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Multimedia Creative English Teaching By Peiling Hsia Creative English.

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1 Multimedia Creative English Teaching By Peiling Hsia Creative English

2 Contents: 1.Introduction 2.Examples 3.Useful websites 4.Discussion 5.Wrap up (games, multimedia materials)

3 A lot of practice Long-hour studying Hard-working teachers High performance English Learning in Taiwan (Clips- JAP english)

4 Two basic types of memory: Short-term memory lasts few seconds. Our brain decides to store the information or let it go by asking two questions: short-term and long-term Does the new information affect our emotions? Does the information concern something we already knew? Facts about Memory:

5 Right Brain Characteristics: - Random - Intuitive - Holistic - Synthesizing - Subjective - Looks as whole Left Brain Characteristics: - Logical - Sequential - Rational - Analytical - Objective - Looks as parts language Images

6 English is important Lack of English environment How to reinforce teaching/learning? 4 skills + exam taking skills No motivation = no learning People love things : Images help learning: So, multimedia materials would help !! Some Other Facts: – global village – more practice + studying – more creative – also practical beautiful, different, active store information longer

7 Motivations For kids Stamps Praises Cards Games Stickers Recess time Positive reinforcement For teenagers Praises Games Honors Scores Recess time For college sts Scores Recess time

8 With the assistance of using Multimedia in English teaching – make teaching/learning more interesting. Motivation Creativity “a good introduction” “confidence building “ “useful” “real-life” “ easy + fun “ Efficiency Effectiveness

9 Teaching materials

10 Requires a computer Includes: 文字 (text) 圖形 (graphic) 影像 (image) 動畫 (animation) 視訊 (video) 音樂 (music) 聲音 (sound) 等兩種以上的媒介 What is “multimedia”? Pass information effectively Reinforce and motivate learning Create more interesting/exciting materials

11 Tough parts about teaching English: “The learning attitude “

12 The Fun Fun can obviously change behavior for the better ! (Clips – fun theory)

13 In the classroom Teaching materials Ways to Tackle teaching difficulty

14 In my classroom…

15 Ways to Tackle teaching difficulty Make it fun ! Make it easy ! Make it efficient / effective ! Make it structured !

16 1.Instruction 2.Curriculum 3. Student participation Learning is an interaction of: Not just knowledge Also interests Also the “bonding”

17 Warm up games 1. Ice breaking 2.To know your students better (ACT- find someone..) (ACT- I have....) Why? (Clips- German Eng)

18 Design a Game Size of the group Targeted skill Individual or teamwork Materials Settings Purpose Time control (Be aware of students’ attention span)

19 Introduction of English – features of the language 一義多字 一字多義 同音異字 同字異音

20 1.European languages 2.“Imported’ 3.New-created 4.A + B = C Where is English from ? To know the features of the language - English (ACT-compound words)

21 Teaching materials…

22 Learning English is easy ! English is everywhere. (known vs. unknown) (PPT-CHIN and Eng in daily life )

23 Materials related to learners’ life or contained interesting contents can bring the best learning and teaching results. Where to learn English? Textbook / Lectures Movies Surroundings Songs Novels / Comics Commercials Internet game People Creative + Integrated Teaching Materials (PPT-brand vs Eng) (ACT- find products w/ Eng) (ACT-movie names)

24 Real-life materials and activities Learning can be fun ! (ACT-celebrity) (PPT- riddles – voc) (ACT-jobs) Textbook / Lectures Movies Surroundings Songs Novels / Comics Commercials Internet game People (Clips-Ladygaga, broke arms, mom’s song)

25 We can do more…

26 Some helpful techniques Reading long sentence Grammar – make it organized Phonics (PPT-translation tips) (PPT-Grammar )

27 Useful supplements Good information Holiday / culture related Nice “images” (PPT- Holiday) (PPT- couch surfing) (PPT- sports / foods) (PPT- Expo)

28 Students’ turn to teach Group report Individual oral report - things to share (PPT-Orchid island) 1.PPT 2.English reading 3.Vocabulary list 4.Visual aids – pics + clips 5.Questions 6.Reference (PPT- student –things to share – oral class)

29 Other tips: Drawing helps… A good Introduction.. Share more… to build the bond. (PPT-Me) (HW-body parts) (PPT-dogs) (HW-Doraemon )

30 Keep Students busy In-class homework (teamwork) In-class homework (individuals) Take-home homework Self-study homework (use internet)

31 Start to be a multimedia user !

32 Useful websites

33 Useful websites – information / dictionary (looking for famous people) (all about movies) ( (dictionary) (dictionary) (dictionary)

34 Useful websites – speech / news (online speech bank) (riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world) (ABC Australia – radio, news) (ICRT radio / ET news) (CNN) (ABC news) (Taiwan news)

35 Useful websites: (Forbes) (info please) (Guinness world records) (world’s most unique) (all about stuff) (deal time, search fast, save big);logo (Bnet “interactive business network – news, video/transcript);logo

36 More Useful websites: ( 4 skills, many useful practices and games) (ESL cyber listening lab) ( I’m translator - translate and read) ( 蝦米小居 - pronunciation) (grammar / dictionary) (JenniferESL – cyber tutorial video)

37 Creating your fun materials now! Teaching and Learning are long processes. So be patient, be well-planned, be prepared, be skillful, be creative and fun !!

38 Outline – well organized Layout – consistency Color contrast Font size Pictures Format : text / lists / tables Copyright Easy to read Interesting and attractive About “Powerpoint making”:

39 Discussion Time: 1.Effective and Fun teaching methods to share? 2.Troubles when using multimedia materials? 3.Comments or questions ?

40 Being a good teacher is not an easy job !

41 One last thing ! Please be an environmental friendly teacher.. Save a tree, save the Earth!

42 the end ~ Have fun on English teaching !!

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