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A direct way to Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Application.

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1 A direct way to Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Application

2 Experiences and Projects Biology - Limnology : Row, row, row your boat - GEO - Day of Biodiversity : Ecosystems and Citizen Science - Ecology : Meeting Dracula ‘ s little Cousins - Genetics : CSI Rahel - Varnhagen - Kolleg - Evolution : Whales with legs / Hello, Mr. Mettmann / Heritage in Stone Chemistry - Homemade Aspirin and the process of esterification - Photometer in charge of water quality Maths - Let ‘ s have fun : Calculating anamorphosises Computer Application - Genes and molecules in action – It ‘ s a wrap : Starting our own editon of videoclips

3 In the beginning : The idea When teaching science you have the choice to stay in the classroom and use computers or traditional chalk or to go outside as often as you can to give the students access to real experiences and scientific work. The Rahel - Varnhagen - Kolleg is situated in a part of Germany close to the Rhine and Ruhr area with universities and museums but close to the more rural highlands, too. So – let ‘ s make the best of it !

4 Limnology : Row your boat When teaching ecology, we concentrate on freshwater ecosystems. So each summer and autumn classes stay at the „Sorpetalsperre “ one of several water reservoirs situated in the highlands to take samples of plankton and collect data on several chemical parameters. Besides of scientific work it ‘ s having fun and practising teamwork.

5 The water reservoirs were built to support the industrial areas and for drinking water. Today they are mostly used for recreation. The Sorpe - Talsperre is one of the deepest and has an excellent water quality in the main basin. Sorpe - Talsperre

6 Approaching the right spot on the main basin

7 Collecting samples Measuring depth, temperature, visibility and collecting samples for several chemical parameters and plankton organims are the tasks divided amongst the students.

8 Ropes can be tricky No, it ‘ s not karaoke. We are ready for measuring

9 Water and plankton samples


11 GEO - Day of Biodiversity More popular in countries like Great Britain or the United States a new apporach to get high amounts of data or information with the help of laymen has been established. Citizen Science joins the exact methods of scientific research and the enthusiasm of interested people. GEO, a magazin dealing with geography, biology, medicine and other topics regularly announces a contest for schools and other groups to look for creepy crawlies, birds or plants and encourages them to send their lists of species and research logs to it.

12 A small group of people took part and concentrated on a brook in the forest close to the school. It became „family business “ with students, their kids and teachers, all caught by exploration fever.

13 A typical brook in the woods around Hagen. Shaded by trees, attractive for amphibians and animals adapted to cool and oxygen - rich water.

14 „Look what I ‘ ve found !“ No matter, if small or big boy – the hunter ‘ s instinct has been risen


16 The student who wants to study ecology, the kids and their parents may spread what they have learned and help protecting biodiversity.

17 An intense look to indentify insect laravae, crustaceans, molluscs and planaria

18 Ecology : Meeting Dracula ‘ s little Cousins All European bats forage for insects. Different times for hunting, different places ( close to the water surface, between branches or high in the air like swallows ) prevent competition. Noctule ( Nyctalus noctula ) Common Pipistrelle ( Pipistrellus pipistrellus ) Daubenton ‘ s bat ( Myotis daubentoni )

19 At daytime just a pond, but at nightfall the stage for three different species of bats. One of the artifical summer roosts attracting bats which usually live in holes made by woodpeckers

20 Here they come ! The bat - detector lowers the frequency of bat sounds from 24- 40 kHz down to a level human ears are able to hear.

21 Genetics : CSI Rahel - Varnhagen - Kolleg Know your DNA ! The mobile lab truck enables the students to take a probe of their own oral mucous membrane, enlarge the DNA - sample and analyze a DNA - fingerprint

22 Working with professional lab equipment is great ! And offers new perspectives concerning a job after school !

23 What ‘ s next ? Coming in September : Student ‘ s discussion on genetic engineering and ethics with a member of the German „Bundestag “

24 „Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution “ ( C. T. Dobzhansky ) The museum of natural history in Münster had a fantastic exhibition about whales. The most fascinating display models were whale fossils, showing the developement from a four - legged land - based mammal resembling a wolf to the biggest water - living animal ever.

25 Casting a critical eye : How big was Durodon ?

26 Compare the skeletons of man and dolphin : the water supports the body. There ‘ s no need for strong bones. That ‘ s all what is left of a Sperm whale ‘ s pelvis.

27 In the early 19 th century, the Neandertal in Mettmann, close to Düsseldorf was a romantic valley, inspiring painters. Later the rocks gave way to a quarry. One day two workers had the order to dig out the mud in a cave and found some bones. They didn ‘ t pay much attention, but their find turned out to be a hitherto unknown form of European human ancestor : The Neandertal Man. Hello Mr Mettmann !

28 What was left from the body Parts of the Neandertaler DNA has been found in recent men

29 Heritage in Stone Coal can be found in the western part of the land, sometimes close to the surface, when earthquakes formed the land tumbling it upside down. East of Hagen the underground changes. In the devon period the land was a part of a shallow tropical ocean, leaving fossil coral reefs an d dripstone caves when it surfaced.

30 Tools for geologists Let ‘ s dig !

31 Discoveries : Brachiopods, corals and crinoids

32 40 ° C in the shade !

33 No, unfortunately not our discovery : The skeleton of a Cave Bear was found in the Heinrichshöhle near Hemer. Men and his ancestors inhabited the region for about 40 000 years. Several layers of ceremonial burials were found in a cave in Hagen within the last years.

34 The Alfred - Krupp - Schülerlabor belongs to the Ruhr - University in Bochum. Here students can work under real laboratory conditions. One of the topics in advanced chemistry is about drugs and medicine Chemistry : Home - made Aspirin and the process of esterification

35 Take some carbon acid and alcohol and create a synthetic fruit fragrance or take acetic anhydride and salicylic acid and get your own Aspirin

36 Beakers, test tubes and condensers : working in a lab is fun and might help to choose a job or university course.

37 Water Quality : using Lambert - Beer ‘ s Law for measuring concentrations The amount of chlorophyll a, phosphate, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, silicate gives hints about water quality

38 After all data are collected : Cleaning up ! – well, someone has to do it !

39 Maths : let ‘ s have fun ! First : imagine a geometrical form Second : calculate your anamorphosis Third : find some classmates helping to draw

40 Fourth : Have fun walking on a cube !

41 Computer Applications Genes and molecules in action : It ‘ s a wrap ! In post - production : „Dance of the molecules “ a clip about diffusion

42 Potassiumferrocyanide and ferric chloride, 2 yellow powders, in water quickly diffuse and react to a dye, Prussian Blue

43 Watch : https :// dl. dropboxusercontent. com / u /2101254/ Proteinbiosynthese %20 v.%205. mp 4 https :// dl. dropboxusercontent. com / u /2101254/ Proteinbiosynthese %20 v.%205. mp 4 A stop - motion clip about translation from m - RNA to amino acids, the second part of proteinbiosynthesis made by the students based on paper models


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