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Health, Safety and Environment Hand Safety Campaign 2011 - 2012 By Glin LeBaron June 21, 2012 - 9:35 a.m.

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1 Health, Safety and Environment Hand Safety Campaign By Glin LeBaron June 21, :35 a.m.

2 Health, Safety and Environment Safety Moment

3 Health, Safety and Environment Best Practices Presented to HBR  Leading and Lagging Indicators  Company Wide Hand Safety Campaign

4 Health, Safety and Environment Hand Safety Campaign  Purpose: Data shows a rise in hand-related incidents which prompted a company wide call to action Scope: As a result we developed a comprehensive hand injury prevention campaign that will focus on the elimination of hand injuries

5 Health, Safety and Environment Program Elements – Twelve Toolkits  Training materials (for toolbox Conversations)  PowerPoint Presentations  Web-based multi media/DVDs for field (graphic)  Posters, banners, stickers  Pocket cards  Work planning and Evaluation tools  Awareness Checklists  Glove selection documented during task planning  Procedure guides  Hand Safety sampling tool  Alerts, Advisories, Safety Shares  BeyondZero stories/testimonials  Single Source of materials on Intranet with instruction

6 Health, Safety and Environment Some Strategies  Leverage best practices from within the company and from industry  Built-in flexibility to meet site-specific needs/requirements  Twelve month schedule communicated to Field/Office Leadership by HSE. Engagement of BeyondZero Leadership Teams  On a global scale, leadership evaluated the overall campaign effectiveness

7 Health, Safety and Environment 3 Keys to Success 1.Focus from all levels of management was highlighted by participation in a global hand incident (any level) review call weekly. 2.Proper glove selection and keeping up with new technologies. 3.Awareness and hazard recognition. All the tool kits we put together really helped shed light on line of fire and other awareness issues that are key to preventing hand incidents.

8 Health, Safety and Environment Campaign results! Pre-campaign vs. Campaign implementation

9 Health, Safety and Environment HANDS – ON – ACTIVITIES  Eight Fingers (Shoe Challenge)  Scenario:  Two individuals will be selected or (volunteer) from the audience (which have shoes with laces) to take on this challenge. The objective is to tie shoe laces on each of their shoes. The first individual to complete the challenge will receive a prize (of your choosing) and applause from the group.  Task:  Tie shoe laces on both shoes.  Challenge:  The thumbs on both hands of each individual will be taped to the palm of the hand causing them to use only their fingers to tie each shoe. Both individual’s will be seated for this challenge.  Learning:  Illustrates how difficult it is to conduct a simple task like this example without the use of their thumbs on both hands. Get feedback from participants.  Supplies:  Both individual’s wear shoes with laces  Duct or Packing Tape to tape both thumb’s to the palm of each hand  2 chairs

10 Health, Safety and Environment Have Fun!

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