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Unit 5.2 MISSION SPECIFIC: Technical Decontamination

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1 Unit 5.2 MISSION SPECIFIC: Technical Decontamination

2 Decontamination Contamination Exposure vs. contamination Direct
Secondary Exposure vs. contamination Unit 5.2  2

3 Decontamination A systematic process of removing contaminates from victims, responders or equipment in order to reduce exposure and prevent the spread of contamination Unit 5.2  3

4 Decontamination Types Based on chemical and situation
Emergency decontamination Mass decontamination Technical decontamination Based on chemical and situation Unit 5.2  4

5 Decontamination Methods
Wet or Dry Absorption Adsorption Chemical degradation Dilution Disinfection Evaporation Isolation and disposal Neutralization Solidification Sterilization Vacuuming Washing Unit 5.2  5

6 Stages of Decontamination
Gross Takes place at the edge of the hot zone Goal: Remove bulk contaminates and leave them in the isolation area Combination of dry methods Unit 5.2  6

7 Stages of Decontamination
Secondary decontamination Occurs after gross decontamination has been completed Is conducted in the warm zone Goal: Systematic removal of contaminates in a head to toe fashion Involves a thorough wash, rinse and removal of protective equipment Unit 5.2  7

8 Stages of Decontamination
Tertiary decontamination Removal of remaining contaminates Usually happens in health care facility May be accomplished by personal shower Unit 5.2  8

9 Additional Considerations
Preservation of evidence Tools and equipment including weapons Animals and criminal suspects Ambulatory victims Non-ambulatory victims Contain runoff Determine the effectiveness of decontamination Unit 5.2  9

10 Emergency Decontamination
Life threatening emergency Strip and flush Medical treatment Secondary decontamination Runoff not an issue Unit 5.2  10

11 SERC Model Nine Basic Steps Tool drop Outer glove/boot removal
Gross wash (hot zone) Primary wash/rinse Final wash/rinse Garment removal Go off-air station Inner glove/face piece Rehab and medical evaluation Unit 5.2  11

12 Mass Decontamination Goal: Rapid flush of large numbers of victims in order to reduce the likelihood of the spread of contamination or long term adverse health effects Methods: Numerous methods exist Single engine company Multiple engine company Unit 5.2  12

13 Mass Decontamination Considerations
Large numbers of panicked people may be encountered; scene control will be a major concern Use of hand lines and deck guns in a controlled and safe manner is necessary These are hands-off operations; getting too close to a panicked crowd can be dangerous Unit 5.2  13

14 Video “Technical Decontamination” Unit 5.2  14

15 Summary Types of decontamination Methods of decontamination
Stages of decontamination PPE considerations Unit 5.2  15

16 Activity 5.2 Field Evolution – Establish Technical Decontamination
Unit 5.2  16

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