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Glove Use Among Nurses Demonstration Psychology 241 Presentation Beverly Chew Fort Lewis College.

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1 Glove Use Among Nurses Demonstration Psychology 241 Presentation Beverly Chew Fort Lewis College

2 Glove Use Among Nurses Data and Story from DASL Reference: Friedland, L., Joffe, M., Moore, D., et al. (1992). Effect of educational program on compliance with glove use in a pediatric emergency department. American Journal of Diseases of Childhood, 146, 1355-1358.

3 Glove Use Among Nurses Research Question Does an educational program on the importance of using gloves improve glove use in vascular access procedures in an inner-city pediatric hospital emergency department?

4 Background 23 participants from ER nursing staff observed covertly during vascular access procedures Observations made at baseline, and one, two, & five months after educational program delivered Number of times gloves worn was recorded

5 Data Analysis: Data Entry Data entered into SPSS & Transformed Variables: –ID –Period (1, 2, 3, 4) –# Observations –# Times Gloves Worn –Years of Experience –Use ratio (worn/observed) –Experience Level (1,2)

6 Data Analysis: Data Coding & Exploration Variable Labels, Values, LOM set Explore command used to create descriptive statistics & graphs for each time period –Histograms, Central tendency & variation measures –Box Plots and Error Bar Graphs

7 Data Analysis: Histograms: Use Ratio by Period

8 Data Analysis: Descriptives Before1 Month2 Months5 Months Min 0.000.50 0.00 Max 1.00 Median 0.001.00 0.93 IQR 0.500.140.130.75 Mean 0.260.930.910.67 SD 0.400.140.150.42 Skew 1.23-2.03-1.86-0.96 Kurtosis -0.143.642.79-0.96 N 16191513

9 Data Analysis Side-by-Side Box Plots (Heavy line is Median, Box is middle 50%) Median / Mean Before: 0.0 / 0.3 1 Month: 1.0 / 0.9 2 Months: 1.0 / 0.9 5 Months: 0.9 / 0.7

10 Data Analysis Error Bar Graph: Mean Use Ratio by Period

11 Program Effectiveness Overall mean rate of glove use across all observations was 74% At baseline, mean use was only 26%, however after training, use increased to above 90% (93% at 1 month; 91% at 2 months) Glove use had dropped to 67% five months after training While effective in the short term, it is worrisome that glove use began to drop again – Why?

12 Adjustment for Nurse Experience Does amount of nurse’s experience influence program effectiveness? Experience coded as: –0-3 years - Inexperienced –3 or more years - Experienced More experienced nurses are LESS likely to maintain long term gains (p = 0.02 )

13 Conclusions The educational program was successful in the short term: nurses’ glove use increased from 26% to 93% This improvement was seen in all nurses; but, by five months, experienced nurses’ use had dropped to 53% while inexperienced nurses’ use maintained at 93% The program needs revision to address long term compliance by all nurses

14 Future Directions Add interview/qualitative data to quantitative measures (why does glove use stop?; who persists longest? …) Improve data collection so all nurses are observed equally frequently and during all periods; extend length of program observation (e.g. 6, 12, 18, 24 months) Expand study to other medical settings & procedures Work with nurse training programs to institute glove use as a habit right from the start Find ways to change the culture (like efforts to make use of bike helmets and seatbelts a universal custom)

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