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CAMP Med CAMP Wrap-up: Identity Management Resources.

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1 CAMP Med CAMP Wrap-up: Identity Management Resources

2 CAMP Med 2 Go Forth, Progress, and Manage Your Identities And if you have questions along the way…. CD Tutorials, seminars, and workshops Community websites

3 CAMP Med 3 CD Contents Directory Roadmap Getting Started Campus Contributions Glossary Releases

4 CAMP Med 4 Tutorials, Seminars, and Workshops EDUCAUSE Regional, Annual, and CUMREC Conferences –Southwest Regional – February 16-18, Austin, TX Federated Identity Management track session –NERCOMP Regional – March 6-8, Worchester, MA Identity Management for Smaller Schools Shibboleth track session –Midwest Regional – March 21-23 Chicago, IL Preconference seminar on Identity Management Shibboleth track session

5 CAMP Med 5 Tutorials, Seminars, and Workshops (cont.) Spring Internet2 Meeting –May 2-5 in Arlington, VA –Health Sciences and Medical Middleware Topics Next CAMP Topics (Tentative) –Integration June 27-29 –Virtual Organizations June 30 – July 1 –Denver, Colorado Check for a list of our conferences and those at which we are

6 CAMP Med 6 Websites for Identity Management and Health- Related Information from Internet2 and Partners NMI-EDIT – –Enterprise Authentication Implementation FrameworkEnterprise Authentication Implementation Framework Medical Middleware (MedMid) – MACE-Directories – Internet2 Middleware Initiative –

7 CAMP Med 7 Questions, Comments, Assistance Mike McGill Health Sciences Lead, Internet2 Steve Olshansky MedMid Flywheel, Internet2 Ann West NMI-EDIT Outreach, EDUCAUSE/Internet2 OR

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