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The Austrian System for Recycling of Packaging Materials Altstoff Recycling Austria - ARA.

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1 The Austrian System for Recycling of Packaging Materials Altstoff Recycling Austria - ARA

2 Facts & Figures IsraelAustria Size in km 2 22.00083.000 Population in mio.7,28,3 Fertility Rate2,881,41 GDP in Bill. USD156295 GDP/Capita USD23.84435.694 R & D Exp. (% of GDP)4,482,45 Municipal Waste (kg/Capita)594560 Source: OECD

3 The ARA System ARA System is a non-profit organization Founded in 1993 in response to the Austrian Packaging Ordinance ARA System consists of an umbrella organisation, ARA AG, and eight affiliated recycling organisations that focus on specific waste materials

4 The Austrian Packaging Ordinance The Austrian Packaging Ordinance (VerpackVO, Federal Law Gazette No. 645/1992) was put in effect on the basis of the Austrian Waste Management Act. It has been in force since October 1,1993, and requires producers, distributors, and importers that put packaging or packed goods on the Austrian market to take back their packaging free of charge and recycle it. In 1996, the ordinance was revised for the second time (Federal Law Gazette No. 648/1996). The new Packaging Ordinance has been effective since December 1, 1996.

5 Companies affected by the Packaging Ordinance Manufacturers: companies that produce packaging or packaging aids, especially service packaging Importers and dealers: companies that import or deal in packaging, packaging aids, or packed commodities. Fillers and packers: companies that –fill and pack goods or – commodities in packaging or wrap them with packaging for the purpose of storage and dispatch. Companies that have their place of business outside the country, yet within the EU, and deliver packed commodities or packaging to Austria also may become license partners of ARA.

6 Number of license partners

7 Revenues from license fees

8 Average cost for licensee


10 Cost/kg

11 Company Structure ARA - Altstoff Recycling Austria AG Marketing, Customer Care License Agreements Revenue Management Commissioning of Tasks to Recycling Organisations

12 and through subdivisions and subsidiaries System Operator for the collection of packaging waste of –paper –plastics –metals –wood –textile fibres –ceramics –composite materials –biodegredables

13 Collection System Containers (total 1.262.263 in Austria): small… Photos courtesy of ARA

14 Collection System …and big Photos courtesy of ARA

15 Collection System Yellow Bag System Kerbside collection for light-weight packaging (serving 1,37 mio households) Photos courtesy of ARA

16 Collection System Commercial & industrial waste service –Bring in service (140 recycling centers) –pick-up for small businesses together with household collection –pick-up for large waste volumes –special event service

17 Collected Volume

18 Volumes collected from households

19 Recovery performance

20 Recovery sites

21 Cycle Paper –> Paper Glass –> Glass Plastics –LDPE-Foils -> bags, pipes, building components –HDPE Containers –> full recycling –LDPE/HDPE mix -> profiles, pipes etc. –PET bottles -> plastic packaging & full recycling –mixed plastics -> thermal recovery

22 Cycle Composite materials -> –(blister packaging, beverage containers etc.) -> thermal utilisation Ferrous metals -> full recycling Aluminium -> full ecycling Wood -> –chipboard, thermal utilisation, biowaste composting

23 Consumer Acceptance

24 Household collection in kg/capita

25 Collection quota

26 How to be successful? Legal Framework Organizational Structure Collection System Recycling Facilities Public Awareness – Public Acceptance

27 Thank you! Further Information: Christian Lassnig

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