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Mike Zafirovski’s Visit to Macedonia Skopje, 31.10. – 01.11.2003.

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1 Mike Zafirovski’s Visit to Macedonia Skopje, 31.10. – 01.11.2003

2 About Mike Zafirovski  Mike Zafirovski is president and chief operating officer of Motorola, Inc. a position he has held since July, 2002. He and Chris Galvin, chairman and chief executive officer, compose the two-person Office of the Chairman that leads Motorola.  Zafirovski joined Motorola in June 2000 to lead the Personal Communications Sector (wireless handsets, related software, and consumer two-way radio). With 2002 sales of more than $10 billion and 18,000 employees, PCS is Motorola’s largest single business segment. During Mike’s tenure, Motorola’s handset business increased market share, returned to profitability and introduced a new global marketing campaign.  0,,68,00.html 0,,68,00.html

3 Important notices  On the invitation of the President of Macedonia and under auspices of the President's committee “e-Macedonia for All”, Mike Zafirovski, President and COO of Motorola was a guest in Macedonia  This activity was part of the efforts of “e-Macedonia for All” to increase the awareness (and investments) of ICT in the businesses and government/public institutions for better economic development  Venko Gligorov is a member of President’s committee “e-Macedonia for All”. Supported by Login Systems, Cabinet of the President Trajkovski planned and hosted all business events  In the Notes session of each slide there is more explanation of the slides

4 Entering Login Systems

5 Morning Talks at Login Systems

6 “e-Macedonia for All” Session at Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski

7 Mike Z Become Honored Member of “e-Macedonia for All”

8 Mike Zafirovski with Students and Professors

9 Press Conference

10 Business Forum @ Login Systems

11 Audience at Business Forum

12 Two Presidents (Macedonia and Motorola) at LoginSys Business Club

13 Leisure Time at Winery

14 Wrap-up Session at the End

15 Departure Greeting with the President of Macedonia

16 Remarks

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