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Systems Research Group CORPORATE OVERVIEW Executive Search Management Consulting Copyright 1999 by Systems Research Group. No unauthorized duplication.

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1 Systems Research Group CORPORATE OVERVIEW Executive Search Management Consulting Copyright 1999 by Systems Research Group. No unauthorized duplication allowed. > >

2 Performance Since 1984, Systems Research Group has demonstrated the experience, power, and process to assist your company. We possess a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced staff and the vast resources and contacts necessary to manage your recruiting or consulting project. Systems Research Group has earned a strong reputation for effectively concluding recruiting projects and consulting assignments in a timely and cost-effective manner. With more than 30,000 high technology contacts in over 10,000 firms, Systems Research Group has the resources that you need. Combined with the talents of our research staff, your account manager will work with you to coordinate all facets of your project, insuring effective results. Your project begins with a no-cost, in-depth conversation with your Systems Research Group Recruiter/Account Manager. > > < < MAIN MENU

3 Main Menu About Systems Research Group Our Services Our People Our Specialties Headquarters Map Click a button below to go to the area of your choice: EXIT Contacting Us > > < <

4 About Us Since 1984, Systems Research Group has been serving the Executive Search and Management Consulting requirements of high technology firms throughout the world. Our clientele include: Developers and marketers of vertical market application software, systems software, database applications, and systems integrators Manufacturers of Computer Hardware, peripherals, and specialty process improvement systems Information Technology Service Providers High Technology Manufacturing Concerns End-Users of High Technology Distributors of High Technology Value-Added Resellers > > < <

5 Products & Services Executive Search Management Consulting Compensation Planning EXIT MAIN MENU > > < <

6 Executive Search We Search For and Place Professionals within: u Executive Committee u Marketing u Sales u Customer Support u Systems Integration > >

7 Starting Off Systems Research Group has one of the largest contact bases of professional, high technology candidates in the world. We utilize our extensive network of contacts to begin the qualification process. We do not rely on résumé flow to bring candidates to you. To initiate the qualification process for your position, we depend on the nominations of top performers that have knowledge of your industry. > > < <

8 Why Use SRG for your recruiting? Top performers do not look at classified ads or apply for jobs without being sought out Use of a third party eases sensitive negotiations Proactive recruiting attracts the best candidates We can aggressively pursue your key competitors without creating an embarrassing situation for you > > < <

9 The Process Define the Position Identify & Interview Potential Candidates Aggressively Qualify Only Top Performers Arrange Personal Interviews Check References Negotiate Offers Insure Resignation From Present Employer Confirm Start Follow-up After the Placement PRODUCTS MENU MAIN MENU > > < <

10 Management Consulting PRODUCTS MENU MAIN MENU “SWOT” Analysis –Strengths –Weaknesses –Opportunities –Threats Demographic Analysis Competitive Analysis > > < <

11 Compensation Planning PRODUCTS MENU Systems Research Group has assisted both established and emerging growth companies to develop attractive compensation plans that will attract, retain, and provide proper motivational incentives for your team. We have assisted firms that are attempting to develop their compensation plans for the first time as well as to realign existing plans to make them more contemporary and competitive. Ask your account manager for information about the range of services that we can provide and for a proposal for specific projects. Among our more popular programs: Executive Compensation Sales Compensation and Commissions Incentive Programs Benefits Planning Cost of Living Differential Analysis MAIN MENU > > < <

12 Our Key People Stephen Gebler, President Lola Jordeth Ken Flower Dennis Medler Jim Hisatomi EXIT MAIN MENU Your Systems Research Group recruiter is supported by a fine research team and one of the most powerful databases and research tools in the industry. > > < <

