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October, 2004 Electronic Financial Reporting To navigate this slide show, use your “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys.

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1 October, 2004 Electronic Financial Reporting To navigate this slide show, use your “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys.

2 October, 2004 Introduction Financial reports are now accessible on the Hood College Intranet via Internet Explorer Reports will be stored on the Intranet for one year.

3 October, 2004 Agenda Intranet address Login and passwords Moving through the reports Printing Expected upgrades

4 October, 2004 Overview This process will allow you to obtain detailed financial information in an electronic format.

5 October, 2004 Vocabulary Drilldown – ability to view greater detailed information by clicking on a highlighted item. Tree – outline on the left side of the screen used to move from one budget to another budget. Link – highlighted or underlined area which when clicked on takes you to a different level. Small boxes toggle between “+” and “-” to open and close a list Account titles that are underlined can be double clicked to open

6 October, 2004 In the Internet Explorer address bar: http://vega/frxwebport/default.asp

7 October, 2004 Login Screen FRx Login and password are case sensitive Your login name will be your email address without My email address is My login is morningstar

8 October, 2004 Passwords Have been designed to maximize security of our data Should be protected and not shared Can be obtained from

9 October, 2004 The available reports will be listed in the center of the screen

10 October, 2004 Highlight then click on the name of the report you want to view

11 October, 2004 Single reporting area If you have one responsibility area your report will automatically show Skip to “navigating reports” section

12 October, 2004 Multiple responsibility areas You will navigate between areas using the tree on the left You will move from one report to another by clicking on the name of the report

13 October, 2004 A tree listing divisions will appear on the left. To resize this area put the cursor on the vertical bar until you get the double horizontal arrow then click, drag and release.

14 October, 2004 Click on the “+” box left of your division, the “+” will change to “-” and the departments will be visible.

15 October, 2004 Click on the department name to open the report

16 October, 2004 This is the screen you will see if you are not authorized for an individual report.

17 October, 2004 Navigating reports Use your double arrow to make the tree narrower Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to move around the screen Use your “back” key in the upper left side of the screen to return to a previous screen Monthly expenses and account titles are on the left side of the screen Budgets, year-to-date expenses and balances are on the the right side

18 October, 2004 Drilldown viewer To see additional information at the account level for a specific category, click on the underlined description in the account title column

19 October, 2004 At the account level click on the account title to drilldown to the transaction level

20 October, 2004 OR

21 October, 2004 Print the report to the screen “Click here for printer friendly version” will take you to Adobe Recommended Transaction detail Current reporting unit Landscape

22 October, 2004 Printing to the screen (continued ) Click submit Formatting takes a few minutes Use your scroll bar to move from the summary level report to the detail level reports

23 October, 2004 Transactions will be described left of the dollar amounts

24 October, 2004 To print a hard copy Either click “file” then “print” or Ctl P The document will print on your default printer

25 October, 2004 Logout by closing screens until you reach the report screen then click “logout”

26 October, 2004 Pending Items At the detail level the budget lines wrap so the data shifts right one column. Microsoft should have this fixed by year end. The printer friendly version does not have this problem.

27 October, 2004 Pending Items continued Some entries are missing descriptions in the left column with a date in the account title These will usually be for duplicating, copier paper and postage allocations

28 October, 2004 Additional information Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible. Please contact Elizabeth Morningstar at with your questions. Reports will be issued on monthly basis by the twelfth working day.

29 October, 2004 To create a shortcut on your desktop: go to the login screen then click FILE, SEND, SHORTCUT TO DESKTOP

30 October, 2004 The End

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