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A Specialty Pharmacy Rx Care Specialty Pharmacy 6300 Commerce Drive, Westland MI 48185 (P) 734-728-4030 (F)734-728-4037 (Toll Free) 855-792-2736.

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1 A Specialty Pharmacy Rx Care Specialty Pharmacy 6300 Commerce Drive, Westland MI 48185 (P) 734-728-4030 (F)734-728-4037 (Toll Free) 855-792-2736

2 What is a Specialty Pharmacy? Our specialty pharmacy is a full service, closed-door pharmacy that specializes in filling prescriptions for patients who need certain high-cost biotech, injectable, and oral medications. These specialty medications help patients with complex conditions including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Hepatitis C, to name a few. These drugs can be injected, infused or taken orally, and typically require special handling and other specialty expertise.

3 Specialty Disease States MSHIVRA Hep B&C

4 HIV Drugs We offer "dose packing" (blister packing) for multiple medications and we stock all essential and hard-to-find HIV/AIDS prescription drugs such as: STRIBILD ® ATRIPLA ® TRUVADA ® KALETRA ® TRIZIVIR ® REYATAZ ® EPZICOM ® PREZISTA ®

5 Multiple Sclerosis Drugs AVONEX ® COPAXONE ® AMPRYA ® GILENYA ® EXTAVIA ® BETASERON ® and many more!

6 Rheumatoid Arthritis While there is no cure, it is easier than ever to control RA through the use of new drugs, exercise, joint protection techniques and self- management techniques. Several of the drugs used to treat RA are injectable treatments that require special training to inject and manage. Cimzia ® Enbrel ® Humira ® Simponi ® Forteo ® Synvisc ® Prolia ® and many more!


8 Sterile Glove Box Sterile Glove Box The Sterile Glove box provides the pharmacist with an isolated environment in which he can compound sterile products.

9 Pharmacy Services Assistance with all insurance issues, including verification of benefits and prior authorization. Expert handling of Medicare Part B and D billing Split billing to help manage out-of-pocket costs Co-pay and Patient Assistance Programs Ability to ship and bill insurance in multiple states Refill reminders, automatic refills, and wellness checks tailored to the specific disease and drug therapies No medication shipping charges, including overnight services Complete manufacturer patient educational materials shipped with each prescription Clinical pharmacist support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

10 Our Treatment Program Assessment Upon placing your patient’s first order, a pharmacy team member will contact them to verify key information such as age, weight, dose, any allergies, and shipping address. The team member will assess the patient's healthcare and support needs to determine if the patient requires additional help understanding their condition or medication. Clinical help If you or your patients have any questions, our pharmacists are always available to assist. Should a patient require nursing support, they will be assigned a nurse who specializes in their disease state. Every patient’s account will be continually reviewed by a registered pharmacist who will contact their assigned patient regularly to check on them.

11 Education We provide all patients a welcome packet. Depending on each patient’s need, a nurse or pharmacist who specializes in you or your patients disease state will provide additional education. Because we know that a patient’s compliance to their treatment plan increases along with their knowledge of not only their condition, but also of their medications. Patient care plan We monitor each patient’s medication usage. We make sure they always have the right medication and dose for their needs. If your patient wants additional support, we will contact them as often as they need us. For patients who meet medical approval for home health care, we can arrange for a home health care nurse to administer their therapy in the comfort of their home. A member of our staff will keep in contact with you so you know how your patient is doing between office visits.

12 For more information visit: Or call us at: (734) 728-4030-Phone (734) 728-4037-Fax (855) 792-2736 -Toll Free

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