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Brandon Lambert. Overview What is Virtual Reality (VR)? Classifications of VR Brief History Immersive VR Environments Software and Challenges Applications.

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1 Brandon Lambert

2 Overview What is Virtual Reality (VR)? Classifications of VR Brief History Immersive VR Environments Software and Challenges Applications

3 Definition A computer generated simulation that enables people to interact with visual and sensory three-dimensional objects or environments through the use of computer modeling

4 Types of Virtual Reality Desktop VR Used by most people every day Immersive VR Used in industry mainly Expensive

5 Desktop VR Everyday computers, laptops, phones Gaming consoles Non-immersive environments Common Associated Inputs: Computer mice, keyboards, and game controllers

6 Immersive VR Classical Depiction Complex system of software and hardware Realistic Experience User immersion in environment Easily amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars


8 Ivan Sutherland BS: EE, PH.D EECS Ultimate Display (1965) First concepts of VR system Pioneer in Computer Graphics, 3D modeling, and VR

9 Tron First movie to heavily rely on computer generated graphics (CGI) Opened doors for the use of CGI in entertainment industry

10 Data Glove Dr. G. Grimes, of Bell Labs Patented 1983 Used for measuring of hand positions using sensors on the wrist and joints. Initially thought glove would replace the keyboard Expensive

11 Virtual Reality Modeling Language(VRML) Released by Silicon Graphics in 1995 Designed to be standard modeling language for interactive simulations on the web VRML 2.0 is used today on IE, Firefox, and Chrome for viewing world (.wrl) files

12 Immersive VR Environments Cave Automatic Virtual Environments (CAVE) Projectors Head Mounted Display Environments (HMD) HMDs

13 CAVE Uses projectors to display the virtual objects and environment on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the VR volume Users wear 3D glasses To increase resolution, multiple cameras can be used on each wall of the VR volume

14 CAVE System Software Input Devices Motion Capture Display Projectors Data Acquisition Modeling & Simulation Projectors Walls & Screens Glasses Controllers Motion Tracking CAN Devices Other

15 HMD VR Environments Uses HMD devices to display the virtual environment and objects to the user Field of view is limited by screens on HMD Peripherals

16 HMD System Software Input Devices Motion Capture Display HMD Data Acquisition Modeling & Simulation Projectors or Monitors Screen HMD(s) Controllers Motion Tracking CAN Devices Other

17 Motion Capture Systems Optical Cameras Magnetic Sensors Electro mechanical Sensor suits

18 Optical Motion Capture Uses cameras to track markers in a tracking volume Tracking data is streamed into VR system Vicon Bonita

19 Optical System

20 Magnetic Motion Capture Uses magnetic sensors to gather data Metal can interfere with the sensor readings

21 Electro mechanical Motion Capture Uses a suit of sensors to track the wearers motion High portability Some designs are motion restricting


23 Vicon Bonita Optical Optical Motion capture system Power over Ethernet to facilitate data streaming Easy setup and teardown Vicon DataStream SDK 1.2 and Virtual Vicon System 1.2

24 Tracking The Vicon optical system tracks objects in the environment with the use of reflective markers The cameras use infrared light, which reflects off the markers. User range of motion is limited by tracking volume Other reflective objects may be picked up by the cameras, but this is handled by using masks during calibration

25 Vicon Tracker

26 Latency Graph

27 Using Vicon Tracker Addition of new tracked objects is easy Place markers on new object Save the marker configuration in Vicon Tracker SDK can be used to access the data stream for custom application development

28 Simulation Software Vega Prime Vortex Jack and Process Simulate (Jack)

29 Vega Prime Produced by Presagis Used to produce real-time 3D simulation applications Platform Independent Lynx Interface is provided for making real-time changes to the simulation Available Application Programming Interface (API)

30 Vortex Physics Package for Vega Prime Simulations Allows for physically accurate machine simulations Package is integrated with Lynx Interface








38 Jack Produced by Siemens Used to visually analyze workspace environments to improve: Ergonomics Safety Efficiency Integrated Python and TCL languages Custom modules Built-in Python console


40 320D Current Production





45 Software Challenges VR requires a wide range of skills from software developers Coordinate Systems Motion capture versus Simulation Modeling? Input Adding new devices CAN Devices Motion bases Other Software (MATLAB, Custom Applications)

46 Custom Program Solutions Linkage Configurator Example Defines coordinates for pivot points on a vehicle or machine Maps model files to linkage in Jack




50 Industry Applications Manufacturing and Product Development Education and Training Healthcare Industry Pain Therapy Entertainment Gaming Movies

51 Manufacturing Product Design Companies such as John Deere, BMW, and Ford use VR in their product design Reduced cost Fewer physical prototypes Faster concept analyzing More evaluations Fewer defects Used to check ISO visibility standards

52 Education and Training Simulations for operator training Operator can make mistakes in VR Use real controls Helps demonstrate proper methods Assembly technique Repairs Maintenance Allows anyone to familiarize themselves with machines in the field

53 Healthcare VR has been found to reduce the pain patients endure during treatments Used magnetic resonance to watch brain activities during treatment with and without VR SnowWorld - commonly used for burn victims

54 SnowWorld

55 VR Therapy Used to treat patients with fear of heights, spiders. SpiderWorld Also can be used to treat addictions, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and other conditions

56 SpiderWorld

57 VR for PTSD VR Therapy has been reported to reduce PTSD in soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan significantly for 62% of those undergoing treatment 9/11 2012, NBC - article about a returning soldier using VR Therapy

58 Entertainment Movie production Animated films CGI Gaming Animations PlayStation Move Xbox Kinect Wii

59 Conclusion VR is used in applications across a broad spectrum of industries and is becoming increasingly better with new technologies Software developers will need a wide range of skills to meet the ever evolving demands of VR environments

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