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Diversified Systems, Inc.

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1 Diversified Systems, Inc.
TTG Series 325 Tenter Chain

2 TTG Series Tenter Chain
All DSI Tenter Chain and Rail Systems feature have been designed with the following criteria: Elimination of tenter-related quality problems Maximization of product quality and throughput Minimization of tenter-related downtime Long term equipment value All DSI Tenter Chain models have been designed to retrofit the most common existing track designs, minimizing capital cost for upgrading. If a new DSI Tenter rail system is desired or required, all DSI tenter rail systems have been designed for seamless integration into any existing Tenter Line System. All DSI Tenter Chain Models use both innovative design and no-compromise build quality, along with unparalleled manufacturing expertise to meet these criteria.

3 TTG ” High Speed clip 1 Die-cast aluminum clip offer the following advantages and features: .Designed for the highest possible strength and precision .Light weight offers best solution for high speed operation .Replaceable hardened and ground steel bushings for the jaw pivot pin .Staked and riveted wrap around stainless steel cloth plate .Special aluminum alloy provides the best strength and stability at high temperatures

4 TTG ” High Speed clip 2 Ground stainless steel jaw pivot pin 3 Die cast jaw has optimal center of gravity and low polar moment for positive closing 4 Hard coated spool type edge controller 5 Optional coil spring closing assist for jaw is easily removed or added in the field

5 TTG ” High Speed clip 6 Precision cast chain top plate is alloy steel, hardened to 60 Rc, and ground flat 7 Large, “EZ Lube” lubrication channels facilitate oil delivery to the oil grooves in the chain pins 8 Case hardened alloy steel chain pins are press fit into hardened alloy steel lower chain plate to eliminating wear in the chain pin holes of either the upper or lower chain plates 9 Chain roller links feature bushings with extra large lubrication ports

6 TTG 325 Chain & Rail Installation

7 TTG 325 Chain & Rail Installation

8 TTG 325 Chain & Rail Installation

9 TTG 325 Chain & Rail Installation

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