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Making the right connections Improving quality in online learning Barry Jackson and Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou Middlesex University, UK 報告者:楊美菁 2003/12/22.

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1 Making the right connections Improving quality in online learning Barry Jackson and Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou Middlesex University, UK 報告者:楊美菁 2003/12/22

2 Editor’s introduction The pedagogical practice The pedagogical conception are not necessarily changed The principal variable affecting the nature and quality of teaching The teacher’s pedagogical conception The development of online pedagogy will be best supported by development of conceptions of learning. The provides for learning The pedagogy

3 Introduction ICT and online technologies, harnessed to solving the problems (ex, lifelong learning…) To improving the quality of student learning online The pedagogical assumptions and conceptions The particular situated experience of particular learners The research literature on learning The most important factor shaping learning outcomes is the way in which students approach a learning task. What works here may not work there that all the conditions in a learning situation need to be understood and aligned.

4 Example1-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project ELEN project disseminate into mainstream courses 8 higher education institutions a Web-asscessed learner management system generic key skills & specialized subject knowledge communication and courseware delivery system student experiences of using learning technology indifferent to extremely positive.

5 Example1-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project (Cont.) Student A: the ELEN experience useful and contributed importantly to his learning. Student B: could not see the relevance of the key skills materials to her main area of study. There are pedagogical concepts inherent in the resources and tools as well as those held by stakeholders.

6 Example1-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project (Cont.) Theories held by the learners. evaluation the spread of student experiences. Theories held by the education establishment. the social construction of learning through student-centred activity and increasing autonomy. Theories inherent in the learning materials. held by the author. Theories inherent in the technology learning theories embedded in the technology The tutors with different conceptions that has brought about different learning experiences for students.

7 Example2-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project (Cont.) How variation occurs in the pedagogical use of a single virtual learning environment in ways that do not necessarily accord with the expectations of the literature. Virtual learning environments(VLEs) ‘learning management software systems computer-mediated communications software online methods of delivering course materials.

8 Table5.1 Models of online course Milligan’s categories mapped on to a hierarchical model of online courses developed by Mason(1998) Range (Milligan) Model of online course (Mason) Representative products TraditionalContent + supportWebCT Top Class ExtensionWrap-aroundMERLIN PIONEER Learner centred IntegratedLearning landscapes COSE CollaborativeIntegratedcoMentor Home-madeCVU Nathan Bodington

9 Example2-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project (Cont.) Content plus support. outcomes, knowledge base, assessment criteria, formative and summative assessments Basic teaching resource Online teaching notes & PowerPoint slides Wrap-around. Theory & discussion WebCT-basic information 、 lecture summaries 、 face-to-face seminars and opportunities for online discussions on seminar topics. Integrated. concentrate on their personal experience communication and collaborative work. WebCT- facilities for students to construct their own resources and share work All module material & recorded interaction on the web

10 Example3-Extended Learning Environment Network(ELEN) project (Cont.) A report of a teacher reflecting on his practice in introducing Web technology into his courses. The course to run counter to the theory-derived advice on online learning. Course lecture written out as Web pages. Very few external hyperlinks The effective online teaching teacher is able to align the technology to a deep and continuously tested understanding of the actual students’ experiences.

11 Discussion of the examples that the students' experience of an online learning experience Determined by the conception of learning and teaching Teacher provide a richer learning experience than online technology. The technology putting them (flexible…)into practice will be limited;

12 Discussion of the examples (Cont.) Teachers whose conceptions of learning and teaching predispose the potential for rich learning experience online (not technology) Those teachers have not arrived at their conceptions of learning as a result of using online learning. That advice and guidance available from the literature is often misguided because it is ill-informed about the nature of learning.

13 How is good pedagogical practice to be derived for online learning? Where pedagogical improvement on existing practice measurement of improvement is questionable. Evaluate online learning in comparison with ‘traditional’ pedagogical practice. Effectiveness Pedagogical improvement Teachers conceptions to develop effective teaching regardless of technology Misleading Pedagogical improvements inherently follow from the use of online technologies

14 Conclusion- rotes to pedagogical improvement influencing learning outcomes the student takes the approach Students may take a approach to a learning task, will be determined by a number of actors in the learning situation. Effective learning in learning situation and task, attention must be paid to understanding and aligning the various components of the situation ensuring quality of online pedagogy designers and implementers of online learning, familiar with the research on learning, understand its implications, take care to apply the principles that are derived from it.

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