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1 Analogies

2 What is an analogy? Analogies compare the relationship between one pair of words with the relationship between another pair of words.

3 Examples Glove is to hand as hat is to head.
A glove and a hat do not have a relationship; however , the glove’s relationship to the hand is the same as the hat’s relationship to the head. In both cases, one thing covers the other thing.

4 Richard is to Rich as Florence is to Flo.
In this example, the relationship is part of the whole. Both Rich and Flo are shortened names that are part of the whole.

5 There are different types of relationships that are common in analogies. To solve any analogy, determine how the first two words relate to each other, and then look for that same relationship in the second pair of words.

6 Why is this important to ME?
You WILL see analogies on the ACT!!! Teachers across the nation are teaching College Readiness, so you WILL see analogies to prepare you for your future as a college student!

7 Now you try! Number your paper from Select the word in parentheses that completes the analogy. Write the word. Corn is to vegetable as robin is to (parrot, bird). Ugly is to beautiful as hot is to (cold, warm). Poster is to paper as shoe is to (sock, leather). Bat is to tab as nap is to (cap, pan). Pail is to fail as need is to (nail, feed).

8 Analogies may also be written using a series of colons.
Example: good : best :: bad : worst This means the same as “good is to best as bad is to worst”.

9 1. Story : reporter :: picture : __________
(movie, magazine, photographer) Recipe : chef :: formula : ____________ (spy, baby, scientist) 3. Coach : team :: teachers: ___________ (students, subject, school)

10 Clay is to pottery as marble is to (rock, statue).
Life preserver is to sailing as parachute is to (plane, flying). Death is to birth as barren is to (field, fertile). Elevator is to building as ferry is to (river, boat) Theater is to audience as restaurant is to (menu, diners). Boxcar is to train as link is to (cuff, chain). Snout is to nose as fang is to (face, mouth) School is to students as hospital is to (doctors, patients).

11 Comedian is to ________ as singer is to _______ (songs, jokes, applause).
Carpenter is to _________ as electrician is to ______ (wire, pipe, nail). _______ is to medicine as _______ is to education (professor, university, doctor). Yolk is to ______ as nucleus is to ________ (egg, center, atom). Whale is to mammal as ________ is to ________ (iguana, reptile, bird). Fracture is to bone as ______ is to _________ (mirror, crack, skeleton).

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