13 Stephen Gebler Mr. Gebler has demonstrated significant achievements in the high technology field including being chosen “Salesman of the Year” for Burroughs Corp., successfully launching the U.S. roll-out of Systemhouse, Inc. and significantly improved the worldwide sales for systems integrator Interactive, Inc. before founding Systems Research Group in 1984. He holds a B.S. degree in Management from San Diego State University. Mr. Gebler has been engaged in the successful placement of over 700 key individuals throughout the world. In addition to his recruiting assignments, Mr. Gebler is frequently committed to projects including sales training, compensation planning, competitive analysis, alternative channels of distribution, demographic analysis, and large- scale recruiting projects. Outside of the office, Mr. Gebler is the proud father of two teens. He is a consultant for Junior Achievement, a professional Divemaster, and an active skier and boating enthusiast. Email Mr. Gebler MAIN MENU OUR PEOPLE > > < <

14 Lola Jordeth Ms. Jordeth joined Systems Research Group in late 1993. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and has completed many graduate level courses in Business and Business Management. Her clients are both the leading providers and end-users of CAD/CAM, CAE, PDM/EDM, Internet/Connectivity technology,Artificial Intelligence and Board Level Products; and she is responsible for numerous successful placements in each of these industry sectors. Aside from business, Ms. Jordeth is a Patient Care Volunteer for San Diego Hospice; an active member and officer of Toastmasters; and enjoys reading, creative writing, music, and fitness training. Email Ms. Jordeth MAIN MENU OUR PEOPLE > > < <

15 Ken Flower Since 1997, Ken has placed over 200 individuals in high technology careers. Ken now specializes in systems integration software, vertical market applications, ASPs, and B2B applications. Mr. Flower graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a BSBA specializing in finance. In his free time, Ken enjoys water and snow skiing, as well as horseback riding. Email Mr. Flower MAIN MENU OUR PEOPLE > > < <

16 Dennis Medler Mr. Medler has been involved in the High Technology field for over twenty-five years with companies providing Web-based Software, B2B and Supply-Chain solutions, Rapid Prototyping systems and CAD/CAM/CAE software and solutions. Prior to Joining SRG, Mr. Medler spent the last 14 years in Executive level positions with 3 pre-IPO companies, Digital Paper, DTM Corporation, 3D Systems. His primary role in these startups was to staff and develop successful sales and marketing organizations. Mr. Medler is a long term resident of Austin, Texas and Manages our branch office in that location. Dennis is happily married, enjoys playing at golf, off-roading with his sons, water sports and rock climbing. Email Mr. Medler MAIN MENU OUR PEOPLE > > < <

17 MAIN MENU OUR PEOPLE > > < < Jim Hisatomi Mr. Hisatomi has been involved in selling hardware and software solutions for over 20 years. He has been a director, regional manager and senior account manager for various start-up and established high technology firms. He has soloutions sales experience with CAD/CAM, networking management, and telecommunications marketplaces. Mr. Hisatomi's recent sales experience has been focused in web-based call centers and CRM applications. Jim holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree and resides in Bellevue. WA., with his wife and has two college-aged daughters. He enjoys golf, hiking and attending sporting events. Email Mr. Hisatomi

18 Among Our Specialties MAIN MENU Internet Products & Services Manufacturing Software Microcomputer Hardware And Peripherals Microcomputer Software (Shrink wrap) MRP/ERP/MES Office Automation Optical Systems PDM/EDM Systems Peripherals Plastic Product Manufacturing Point Of Sale Product Data Management (PDM) Rapid Prototyping Robotics Simulation Systems Software Training Software Video Workflow Management AEC Systems And Software Animation Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems Automatic Test Chemistry & Biology Software Client/Server Computer Aided Analysis Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Connectivity/Communications/Networking Customer Relations Management (CRM) Data Base Management Software Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Electronic Document Management (EDM) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Graphics Peripherals Graphics Workstations > > < <

19 Headquarters Systems Research Group Headquarters 617 Saxony Place, Suite 104 Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 436-1575 Fax (760) 634-3614 View our web site Contact us by email Specialties > > MAIN MENU > > < <

20 Systems Research Group EXIT MAIN MENU 617 Saxony Place, Suite 104 Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 436-1575 FAX (760) 634-3614 Web site: Email: Executive Search Management Consulting < <

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