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Practice Guides with Adaptations & Spanish Translations Webinar 1.

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1 Practice Guides with Adaptations & Spanish Translations Webinar 1

2 Welcome! Introductions Overview –Today’s Webinar –Webinar Series 2

3 Today’s Webinar Training Reminders Universal Practice Guides Translated Practice Guides Practice Guides with Adaptations 3

4 Introduce Illustrate Practice Evaluate Deep Understanding: Reflection and Mastery Training Reminders – Use the Participatory Adult Learning Strategy 4

5 Literacy-Rich Environments Everyday Literacy Activities Early Literacy Outcomes Responsive Teaching Child Interests Training Reminders – Focus on the Early Literacy Learning Model 5

6 Training Reminders - Tools & Resources Tools for training and use in the field: – Other resources: – Distance Learning Website: – 6

7 What is a CELL practice guide? Developed to help practitioners & parents promote infants’, toddlers’, and preschoolers’ literacy learning using interest-based, highly engaging activities Each practice guide asks and answers: –What is the practice? –What does the practice look like? –How do you do the practice? –How do you know the practice worked? Each practice guide has three vignettes that illustrate the early literacy practice described 7

8 What is a CELL practice guide? Can be used by parents, practitioners who work with parents, and practitioners who work directly with children Can be used with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers Cover all domains of early literacy - listening comprehension, oral language, phonological awareness, print awareness, written language, alphabet knowledge, and text comprehension 8

9 What are the types of CELL practice guides? Universal Practice Guides –A set for use by parents and practitioners who work with parents; some available in Spanish –A set for use by practitioners who work directly with children Practice Guides with Adaptations –A set for use by parents or practitioners Specialized Practice Guides (forthcoming) 9

10 Universal Practice Guides 10 ParentPractitioner Infant – English2930 Infant – Spanish60 Toddler – English23 Toddler – Spanish60 Preschooler – English1615 Preschooler - Spanish50 Total – English68 Total – Spanish170

11 Universal Practice Guides – English and Spanish Examples Universal Practice Guides are located at : English example: –For parents of preschoolers -“A is for Apple” Spanish example: –For parents of preschoolers -“M de Mama” 11

12 Practice Guides with Adaptations For use by parents or practitioners with children with disabilities to make it easier for them to participate in early literacy learning activities 12 Parents/Practitioners Infants5 Toddlers5 Preschoolers5 Total15

13 Why Adaptations? Ensure that children with disabilities: –Can express their interests and have them interpreted correctly –Can engage in early literacy activities –Can become skillful and competent in early literacy activities and behaviors –Can master early literacy behaviors 13

14 Adaptation Continuum Remember the adaptation continuum – provide the least intrusive adaptation necessary for the child to participate in an activity –Adapt environment –Adapt activity –Adapt materials –Adapt instruction –Provide direct assistance The practice guides with adaptations were developed with this continuum in mind 14

15 Practice Guides with Adaptations - Example Practice Guides with Adaptations are located at : Example: –For toddlers - “Book Reading Made Fun for All” 15

16 Wrap-up Questions & Answers Upcoming webinars –Profile CELL products, on the website now at 16

17 More Information? For more Technical Assistance support please visit; Or send an email to Please reference CELL in the subject line. 17

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