you subscribed? to sign-up LinkedIn Community Highly active community for partner discussions Closely monitored by the Citrix Service Provider team Frequent updates, news, blogs, surveys Join today! Follow Citrix Service Provider on Twitter!/CitrixCSP Read Citrix Service Provider blogs It’s important that CSPs stay engaged with the community and program. There are always new product announcements, program updates, beta programs and events that you wont want to miss out on. Three key communication tools are: CSP Newsletter The newsletter is published bi-monthly and it’s a great resources for seeing everything that is going on in the program. When you enrolled in the CSP program, the contacts you provided were automatically subscribed. To add additional contacts to the subscription list, and ask to have them added. CSP LinkedIn Group The CSP LinkedIn group is very active and something you definitely want to participate in. Not only is it a good place to get real time news and updates about the program, but it’s an excellent place to interact with other CSPs. Make sure you join today and become an active reader and participant. Twitter You can also follow the CPS program on Twitter at!/CitrixCSP

51 Webinars on Demand Live and archived webinars
Business and technical topics Learn about upcoming webinars in the Newsletter, on LinkedIn and in the Center of Excellence

52 Closing

53 More Than Citrix Alone…
DaaS Cisco Validated Designs Strategic DaaS Partners Service Provider Marketing Programs Business and Marketing Associates Sales & Strategy Consulting Marketing & Demand Gen (EMEA) Marketing & Demand Gen (AMER) Technology Implementation Technology Associates Storefront and B/OSS On-Boarding Ensuring you have the ingredients to make your business successful sometimes requires a little assistance. Perhaps you need support accelerating your infrastructure build-out, seamlessly onboarding new customers or driving a high- impact demand-generation campaign. Whatever your needs, Citrix has partnered with industry-leading companies that offer services specific to the desktop and application hosting market. Each provides products or services to assist in the planning, operations, service definition, marketing, sales and on-boarding phases across your business lifecycle. Our associates are continuously evaluated for their value-add to the Citrix Service Provider Program and uncompromising professionalism and innovative offerings tailored to your specific business and technical needs. Technology Implementation Profile Migration Analysts SMB Research & Market Sizing

54 Next Steps… Get your entire Citrix team involved with the Center of Excellence Contact the Citrix Service Provider account owner in your organization to request a Citrix Partner account if you don’t already one. Download and follow the Citrix Service Provider Checklist for Success Subscribe to newsletter Join the LinkedIn community Follow us on Now that you’ve been through the onboarding webinar, here are some key call to actions. We encourage all CSP team members—technical, sales, marketing, business operations– to learn about the CSP program and stay engaged. It’s important everyone has access to the same information and receives all of the program updates, news and event information. Simply to have the rest of your team added You received a link to download the CSP Getting Started Checklist via your welcome . The checklist is a simple guide to the key steps and things to focus on. Print a copy to hang by your desk and make sure the whole team is involved. Don’t forget to explore and bookmark the CSP toolkit – Finally, join the LinkedIn community and get involved.

55 Need Help?
For any questions about the CSP program, simply


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