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ECO-FOLDER Miranda de la Torre Rivero 1ºA E.S.O. November 2013.

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1 ECO-FOLDER Miranda de la Torre Rivero 1ºA E.S.O. November 2013.


3 1.- PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION El problema al que nos enfrentamos consiste en que, dentro del material escolar, nos hace falta una carpeta en la que podamos meter láminas de dibujo, justificantes, apuntes etc. Diariamente desechamos objetos en buen uso a los que, con un poco de imaginación, podemos darles una segunda vida útil, y, encima, hecho a nuestro gusto y con ideas originales.

4 2.- RESEARCH I looked at the sample power-points from other years. I asked my parents, specially my father, to help me make the eco-folder.

5 3.- DESIGNING IDEAS Boceto (design) Croquis.

6 4.- PLANNING MATERIALS A piece of cardboard from a table football box. Adhesive tape Shoe laces TOOLS Scissors Ruler utter

7 5.- BUILDING First, I folded the piece of cardboard into the shape of a folder. Secondly, I cut the cardboard like a real folder. In the third place, I cut two small holes in the edges of the cardboard. After that, I covered the edges of the folder with adhesive tape. Then, I slid the shoe lace through the two holes Finally, I tied the two ends of the shoe lace.

8 OPERATIONS OR STEPS 1. To fold into shape. 2. To cut cardboard. 3. To cut holes. 4. To cover with adhesive tape. 5. To slide shoe lace through holes. 6. To tie ends of shoe lace. 1 2 4 5

9 6.- TESTING-EVALUATING- CHECKING The folder works correctly. It serves its purpose: it can carry sheets of paper, drawings, small notebooks, projects,stationery, and so on. I have used it for my school stuff and it hasn’t broken.

10 7.- PERSONAL COMMENTS Good points : My eco folder is environment- friendly, it isn’t heavy, and it is wide but not too big. Bad points: It doesn’t have compartments. It’s soft and a compass point could pierce it. Improvements: A water-resistant cover, and an accordion-type compartment.

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