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B UFFALO W ILD W INGS S AFETY T RAINING Designed by Tony Layne Safety Coordinator\ Facilities Manager Jags \Jacs\jars Wendschmidt Inc. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

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2 B UFFALO W ILD W INGS S AFETY T RAINING Designed by Tony Layne Safety Coordinator\ Facilities Manager Jags \Jacs\jars Wendschmidt Inc. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

3 This presentation is designed to apprise employees of Buffalo Wild Wings to the known hazards in the workplace and the proper steps to take to stay safe on the job 5/3/2015 jars inc.

4 S LIPS AND F ALLS Mop up spills quickly. Follow proper floor cleaning procedures. Check the walkway before carrying large items. Important !! wear slip resistant shoes! See your manager about the shoes for crews program. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

5 5/3/2015 jars inc.

6 Use stepstools or ladders to reach high items. Never stand in a chair or climb a shelf. Use wet floor cones in the dining room when floors are wet. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

7 M ATERIAL H ANDLING Carry only what you can safely handle at one time Lift with your knees and keep your back straight!! Store heavy items on middle shelves between your shoulders and knees Do not store combustible items near any extreme heat source 5/3/2015 jars inc.

8 C HEMICALS H ANDLING Store chemicals in an area away from food or food prep areas. Never leave cleaning spray bottles sitting on shelves, tables, etc when not in use. Put them back in their storage rack. Never mix 2 chemicals together! The fumes can be toxic! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

9 5/3/2015 jars inc.

10 5/3/2015 jars inc.

11 B URN P REVENTION Our operation has grills,fryers,and cooking equipment which can cause serious burns if not operated and cleaned in a safe manner. The fryers contain hot grease which can also result in burns. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

12 Before filtering fryers be sure the procedure has been demonstrated to you by someone familiar in the in the process! Always wear rubber gloves, apron, and eye protection when filtering or cleaning fryers. Let equipment cool off before disassembling or cleaning. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

13 5/3/2015 jars inc.

14 Make sure power is off and item is unplugged when cleaning anything electrical When carrying hot items use hand protection[oven mitts] and call out ‘hot -----’ to avoid accidents If cooking equipment overheats,turn off and obtain service 5/3/2015 jars inc.

15 C UT P REVENTION When using knives always cut away from your body and use a cut resistant glove on the hand not holding the knife Always store knives in the rack provided. Never in soapy water or laying on a shelf Use take apart shears when opening bags of product and lizard safety knives to open cardboard boxes 5/3/2015 jars inc.

16 When using any cutting device, slicer, or chopper, use a cut resistant glove! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

17 5/3/2015 jars inc.

18 F IRE P REVENTION Fire is a constant concern in the restaurant industry. Each store has several multipurpose fire extinguishers in various locations around the store. The back of the house also has a ‘k guard’extinguisher to fight fires around the fryers and grill area 5/3/2015 jars inc.

19 5/3/2015 jars inc.

20 To operate an extinguisher just P A S S Pull the pin Aim at the base of the fire Squeeze the handle or trigger Sweep the hose from side to side till the fire is out 5/3/2015 jars inc.

21 5/3/2015 jars inc.

22 The store is also equipped with an automatic ‘ansul system’ which can be set off by hand or will discharge automatically when the fire gets so hot. When this system is used, everyone should leave the building till it is safe to return. Ask your manager where this is located! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

23 5/3/2015 jars inc.

24 All stores will have some of the following safety equipment: First aid kit Rubber aprons and gloves Cut resistant gloves Choke posters Oven mitts 5/3/2015 jars inc.

25 Step stool and ladder Wet floor cones Safety equipment storage rack Chemical bottle storage rack 5/3/2015 jars inc.

26 In addition, all stores will have an emergency procedures flip chart which will include steps to take in case of fire, weather, and other unforeseen occurrences, complete with important phone numbers and contacts. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

27 5/3/2015 jars inc.

28 H AZARD C OMMUNICATION All employees will be trained in the safe use of all chemicals used in the workplace! This training will be refreshed on a yearly basis 5/3/2015 jars inc.

29 Msds sheets will be kept in the store for all chemicals used in our operation to satisfy the employees’ right to know Retraining will take place when a new chemical or procedure is introduced 5/3/2015 jars inc.

30 M SDS SHEETS Msds sheets will be kept in a binder on the safety equipment rack for all chemicals used in the store. No new items will be introduced into the operation without an msds sheet. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

31 Chemicals shall kept in their original container or properly labeled spray bottle. Read the label before use make sure the chemical is designed for the task at hand. Any non-routine task will require a special training session by a qualified person. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

32 I MPORTANT !! Do not put a chemical into a bottle marked for another!! DO NOT MIX ANY TWO CHEMICALS TOGETHER. THE RESULTS CAN BE DEADLY!! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

33 Check labels for any personal protective equipment needed! The use of unlabeled spray bottles is PROHIBITED! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

34 All chemicals shall be stored in a designated place away from food prep areas,intense heat sources food containers or open flames. Msds sheets for fire extinguishers and compressed gases will be kept at the main office. 5/3/2015 jars inc.

35 E MPLOYEE D OCUMENTATION After viewing this presentation please sign and date the documentation sheet which will be kept in your file. Thanks,and work safely!! 5/3/2015 jars inc.

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