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Chapter 2—HTML Dreamweaver for College & Business.

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1 Chapter 2—HTML Dreamweaver for College & Business

2 2 The World Wide Web Most widely used Internet service Used to search for and access information available on the Internet

3 3 Web Browser Application Provides a graphic interface to present information from a website A website consists of a series of related web pages Most common browsers: –Internet Explorer –Firefox –Netscape –Opera –Amaya –Safari

4 4 Tim Berners-Lee (1955-?) Credited with creating the WWW Heads the non-profit group, the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium W3C sets technical standards for the web Ensures that HTML documents display similarly in different browsers Also developed accessibility standards

5 5 Uses a series of codes called tags to “mark up” plain text A tag has an element inside angle brackets and Tags affect the text they surround and are usually paired to indicate the start and end of an instruction A slash (/) before the element indicates the end of instruction HTML

6 6 Program to Use—MS Notepad HTML documents are plain text files and can be created using ANY text editor such as Notepad or Word Pad or MS Word Find Notepad: –Start –Programs –Accessories –Notepad (use word wrap)

7 7 HTML Document Structure

8 8 Free-Form Documents HTML documents are free- form, which means that spaces and blank lines generally have no effect on how the document is interpreted HTML is NOT case sensitive, so tags may be upper or lower Be consistent

9 9 The Save As Dialog Box

10 10 File Names File names can be up to 255 characters long and can contain letters, the underscore character (_), and numbers File names CANNOT contain colons (:), asterisks (*), question marks (?), or other special characters

11 11 Viewing HTML Documents in a Web Browser Click Start | Documents Find your web file –It will have the IE icon Click View | Source to see the notepad HTML code HTML documents that are posted to the Internet are the designer’s intellectual property and protected by copyright ©

12 12 Multitasking Is an operating system feature that allows more than one application to run at a time

13 13 Assignment Page 45 in your textbook Follow the directions for Practice: first_document.htm We will complete this together.

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