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Experiments and Torture. EXPERIMENTATION Experiments and Torture Some of the information is taken from Nazi Human Experimentation.

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1 Experiments and Torture

2 EXPERIMENTATION Experiments and Torture Some of the information is taken from Nazi Human Experimentation

3 Human Experimentation Experiments on twins Bone, muscle, limb and nerve transplant Freezing experiments Head injury Malaria inoculation Sulphonamide experiments Sterilization Air pressure experiments

4 Experimentation Classification Axis survival methods Developing and testing pharmaceuticals Advance racial and ideological views

5 Freezing Victims were placed in cold water/air Experiments to try to treat hypothermia Assessed methods of re-warming victims 100 reported deaths from freezing alone Mengele was the main conductor of these trials Predominately at Auschwitz and Dachau Results published in 1942

6 Sea Water 90 Gypsies were included in the experiment One group fed sea water Second group fed an altered flavour of sea water Became extremely dehydrated Seen licking the floor

7 Sterilization March 19 th 1941- January 1945 Conducted mainly at Auschwitz, and Ravensbruck Try to develop a quick and easy Sterilization method X-ray, Surgery, and Various drugs 400,000 victims were sterilized Some Experiments were successful Radiation treatment was favoured

8 High-Altitude Experiments Tried to resuscitate pilots after abandonment Simulated high altitudes Live vivisections of subjects 45 percent died in the experiments Predominately at Dachau concentration camp

9 Malaria Inoculation Investigate an immunization Inmates were intentionally infected Subjects treated with various drugs 1100 subjects in the experiment Majority of the subjects died Mustard Gas Conducted at Sachsenhausen and other camps Deliberately exposed to gas Acquired severe burns Wounds were tested to find treatment

10 Mengele's Children Iris changing Shots and Diseases Surgeries Amputation Conjoined Twins

11 TORTURE Experiments and Torture

12 Nazi Torture Pealed skin off like a glove Thumb Screws Penetrated hands with hot poker Hangings Gash open feet Shocking Pulling off ears Rape Ilse Koch Irma Grese Juana Bormann Ewa Paradies concentration-camp_Nazi-methods-of-torture_wounds-on- survivor_women-prisoner

13 Strappado Hanging Also known as Palestinian Hanging or Reverse Hanging Wrists are bound behind the back Weight added to intensify pain Slowly lowered to add pain Very common means of torture Used for infringement of camp rules Would be public to scare other camp prisoners Night Sticks were rammed in person’s anal and vaginal cavities

14 Torture Misconception Complex torture devices were not used Nazi’s did not keep prisoners around long enough Various tortures were done as punishment Their goal was to get rid of the Jews, not torture them

15 Ilse Koch Famously known as the bitch of Buchenwald Known as the infamous Jewish inmate tattoo collector Forced inmates to rape other inmates Found interesting tattoos and would skin them to make lampshades and handbags Had pleasure in showing off the handbags to inmates

16 Irma Grese Known as Beautiful Beast Released starved dogs upon prisoner Would beat and whip prisoners to death Selected prisoners to be sent to gas chambers Youngest Nazi to get executed

17 Juana Bormann Known as the Wiesel Would unleash wolfhounds on prisons Beat sick inmates Beat workers with wooden and rubber sticks Ewa Paradies Committed depraved acts Stripped women in winter and poured cold water on them Would beat any women who moved during her tortures

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