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Municipal Population 2003 – 5,513 Hudson Bay Mountain.

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2 Municipal Population 2003 – 5,513

3 Hudson Bay Mountain


5 WHY/THE ISSUE Increase in crime - property crimes including home invasion & sexual offenses Initiative – information session Recognition – no class distinction - economic impact - health of community

6 HOW/THE PLAN Education – community at large - provide knowledge to the prevalence & dangers of crystal meth - open lines of communication “people build people’ Development of information packages for parents, service providers and youth – give the youth the tools so if they can’t say ‘no’ they ‘know’ the nature of addiction Support – early intervention


8 ONGOING/NEXT STEPS Education – priority Parents – ‘not my kid’ Target groups – input & action

9 EXPECTED IMPACT Youth Families Service Providers Educators Business Owners Homeowners/Taxpayers

10 THE FUTURE Responsibility - Community Recognition – what is being done Not alone Wrap-around-services

11 CONCLUSION Direction today Vigilance

12 Crystal Meth: The Fantasy and The Reality Presented by the Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association

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